April 11, 2009
By leah hutchinson BRONZE, LEEDS, Other
leah hutchinson BRONZE, LEEDS, Other
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Have you ever walked into a room and everyone has just stared. Me and my brothers and sisters all experienced that together. I have 3 brothers and 5 sisters. So that might be one reason why they are staring or just because we are new.
I don’t really care. All they do is stare a whisper about you. But for some reason this group of boys were just staring more at me and my sisters. When we sat down in the canteen. A boy stood up and walked over to my older sister Tory.
“ Hey babe, you wanna go on a date with yours truly?”. He asked with a smug look on his face.
“ dude, back off. My sister would never go out with a cheese ball like you. So go back and sit down or do I need to pound you in the face?”. My brother Jake answered.
The boy instead of backing off , pulled up a chair and sat next to me.
“ really what do you think your doing.?”. I asked as he tried to put his arm around me. My other brother mike had gotten up to fight him when my sister alexia pushed him back down.
The boy had gone too far .i was losing my patience with him. Why wont he go away?
“ why don’t you get your grubby little paws off my sister before I hit you into next year. huh. do you want that because that’s what your going to get if you don’t move away from her”. Brandon my eldest brother had shouted a him.
Now everyone in the canteen was looking. Staring at us.
I tried to move his arm but he wasn’t bugging. That’s when mike had grabbed a handful of his shirt and lifted him up. I have never seen mike so angry before. The boy called over a guy called Danny.
Danny tried to grab mikes hand that when Gwen stood up.
“ I don’t think so ’mate’” .Gwen stood in front of Danny. Danny raised his eye brow
“ And what do you think your going to do if I do”. He asked with a really cheesy grin.
Gwen grabbed her soda and poured it all over Danny.
Everyone in the canteen gasped.
Then a blonde cheerleader came running over to help Danny. She at that point had pulled me a dirty look.
“ Danny, babe. Are you ok?, omg look what you freaks did to my boyfriend!”. The blonde cried. I stood up and moved round to the blonde.
“ well your boyfriend shout of been intimidating my sister. He got what he deserved.” I shouted at her.
Danny was stood there speechless. As I looked around I noticed that mike still had hold of the other boy.
“ mike but the boy down now.” I said. Mike put the boy down.
“ Jesus. You guy are weird. I was only being friendly.” He said trying to sound innocent .
“ friendly. Is that you people here call it. Well I don’t think feeling a girl up is friendly. Just perverted”. I said moving back to were I was sat.
“what he felt you up?”. The blonde asked me. Her face had gotten a bit more serious after I told them he was feeling me up.
“ yeah that’s why my brother picked him up to stop him.”. the blondes face went a light shade of red.
“ Omg. I am so sorry. Declan you pervert! god wait until I tell mom. Err you make me sick.”. the blonde turned to me.
“ I am really sorry for what my brother did. Declan thinks every girl wants him. I’m Evie. Declan is my brother. I so sorry.”. Evie said giving me a hug. I have never been given a hug before. Especially by a cheerleader. But this cheerleader didn’t smell normal. She smelt abit DEAD!

The author's comments:
i was inspired by twilight

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