The Time We Ditched School

February 13, 2018
By ChristianC14 BRONZE, Victorville, California
ChristianC14 BRONZE, Victorville, California
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Hi my names Liam im in the sixth grade and its monday I hate mondays normally I wake up and get ready but today me and two of my best friends are ditching we told our parents we are sick so we can stay home. We all have good grades A's and B's so of course they said yes. Naturally we wouldnt do this but we are just going to go in the woods all day and walk around. So im going to go catch up with them. So as im walking down the road after my mom leaves I see this creature its staring at me I say "Hey come here little guy" it made a weird noise I was very unfamiliar with. So being a kid I got curious which I kind of wish I had'nt now. Anyways so I follow it its big hairy and hopped like a bunny i asumed for speed cause only I seen it and no one else. It led me into the woods then all the sudden I lost it and as im about to go back my friend janise calls me I awnser she says " were are you"? I say "I'm lost in the woods" the line cuts and I hear the creatures noise again. I turn quickly and it makes a jesture to follow it so I do. It leads me into this substace almost like a space ship I asked can you speak? It replied "yes but we can only speak in this ship right before I ran it said "dont do that" I said "how did you.." "read your mind its a ability we have" I said "we? what are you? why are you here? what are you going to do with me?" He said Im "Jeffery dont be afraid we dont need you for long just going to ask you something." I said "ok. But first awnser this what are you?" "We are what you humans call aliens." I ran out the ship not turning back he looks at me starts running I made it out the woods go into traffic. Almost getting hit by a car. I didnt care i kept running finally home i called my friends telling them i can't go my mom found out. Realizing im never ditching school again.

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This was very interesting topic for me to wright about i naturally dont read unless i wrote it.

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