Under the Blood red moon

April 12, 2009
By Emphy SILVER, Dublin, Ohio
Emphy SILVER, Dublin, Ohio
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"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land amongst stars." ~Brian Littrell
"You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you're all the same."~ Jonathan Davis

Amble as Faeries, nimble as dust, for we are the Ackriyn, come fly with us!

If you see the black posies at midnight, beware, for you shall be trapped under a blood red moon, you shall be stuck in the Ackriyn's domain!

* * *

A little boy eagerly follows his older sister down the drainpipe by their bedroom window. "Hurry! I want to see the black posies!" hissed the boys sister "Slow down! AAH!" the boy slipped further down the pipe. "Shut up! Do you want to ruin my chance to see it?" the boy was clearly disappointed "Sorry..." the boy's feet touched the ground, giving him an immediate sense of relief. he breathed a sigh of relief, took one step then fell onto one of the potted plants, breaking the pot. "CRAP!" he shouted, realising too late that he was being loud. His sister covered his mouth, and pulled him into the bushes. A moment later, the door opened, and a woman in a bathrobe with curlers in her hair came out, and inspected the area. "bloody cats.... they get into everything nowadays..." the woman muttered as she walked back into the house. The sister picked up her brother, and left him on a hook. "If you're going to be loud the entire time, you're better off not going. Sorry, goodbye." those were the last words he heard his sister say. As his sister ran towars the field, the boy wrestled his shirt off the hook. Running to catch up to her, he realized that he was too late. His sister was standing in the middle of the field, completely frozen in terror. Then, something hit her, leaving a streak of blood on her face. His sister turned towards him, and he could tell that she was stuck. trying to move, she kept getting struck, until finally, she collapsed, her body disappearing in the irises. The last thing the boy would remember about that night was a blood red moon.

* * *

Flame raced through the forest as fast as his long legs could go. No longer wweary of sticks, stones, or tripping, he was running with the wind. No, he is the wind. His feet barely touching thground, and he arrived at his destination. A small spring sat in the center of the clearing, a circle in the vast forest. Flame's father made it when he was a good father when flame and his sister were kids. Now Flame sat, clearly angry at himself. "I can't believe I didn't stop you from going. I'm just so stupid!" Flame struck the water with his fist, soaking himself with water. Flame looked at the surface, and saw his sister, waiting under the water for him to rescue her. He saw the terror in his sisters eyes as she tried to move and leave the water prison, but she couldn't. Seeing enough, Flame jumped in the water, and the image of his sister blurred, leaving behind an empty space in both the spring, and Flame's heart. "tsk, tsk. What a dumb mage. Doesn't even know that water puts out flame." A ghastly female voice rang in his head. "who's there?" Flame kicked at the water around him, trying to make the woman show herself. "Oh? What's this? This flame isn't willing to go out. How sad. Just when I was hoping on having another minion." A ghostly form of a woman with a fish tail, and human torso appeared in front of Flame. "Now, let me ask you a question 'Mage', are you going to fight me? Because you know it's mean to hit a girl..." Flame hesitated, then tried to find a stick or something to defend himself. "Oh, you're going to hit a girl?" Flame simply replied, "you aren't a girl, you're a monster." Clearly offended, the woman tried to hit Flame. "You're at a disadvantage little flame. This is water, my territory." "oh, but didn't you know? Flame can evaporate water!" suddenly aware of what to do, Flame bit his arm, allowing blood to flow. Then, the blood crystalized, forming a cocoon. Suddenly, the cocoon cracked, leaving a sword in it's stead. "I see... You, little flame, are a materializer... This should make things interesting!" Flame and the woman danced through the water, slicing, scratching, bruising, pulling, until finally, something came between them. "I want no fighting in my spring, so both of you, GET. OUT." A small see through girl appeared, and from her face, she didn't look happy. "That means you, Deisara, and you, Flame." The girl sent 'Deisara away in a whirlpool, and then said "sleep, little Flame, for this world is not ready for you yet." She gently closed Flame's eyes, and set him on the shore.

* * *

The author's comments:
This is something that I started awhile ago, and I made some tweaks to it to make it better! Please rate and comment

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