Ways of living

February 16, 2018
By Anonymous

Chapter 1

This is ridiculous. They never let me go out. I just need a mental break. I am stuck in my room 24/7 with nothing to do. I lay in my bed after fighting with my parents trying to go out for a little over an hour now. I grab my headphones, which aren't even mine, they’re my sisters but I broke my last pair so I took hers. I don't get it, she has one pair of headphones and they will last for a good two years for her but for me, I'd be lucky if my headphones lasted 6 months. So I thought maybe if I take her headphones they'll last longer. My little sister walks in, wearing spandex and a big t-shirt with no makeup on, glasses, and hair in a messy bun. Why the hell does she look so pretty without trying, I hate her for her beauty, for her clear perfect skin, maybe that's why my parents hate me, cause I dont look like her, because im not perfect.

“Hey,what the hell just happened?” she asked.

“Nothing Mariana.” I said with an attitude.

“Really… you know I heard the whole fight, are you okay?”

“Mom and dad are just being...yanno annoying I just want to go out with some friends like let me live my life.”

“Well last time you went out you did stupid stuff. ”

“You always do stupid stuff, how's it any different?”

“Because I don’t get caught!”

I give her a dirty look. She’s right. She never gets caught. My sister know how to work with my parents in a way that she can get whatever she wants. She's a lot smarter about that stuff than me, she's sneaky.

“Why don't you go downstairs we’ll watch a movie or a show with mom and dad and maybe they'll realize you actually care about being part of this family and they might let you go out tomorrow.” she said.

“Fine. Whatever.”

I walk downstairs with the fakest smile ever. I sit down next to my parents to watch tv. In the show, a teenage girl is waking up to alarms for school but the alarms sound so real.

Wait … they are real. Did my dad bring me back to my bed if I fell asleep on the coach.  But I’m not in my room, this room is different.

Chapter 2

The room had navy blue walls with white furniture. Someone walks in screaming at me saying

“ What the hell are you doing! You’re going to be late! Get up now!”

“Oh shut up, I’m getting there.” this body says.

“Dont say shut up to me Rachel.” her mom says.

“I’ll say whatever I want.”

Rachel gets up and starts to get ready. I think holy crap, that was so bad oh my god my parents would kill me if I ever said that. I wish I could though yanno sometimes I just want to scream that to there face.

Rachel goes to school being mean to everyone, even the people she called her friends. Why is this girl so mean. After school Rachel takes the car to go out with her boyfriend. But she didn’t tell her parents. We didn’t get home until 11 pm on a school night.

“ Where were you.” Rachel’s Mom asks.

“Out.” Rachel replys.

I try to force the words “I’m sorry I forgot to tell you, it won’t happen again.” but this girl wasn’t sorry and it will happen again. Rachel’s Mom just looks at her and walks away. Like what! How can her mom let her treat her like that.

Maybe she was never taught respect or wasn’t  disciplined. Yanno I always wanted to be say the things Rachel says to her mom but seeing it now. It’s just mean and think about how much it must hurt her parents. I know my parents are wicked hard on me but maybe they actually have a reason for it. Maybe they don’t want me to be like Rachel. Maybe they want me to be better.

Rachel rolls her eyes and starts walking upstairs but the stairs start to become blurry.

Chapter 3

Crap I almost tripped. I was just walking upstairs until the stairs turned into a flat area. I can see a campfire going on a few feet in front of me. I walked with someone, he’s Native American, I can tell with the feather headband and two braids in his hair. Now I’m sitting with them around a campfire. I think they’re telling stories. This body has a very strong feel right now but I can’t tell what it is.

It’s like a gentle, heart warming, happy feeling. I haven’t felt that in so long with my family no matter what we do or where we go. And now this girl feel it just by sitting in a sit with her family...that just doesn’t make sense. I try to get up to leave but the body is too strong willed. They won’t let themselves leave the circle, they want to be there.

“Emmi, what did you think of the story Jacob told.” the chief says.

I try to stop this body  from saying something cheesy and how its relates to god or whatever but they got so excited it just spelled out.

“I absolutely loved it. I appreciate our brother and sister like the moon light and the sound of rushing water. It amazing how much God has given us and I am  very thankful for it all.”

Right after saying that I become embarrassed a little but then I realize, they all agreed. They all are feeling what my this girl is feeling. They are united and together, like one big family.

I used to have that.

Chapter 4

Oh great, I’m back in my room now. So I’m guessing my dad did carry me to bed. I ran to the mirror, I look the same but i feel different. My mom walks in my room.

“ Amada, you should get up it’s getting pretty late.” she says.

“Oh okay I will, uh thanks Mom for waking me up.” I says.

She looks at me weird “Your welcome,” and smiles as she walks out.

Oh my god that felt nice, to see my mom smile because of something I said and it was as simple as saying thank you. I just remember how Rachel treated her mom and I didn’t like that, I wouldn’t want my kids to treat me like that. I want to teach them better. Like how my parents have taught me.

I have been so caught up in all these kids lives that have lenient parents that let them do whatever they want. But honestly, looking at it now I don’t want that. Those parents don’t care or show love. My parents do and no matter how much it sucks to have stricter parents, I’m grateful for it.

I also wish I was native Americans, those people seemed so happy just looking at the stars and being together. I have all that right in front of me, I just need to start paying attention.

I go downstairs, after getting ready, to eat breakfast.

“Ohhhh waffles my favorite, that you dad!” I said.

Now my dad gives me a weird look “Your welcome Amada.”

My mom and sister came down and we all ate breakfast together before our days started. It was nice. Talking to my parents and not arguing. And I think they liked it too.

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