The Mysterious Orbs

May 22, 2009
By Oscar Rivera BRONZE, Pearland, Texas
Oscar Rivera BRONZE, Pearland, Texas
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One day, a kid named Robert was going to school. Then on reading class, the teacher was telling a story about some orbs that takes your memory. After school, he went home to tell his mom about the whole story. At night, he went to sleep, until he heard something next door. He looked out the window and saw some floating orbs. He couldn’t believe that what the teacher said came true.
The next day, he told his teacher and his friends, but they all laughed. They all thought that he was crazy. Then he told his mom and dad about it, but they didn’t believe him either. Nobody believed him about the orbs. So, that night he went to investigate. He sneaked out of the window with a camera to take a picture. Then he saw the orbs up in the sky. He followed the orbs into the sewer. When he got down from the ladder of the sewer, they all disappeared. He came back home and saw his mom and dad on the front door. His mom said, “Where have you been young man?” “I was just following something,” said Robert. His dad said, “You’re grounded for tomorrow, mister!” “Ah man,” said Robert.
The next day, he was mad in school about last night. “Unless they believed me, they would have under stand,” said Robert. When he got home, he just went to his room and slammed the door. At night, he went to sleep in is bed. Then, at the middle of the night he woke and saw the floating orbs about to enter in the window. He hid under the bed. The orbs where looking around the room. Robert crawled to the door and opened it. The orbs heard a sound and saw him. The orbs began to follow him through the hallway. He went to his parent’s room. He told his dad that the orbs were following him. But, his dad saw nothing in the hallway. He thought he was insane or weird.
The next day, the teacher of science said that all the students have to do a report about space. When he got home, he started to think about the report and the orbs. At 9:00 o’clock, he went to bed because he was very tired. He lay on the soft, bouncy bed. Then the orbs came back. Robert closed the window and took a picture of an orb. He looked at the picture and there was nothing there.
The next day everybody in the whole school didn’t remember anything. So, he went home early. But, when he got there, his parents didn’t recognize him at all. Robert was lonely, so he went to the sewer to watch for the orbs. Then he remembered about the story the teacher told. “I’ve should have known that the orbs have taken their memories,” said Robert. At night, he was ready for anything. Some orbs came down, so he was hiding and following the orbs. Then the orbs went through the walls. “So that’s how they disappear quickly,” said Robert. But, the orbs where hiding behind him. He began to run away from them. Later, he lost them and found a big space ship from outer space. He went inside and saw a huge orb. Robert knew that he was the he was the master of all the orbs. Robert said, “Why are you taken all of our memories?” “To learn about the life of the humans,” the giant orb said. “When we finish, we will return all of your memories and leave,” said the orb. “Oh look, we finished,” said the orb. “Well it was nice meeting you,” said Robert. “Farewell human,” said the orb. Robert went out of the ship and the orbs returned to the space ship. Robert saw the ship blasting off to space. Robert went home and saw that his parents recognized him and were worried. At night, he finished his report. The next day in school, he presented his report about the orbs. When he finish telling his report, he said, “While sleeping, they invade, but when they got what they want, they leave!

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