My Backyard

April 12, 2009
By Anonymous

My backyard is plain and big with an unfinished gazebo full of cobwebs. With concrete floors and tall green grass I walk and look in peace with the birds so high. Soon a voice says to me, “Hello!” from the below of me. It was people who lives in the grass that are friends with me. I say hello back... they were so pleased... and grew very tall, carrying me up to the sky. I look down and see a woman screaming like a bat echoes. The grass people go higher and higher till they stop, I went flying using my jacket as a parachute. I fall on top of a cloud, which was soft as my bed, and soon I slept. Soon I wake up on the the swing of my backyard, with my friends next to me. They ask me,"Why are you smiling??" Well that's a secret.

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