Petey the Frog

November 12, 2008
By Anonymous

Once upon a time, in a place called Lily Pad Lake, there lived a little frog named Petey. Petey was no ordinary frog. He was a frog that was afraid of water. Life was very hard for Petey. He didn’t have a lot of friends because of his phobia. He did however; have a best friend named Jack. Jack was the best swimmer in the whole town. Even though Petey did not swim, Jack always had his back. All of the other frogs would make fun of Petey. They would tell him that he is a pansy for not swimming like everyone else. Petey was not always like this though. He used to be one of the greatest swimmers. Then, on a dark and rainy night, Petey had a horrible experience. Petey and his pal Jack went out for a swim on this cloudy night. Of course, this was a very bad idea. Everyone knew that you should never go swimming in the poring rain. But since Petey was a good swimmer, he knew he could take anything. He dove in the cold, deep water with his friend by his side. They were having the time of their lives, until something horrible happened. When Petey tried to go all the way to the bottom of the lake, his foot got caught on an old fishing line. It was then when he started to freak out. Everything around him started to go black, and he began to pass out. When he awoke, he saw his friend standing above him. Petey asked what had happened and Jack began to explain to him that he could have died if he hadn’t been there. It was then when Petey was terrified of water.

Since Petey’s traumatic experience, he has missed out on a lot of fun events. He usually won a trophy for swimming the fastest from one side of the lake to another. Now, it is all about Jack. But this year, Petey’s little brother Joey is going to be in the annual race. Joey has been practicing his routine for about a month now. He was very prepared for the race. Being the good big brother that he is, Petey explained to Joey the dangers that lurks the water. Joey listened, but thought nothing about his brother’s advice.

Even though Petey didn’t want Joey racing in the lake, he still came out to support him. When all of the frogs were on the starting line, the instructor went over the directions, “Whoever can swim the fastest from this side of the lake to the big lily pad on the other side will be the winner. This is a fair race, so no pushing or kicking to try and make the other person go off course.” When all of the racers were on their mark, the instructor waved the stick high and they were off. Joey was in the lead by a mile. He knew that he would win this race hands down. But when just was about ten feet away from the lily pad, his foot got caught on something. He tried to get lose, but the fishing line was too strong.

When Petey saw that another person had won the race, and his little brother had not come up from the water, he knew that something was wrong. He knew that he had to face his fear and save his brother. Petey leaped into the dirty water and began searching for Joey. He saw some bubbles next to a lily pad. He then realized that this was the exact same spot that he almost drowned. Petey dove down and saw his brother struggling for air. He grabbed the fishing line and pulled with all his might. The fishing line finally came lose and Joey was free. They both swam up to the surface and inhaled deep breaths of air. Joey was so proud of Petey for overcoming his fear of water and most importantly, saving his life.

For Petey, it felt great to be in the water again. He knew that there had to be something done about all the trash in the lake though. All the frogs in Lily Pad Lake came together and gathered up all of the trash. Now, the lake is the cleanest it has ever been. Everyone in the town is very proud of Petey and never made fun of him again.

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