The missing fish mystery

April 28, 2009
By Victor Mohler BRONZE, San Diego, California
Victor Mohler BRONZE, San Diego, California
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It was a stormy night and Joe and his dog Robby were walking home with a box of pepperoni pizza as they were passing by a school. They had thought to themselves that the school looked creepy at night. The reason it looked creepy was the trees at night mixed in with the shape of the classrooms. As they were passing by they heard somebody scream and someone running away with an object in their hand. When Joe and Robby saw that they called their friends so they could find out what was going on.

A few minutes later their friends Bob, Lora and Lucy. They went over to were Joe and Robby heard the scream. A teacher was crying and wouldn’t listen to them so they left the room. They saw there was water and a fish on the floor so they thought someone took the teacher’s fish tank. They were thinking of what to do next so they went to their van and started to think of ideas. Bob thought of going back into the school and splitting up and look for clues. Joe and Robby were not really up to it. They did not want to run into the thief they did not know what the thief would do to them both.

Bob Lora and Lucy left so then Robby and Joe followed them. They went through the right wing of the school and all they found was some water from the fish tank that was missing from that teacher’s room. The gang started to sense the presence of someone watching them but they could not see anything or anybody around them except for each other. Then Robby saw a black figure and started to bark. After Robby stopped barking Bob said they needed to split up and start to find clues to this mystery. Bob and Lora went to find clues together Lucy went alone and Joe and Robby the dog went together to find some clues and maybe they might run into the thief that stole the fish tank from that hopeless teacher.

Now that Robby the dog has seen and barked at the thief the presence of someone or something watching them isn’t there anymore. Lucy felt the presence the most but everyone in the gang had to think the thief knew every corner and hiding spot of the creepy school even at night. Then Robby and Joe saw the thief running away and saw Bob and Lora running after him. Once Robby and Joe saw them they thought they could help them. So the two started to run behind them, and then the thief disappeared out of nowhere. The four couldn’t explain it. Then the thief started running after them so the four ran away from the man and ran into Lucy. Then the thief took Robby and Joe and said he would start to drown them. And then the thief disappeared with Robby and Joe. Joe was saying “Oh s*@# help us please”. Bob Lora and Lucy thought this would be good because they could follow them and maybe were the thief is taking them might be the same place were the missing fishes are. So they followed were the sound of the thief’s footsteps from what they could hear.

Then they reached a pool of the school were the thief was tying some fifty pound weights to Robby and Joe. Joe and Robby were screaming and yelling at the top of their lungs. Joe was saying “you f@#$*&% a#@ h@#$ you will never get away with all this”. The thief started to talk and say “but I already did, and hey watch your f@#$%*! language kid you should not curse because that is a sin and sins lead you straight to h@** and that is were Satan is and that would be bad because when your cursing know when your about to die”. Bob Lora and Lucy find the fish tank all alone and away from the thief.

Bob runs over to get the fish tank and grabs the tank and gives it to Lora and Lucy so they could take care of it while Bob goes over to save Robby and Joe. Bob is hiding trying to not be seen of sensed by the thief. The thief goes to see if the fish tank is still there and he sees that it isn’t then he sees that Bob is trying to free Robby and Joe from their doom. Bob frees the two and they all start running and Joe says “ha ha f@$# you stupid loser”. Then the thief runs after all of them. Then Lora and Lucy pull a cord to trip the running thief. The trap works the thief trips and falls on a net and they capture the thief. They get the man and see that he is wearing a mask. It was a mask that looked like Bill Clintons face on it. When they pulled of the mask they saw it was a teacher named Mr. Gonzales. They thought if one teacher was hearing there had to at least be one last one.

The gang questioned Mr. Gonzales and he said he loved those fish and wanted to sell theme to keep his family feed. So the gang called the police and the police thanked the gang for all that they did. Bob said “it was not so easy” “we all had to think very hard, when we saw puddles of water we knew we were close and also when Mr. Gonzales was trying to scare us away from the puddles of water that told us it we were very close to solving this mystery and close to finding those fish. Bob said that they had returned the fish to the class room of the weeping teacher.

Mr. Gonzales says “you kids I will get you for this I hate you and you too Canada” “I would of gotten away with this too if it were not for you stupid a*# medaling kids and your f*$#@%* loud barking dog”. Joe said “good job Robby you played a very big role in solving this mystery. “We all owe you a dept of gratitude to you kids us police have been trying to catch this crook for months”.

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