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April 26, 2018

Everyone loves sleeping, even babies. I feel like I never get enough, of course. So I wished, everything I saw that symbolized a wish I asked for sleep, a hundred years of it. Then it happened. I went to sleep and never woke up until thousands of days later.

I woke up in the same bed, same room, same house, everything felt the same until I checked my phone to see what time it was. It was April 30th, 2118. Now see when I fell asleep I didn’t know it would’ve been the longest sleep I’d get. I had hoped for maybe a good two hour power nap, but instead it was a hundred years?In shock, I was stuck in my bed, wanting to move with all my might, but something was restricting me to do so. So I lay on my phone and check my alerts- tens of thousands of them, of course. I couldn’t even check half of them when I heard an alarm blaring through my windows: “All residents please get up for your evening drill”.

I then saw tons of people filling up the field in the middle of my housing complex. They all walked the same, in the same direction, no conversations overlapping each other. The only noise I could hear was their boots stomping on concrete. There were no flying cars, no robots, nothing that everyone predicted. Only gloomy weather, run down houses, and zombies for people. Not real zombies, but all human emotion was gone.

Then I snapped to reality, changed, and ran to join the rest. When I got to the field, it was silent, and that’s when I realized silence was the loudest thing. No one was talking, to be honest I don’t even know if they were breathing.

“Commence evening drill!” a deep voice blared from somewhere I couldn’t pinpoint. A wave of people rushed through and around me, frantically working out or building things I couldn’t make out.

I was alone, no one came to talk to me or help me get into place. All my friends were gone and it was just now hitting me. What was I going to do? These “people” weren’t people at all, in fact they were the opposite.

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