The Runaways

February 6, 2018
By aday80 BRONZE, Turner, Maine
aday80 BRONZE, Turner, Maine
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Margot Traits 73%
Gary Shock 27%

Everyone stood in the street looking at the billboard tvs that were set up for this day they watched as the percentage keep going up for Traits. Some people booed, some cheered, others just stayed quite in hoping they wouldn’t start anything. Some stay home because you don’t actually find out on Tuesday but the day after. A certain few stay home and watch dumb movies while their on a major sugar high just to get away from the whole presidences that all their parents were tied up in. It was their tradition ever since they were kids. Well, it was Kalon and Racer until first grade when they met Mandy and decided she could join too.

Kalon and Racer’s moms were best friends, they were so involved in there friendship that they even moved in next to each other. Somehow they even wined up pregnant at the same time making Kalon and Racer best friends, having play date every day, even sharing birthday parties but they didn’t really, because they would have two parties but they would sing happy birthday to both of them. Racer’s theme would always be cars that was how he got his name. He was mad obsessed with them mainly because his dad was old auto mechanic. Kalon’s would always have something different but her partys were always so special. Kalon’s mom wanted to have her first baby young but she just couldn’t make it happen. Finally after years and years of trying they got her. That's why her name is Kalon its means beauty that is more than skin deep, which is kind of cheesy but her mom took it in a different direction. She took it in away that meant she was a gift and the child itself was just beautiful in a non physical way.             

1 year later

Kalon, Racer and Mandy decide to go out to Dry Water, the amusement park right outside of Blowing Rock, South Carolina. It was a beautiful sunny day with just a bit of clouds scattered across the bright blue skies. Racer drives while Kalon sit in the passenger seat looking out to the fields of straw. Mandy was in the middle seat in the back talking her mouth off yet, no one listened to her. Racers attention was on the road and Kalons was on the field. Racer’s gets pulled from the road by Kalon, he noticed something was off with her. “What’s up?” He looked over. She looked at him and just shook her head in a ‘nothing’ way. He knew she was lying which made him feel a bit worried. Kalon had almost the same feeling but it was mixed with a uneasy nervousness, she pushed it to the back of her head as they got close to Dry Water. Racer turns his wheel into a parking space and shuts off the car. They all shimmy out of the black 2018 Jeep Wrangler. The older cars always fancied Racers taste, partly influenced from his dad. Mandy reaches in the back to grab the bag with their lunches and skips to the front entrance. Racer and Kalon follow behind laughing at how ridiculous Mandy looked. As they all meet by the entrance Kalon noticed all the Rops her feeling from the car crawled back into her body as she tried to keep her face in a up mood.
Around five o’clock they hit the final ride and made their way back to the front, as they reached the to entrance area the Rops were pushing everyone else out. A brush of panic flew over Kalon, along with a big hit of that feeling from before. Yet they kept walking, and even went through the spin poles. It wasn’t until they were outside that they got pushed by Rops into a bus. The bus was set up like a limo but with a row of seats in the middle and the air in the bus was a green smoke. To the right there was this girl that sat in the seat next to the drivers. Her face look beaten down, her pale skin almost white with dark circles under her eyes that were bloodshot. She had a clipboard with a list of names and crossed off the threes names. The Rops sent Mandy, Kalon and Racer to the back part. Immediately Kalon looked out the window and noticed the fields. No Rops were behind the bus and none of them were looking back there. Kalon looked back into the bus thinking of how she could escape with the two because she knew there's no way this will end up good. The only thing she could come up with is to jump out the window and run for the field. Her chance options were the same and she knew that. “ We’re getting out of here” Kalon whisper to Racer and Mandy.

“What?” They both say looking at her like she was crazy.

“Look there's no way we're going to some candyland, I mean look at the air.” she lifted her hand to point it out. “Through the window out in the field we just need to book it out with no one noticing. I think it’s manageable.” She said with hope even adding a goofy smile.

