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Book cult

April 30, 2018
By havok025 BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
havok025 BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
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The changing of the leaves can make any person in the world feel better. But not for Mariela. She’s a quiet women, doesn’t like to talk a lot. She grew up on a small farm just outside of Georgia. Mariela took over the household after both of her parents were killed in a train wreck when she was 18. Now she is 38 years young and has a 12 year old son and a daughter of the age of 6. Her beloved husband James is a marine on tour in Afghanistan.
     It was just a typical fall day for Mariela, she was going to the fresh market when she noticed a flyer flapping in the wind. She unwinded the crumbled up paper and read the flyer. It read “FREE Family Book Club” with a number on the bottom that Mariela was quick to noticed and in a blank of an eye applied for the book club.
    Mariela sat by her phone for hours each day waiting for the club to call her back. But soon days and weeks passed and all hope was lost for her but on a very suspect Friday the 13th she received a call. It was from the club, they wanted Mariela to join. Mariela was filled with joy and excitement. Her first meeting was on The da Vinci code.
    As the week and her excitement passed on the club was going to meet. Mariela arrived at the head of the clubs house. Her book was covered in notes and thoughts that she couldn’t wait to announce. She sat down in living room that had chairs circling the center. When everyone arrived Mariela noticed that the all new each other and had the same brand under their right wrist. The time  went on and so did the meetings. Each time was a new awakening for Mariela. She never new what other people thought of and she realized that she was the same. They all thought every word and every letter had a meaning in everything. The day ended and Mariela couldn’t wait for next week.
    The week came and so did book club. Mariela went to her club she sat down to see a neurologist and a branding stamp. She asked the head of the book club what this was and she said one word “initiation”. Mariela’s eyes widened as a muscular man covered her mouth and put her to sleep. Mariela awoken completely naked with her hands and feet strapped to a bed. She panned her head to scavenge the room. She saw nothing and no one. The. She heard a voice coming from a dark corner of the room. She looks to see a man with glasses and a doctors robe on he said “the implication went well”.
    Mariela was completely confused then she felt rumbling in her stomach. As she looked to her left she saw a monogram of her stomach with what seemed.m to be a baby but wasn’t one. It was an abomination of some sort. It had three arms and legs and each had an extra toe and limb. It then looked toward the camera and all that was seen was dark Beaty red eyes. Mariela screamed. She was hyperventilating so much she puked. The doctor gave a head and Mariela was unconscious.
     As she had awoken again she was in a bedroom with pictures of what seemed to be a monster. But with further inspections she saw what it was it was the boogie mans child. Mariela tried to sneak around the house but a man blocked her from exiting. She screamed for help but knew help wasn’t coming. Mariela grew weak and started to feel pains in her stomach when she then saw the head of the boogie mans child come out and look directly into her eyes. Mariela saw her greatest fear of a letter saying her husband was KIA. The heads of the club ran into the room and said “Mariela it was a pleasure to have you in the club.” Months of caring for the demon went on. It was odd she almost grew love for the abomination. It had cried like any other baby. It ate like any other baby and it crawled like any other baby. There was always one thing that she could never allow it to do and that was replace her very own children.
     The only time she could see the light of day is when at around 1 o’clock the sun could just perfectly shine through the cracks of the basement. She grew very sick and knew the end was near. She had cried almost every second of the day.
     Then out of no where police sirens roared and in busted swat teams. Mariela was taken outside with a towel and placed into a car. She slowly lifted her head to a man talking. She busted into tears, her husband was there to save her just like her dream, not her greatest fear. Mariela went to live on life chapter by chapter just as the books she read did.

The author's comments:

I hope this can help myself improve in my writing skills. 

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