The Seven Sisters

April 24, 2018
By Ainsley_Dinger BRONZE, Meridian, Idaho
Ainsley_Dinger BRONZE, Meridian, Idaho
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A very long time ago, as old as the sun itself, a young man fell in love with a beautiful young woman. The man’s name was Week and the maiden’s name was Day. They fell deeply in love with each other and quickly married. They soon began to want children. They tried and tried but they could not. So, they went before the Sun and begged him for a child. The sun told them that he would, but there was a catch. He would not give the couple just one child, he would give them seven. Day and Week felt overwhelmed, but they wanted a child so desperately they agreed.  

So, Day bore her first child. The couple named their beautiful young daughter after the Sun. They named her Sunday. Sunday tried her very best to be like the sun. She was optimistic and always had a smile on her face. But, she was incredibly lazy.  The Sun loved her and so he filled her hours with sunshine.  

The maiden bore her second daughter. But the child was dreadfully sick. Fortunately, the couple found the Moon. Moon said he would heal their daughter, but only if she was named after him and followed in his footsteps as Sunday had followed the Sun. So, the couple named their second daughter Monday. Monday was very unlike her sister. She enjoyed the night and its darkness, so she wasn’t happy during the sunlight. The many who met her thought her grumpy and boring. 

Day prepared to have her third child, but the sun revealed she would have three. So, Tuesday Wednesday, and Thursday were born. The three girls were always close. They laughed, cried, and grew up with each other. They also looked the same. They had the same eyes, hair, and freckles. They were often confused for one another.
The once young couple was growing older and felt like they couldn’t handle their daughters. But, they had to keep their promise to the Sun and so they had their sixth daughter. This daughter was not what they were expecting however. The girl loved life and filled it with fun. She traveled and celebrated. She would always go to the most extravagant balls in the most elaborate of gowns. But, her free spirit often landed her in trouble. Her parents were frightened by her exuberant personality. And so they named their daughter, Friday, to show their fear of her.   

After Friday, the couple didn’t want any more children. But, the Sun warned them about their deal. Reluctantly, Day and Week had their last daughter. This young girl had her head in the clouds and longed to be somewhere else. She came across a foreigner, by the name of Saturn. The girl was loved the man, especially his silver rings. The girl begged him for one, but Saturn refused. So, the girl stole one of his precious rings. Saturn caught her however and was furious. So he placed a curse on the ring. The ring would stay on the girl’s hand forever and as long as it remained, she would be doomed to work. And so that’s all the poor girl could do, work. Her parents tried all they could to help her, but they could not lift the curse. Humiliated they named the girl Saturday, after the man who cursed her. 

So, the deal as old as time itself was kept. Day and Week had bore the sun seven daughters, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Day and Week were exhausted, but glad to finally have a family of their own. The Sun smiled down upon them.

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