SCP-173 | Teen Ink


April 30, 2018
By Anonymous

My mind is cloudy, with no recollection of where I am or why. I’m in a small room with a tiny bed, a bench, a sink, a toilet, and a metal door that doesn’t have a handle or any hinges. The door slides open and I get greeted by two men with riot helmets, body armor, machine guns, and bulletproof vests. “D-class 1409, please step out of your cell, follow us, and don’t do anything stupid,” the first guard says. When I step out of my cell I look around and see dozens of other doors in a narrow hallway. All the doors are metal and mechanical like mine, the walls and roof are white, and the floor is white tile. The guards lead me down the hallway to another door with a keycard slot next to it. The first guard pulls out a keycard inserts it into the reader. There is a click and the door slides open, we walk through and it closes behind us. We keep walking through a few hallways with doors, but they have buttons next to them instead of a keycard reader. We then reach an intersection with a door in front of us, to the left, and to the right. The guards lead me through the left door and we arrive in a big room with a blast door at one wall and scaffolding sticking out from one wall where an armed guard stands in front of a control panel. There are three other prisoners in orange jumpsuits waiting in front of the blast door. I walk over and stand next to them. The two guards walk back through the door we came and the guard on top of the scaffolding says loudly, “Keep a direct line of sight SCP at all times, if you need to blink, alert the other subjects before you do so, once you are inside, we will give further instructions ”. The blast door rolls open. The room is mostly empty but there is a tan stone statue standing in the corner. It stands about as tall as us, has two nubs as arms stuck out in front of, with similar appendages as legs. Its head was large and has three sets of black and green eyes on either side of a vertically positioned mouth that contained nothing but blackness. It had another “mouth” in the position would a mouth would be on a normal human. We are ordered to step inside of the room. Three of us including me start to walk into the cell, the other stays still, with a horrified expression on his face. “D-class 1408, step into the containment now or we will use deadly force”
“No, please god no...I’ve...I know what that thing can do, it’ll kill us all”
“This is your final warning”
The prisoner starts running for the door that we came through, he got about 5 feet from where he stood before three bullet holes appear in his chest. One of the prisoners shouts and runs further into the containment. The blast doors then roll shut behind us. About three seconds pass before they reopen. “It seems there is a problem with the door controls, please remain a direct line of sight with the SCP”. The lights then flicker and I hear a shout followed by a sickening snap to my left. When I turn I see one of the other prisoner’s broken body crumpled on the floor, his neck snapped and arms broken in several places, the statue standing over his body. The lights flicker again, and there is another crunching sound, the prisoner closest to me is dead. I quickly run out of the room before the lights flicker again. The statue appears on the scaffolding, next to the guard. The guard manages to fire a few shots before the lights flicker again and he is dead. I realize that I’m the only killable thing in the room. Terrified, I make a mad dash toward the door. I’m almost through the door when the lights go out completely. I freeze. There is a stony scraping just to my right. Careful not to make a sound, I walk toward where I think the wall was so I can navigate. I feel a concrete surface and almost sigh with relief before an icy horror creeps up my spine. This isn’t the wall, it isn’t flat, I think to myself. It darts from under my fingers, then I feel the cold temperature of stone around my neck.

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