Robot Take Over

April 14, 2009
By Anonymous

I thought I would never see what I saw happen. They came from everywhere robots. They took people and some they killed. Times were difficult. But there was one person who saw an opportunity and capitalized. But before I get to that let me tell you the whole story. This story takes place in a town now known as New York. When you come here you can still smell the hotdogs that used to be here. When you come here all you will see is ruble and debris. It was late around 10 or 11 o’clock when one scientist finished an evil robot. He thought he had made it perfect or so he thought .It was perfect to everyone except one man Terry Wiensch. He conquered the robots until they were forced to leave the town. It made them scared. They were so terrified that some of them blew up. And in the end Terry Wiensch was the one to stop all the madness. Terry is a white guy who used to work for the cops. He is about 55 year’s old and now he is retired. And he is the man who stopped the robots from destroying the city. He stopped them by talking to one of their own species.
Terry said,” Why are you destroying my town?”
“It is hard to explain but we want your city.” said the robot
“I am going to stop you with all my power.” said Terry angrily.
And the battle continued. Terry grabbed a wrench and started to unscrew the robots bolts. He fought back but Terry knocked him out cold but he woke up and started shooting lasers at terry. Terry jumped back and tackled him and brought him to the ground. There he unscrewed his bolts and it was over.
I couldn’t believe my eyes I was pleased to see a fighting chance in the human race. I got excited and started to help him fight the robots. They came from everywhere but then all of a sudden the rest of the town’s people grabbed weapons and started to defend there town and it was amazing. And when it was all over no one new how they would fix their town but they knew one thing the had to manage.
So now when you go to their town you will know in your heart that it was a war. And for the people who died at least their kids will know they fought for their lives and for their childhoods. Some kids in the future will ask me, “did they win “and all I will say is, “look around and tell me did we win.” That is the story they will pass on to their kids. And they will think of one man that helped make a difference, Terry Wiensch. Terry is now known as the “Robot Reaper.”

The moral of the story is no matter how strong someone or something is everyone has a weakness. And don’t call someone pathetic because one day they could end up saving the world. And don’t take people for granted cause some day they might be gone.

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