Screams in the dark

April 24, 2009
By Alexander Jonsson BRONZE, Kungshamn, Other
Alexander Jonsson BRONZE, Kungshamn, Other
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It is the late night of 13th October when it all starts. The cold wind is blowing through our hair as Gina and I walk down the dark streets of London. We have been to the cinema. We have seen “Texas chainsaw massacre” After a few minutes we walk by an old haunted house. The big windows are broken all of them except one. It had big curtains hanging inside. Suddenly the curtains moves a little bit to the left and a small flash of light is revealed.
-Look, I whisper to Gina and points towards the window.
-What is it? Asks Gina
-I have no idea, I reply.
-Shall we investigate she asked.
-I don’t kno… Before I can finish she starts running towards the house. At the same time she shouts coward, coward. I run up to her and grab her.
–Come on, let’s go inside she says.
We look at the massive door of decayed wood. As we were in the storm explodes outside. The massive door slams shut.
-Guess there’s no turning back now, I say.
-We shouldn’t have gone inside she replies.
I look around in the house and realise that someone had been inside here recently. A horrifying scream comes out of the cellar. I look at the place were Gina had been standing. She is gone. Suddenly a second scream comes out of the cellar. I realise that I recognise the scream. It is Gina’s. I run down to the cellar, and what I see is horrifying. I see a tall dark haired man, with a rusty saw in his right hand. He is cutting of Gina’s right foot with it. Gina screams and screams over and over again. I look around to find a way to save her. But there is nothing to do but watch. Suddenly the man looks up at me he drops the saw and picks up a knife and cuts of Gina’s heel tendons.
-You are free to go, he laughs at Gina.
He starts walking up the long stairs, towards me. I am seized by panic and run up to the second floor. I hear the man as he is walking up the hardly used stairs. The storm is raging outside.

Just across the street in the police house, completely unknowing of what's going on, sits Officer Thomson and sighs at the wretched weather outside.

I sneak around on the upper floor looking for some sort of weapon to use against the man. I look everywhere but the only thing I can find is a little stone, no bigger than a kid’s fist. I hear the man sneaking around just beside the windows. I realises that this is my only chance, I throw the rock with all my force at the man. It went only a few centimetres above his head and right out the window and over the street and right into Officer Thomson’s window.

Officer Thomson almost pee in his pants and look straight out the window and notice the hole in one of the windows in the old haunted house.
-B******* playing in the house again, can they never learn? It's freaking dangerous there, Officer Thomson shouts.
He put on his coat and run across the street to the house.

I sneak up to the third floor and hide behind a large bookshelf. The man soon realises that I wasn't on the second floor any more. Soon I hear his clumsy steps coming up the stairs.

Outside in the storm stands Officer Thomson looking for a way inside the old house. He realise that the big door is locked from the inside. He walk around the house looking for a cellar door or something similar, soon he finds a door leading down to the cellar. He tries to open it and to his big surprise it is open. When he opens the door he almost pukes. Three floors above him the man was still looking for me.

The man whispers come out, come out wherever you are. I know I can't stay here for much longer because he will find me. I start to move closer to the wall, to a big pile of books. Suddenly the floor beneath me disappears.

Officer Thomson now stands and watches a big pile of rotten corpses and he has noticed a big hole in the roof too. Suddenly someone or something comes falling down the hole.
He realises that it was a man, he rushes forth to help him.

I land on something that remind me of corpses. I see a man rush forth to me and I noticed that he was a police, judging by his clothes.
-Are you all right? Officer Thomson asked.
-I'm all right but there is a murderer in this house!
-What? Officer Thomson asks.
-Gina and I got trapped in this house and he captured Gina and tortured her. Then he saw me when I found them and he tried to kill me.
-Gina, that's your girlfriend right?
-Yes, she is in the room next to here.
-Come on then, we haven't got a second to loose.
Then Officer Thomson called for backup and we enter the room where Gina is.
-Ohh good lord, who could have done something like this?!
-He I shout and points at the cellar door where the man is just about to leave.
Officer Thomson draws his weapon and shoots at the door but it’s too late.
A few hours later Gina wakes up in a hospital. It’s all dark and no one is there. She tries to sit but the pain in her body stops her. Suddenly she feels a sting in her back. She turns around and there in white torn clothes the man stands and smiles. This is the last Gina will ever see.
I wake up, thought I heard a scream. I walk over to Gina’s room. When I went over to Gina’s body I realised that she was dead, then I scream all I can. A whole group of officers come running towards me.
-What is it? they shout.
-Look I reply and point toward Gina’s bed.
Cause there on the bed Gina is, dead and written on her body it stands "I will find U"

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