They shake their heads. “Okay.” Racer said in almost disbelief. “Let’s do it!” This time more cheerful but Mandy looks at the pair  in a ‘are you serious’ way.
Racer when in first to help with Mandy and Kalon. Then Kalon pushed Mandy out incase she backed out. When it got to Kalons turn she felt weird but it made them go faster. Mandy was looking on the left side of the bus and Racer was looking on the right and they had a clear path so they went for it. They raced over the road and into to the field and didn’t stop. The three knew these fields and woods really well even though it was out of there town the spend most of their time in the fields and woods. They used to always walk to Dry Water through the wood when they were younger, they never went in but always just watch in the fields and wished on going. Their first time going was summer of ‘42 they were all 13 and finally saved up enough to go. It was the biggest trip ever they hauled their lunches and changes of clothes through the woods. The excitement radiated off their skin like the blurry heat over fire. When they got in they went to every ride twice and would have done it a third time if they had more time. That became another one of their things to ride every single ride at least once.
After filling up the bus the Rops went in to check for everyone. The first Rop came in looking at the list then the second Rop peered his head around he notices the open seats in the back then raised his machine built eyes to the window. It was shut tightly just as it was. Then he ripped the clipboard out of the first ones hand and saw the three names missing from their seats. Then rushed out of the bus to look toward the field, maybe even the robots get feelings, because he when blasting to it. Or it could have just been the fact he saw one's head moving. He called for his team to roll out towards them.
Kalon looked back and saw the Rops coming “ Guys faster they saw” Kalon yelled. They were making it to their secret hideout which was a group of trees that fell down and perfect make a little shelter spot. They finally made it into the wood and from the edge it was at least a quarter mile in. It was good thing they all did track because there was no way they could out be the Rops without being fit. The Robs weren’t in the woods yet but they were coming close to the edge. But the three were deep in and close to the hiding place. Coming in hot the three rounded the corner and slid into fort. They crawl far back into the darkest place. The only light was shining through a crack in the trees but it was very dim and dusty. A few minutes later the Robs come busing by, kicking up the leaves. The kids could only hear them and there was a lot of them. They didn’t know what was safe so they decide to stay the night in the fort and switch off on guarding. The order went Mandy, Kalon, Racer but no one was tried yet so they came up with a plan, which wasn’t very smart, but they still went through with it anyway. The plan was that they need food so they will go into town when its clear.
But here the thing town is filled with Bots which are bigger scarier Rops and there going around town turning everyone they see into rice all under Presidents Traits orders. There gonna be in big trouble. 
It was the next day and each of there shifts were done in complete silence and still around noon there was nothing. So they cleared out, staying in the middle of the wood they branched out towards town. Once they got to town they went over the small train bridge being very careful but that's when they noticed all the rice covering the highway but the rice was the size of people (because they were) and they all just stopped to look at it disheartened by what it looked like and by the thought of what they could be. Deep down each of them knew but no one wanted to say anything. The gaze upon the got interrupted by a man running from a Bot. The three looked at each other in fear and booked out from on top of the bridge. Not really knowing where to go next they just start going straight. Soon enough they were in town with no place to really hide expect in places which they were all nearly afraid of now. But it was there only option, the place was perfect thought for what they needed it had food and a great amount if other supply that they needed. They were shopping away until they heard bigfoot steps Kalon who was almost at the doors couldn’t hide in time. The Bot spotted her so she booked up the stairs directing the other two to follow. Kalon keeped oning up until she hit the roof. Lucky enough the buildings were pretty close together so if worst comes to worst they can jump.

Soon enough worst came to worst and a helicopter came chopping in. The sound was thick like it was cutting into air each swoup. Mandy looked at Racer and Kalon like she couldn’t do it like she just wanted to give up now but Kalon wouldn’t let her, she refused. “ If you don’t go I don’t go.” Kalon marked her word. She rolled her eyes at Kalon knowing she had to go because she couldn’t that to her. “Its like hurdles!” Kalon tried to get Mandy's confidence up.

“I’ll do it, okay!” She yelled. So they jumped, and kept jumping for about five buildings. On the fifth building there was a puddle of water that made the roof sag. Kalon was the first to jump when she landed she got up and walked out of the way, not caring of where she step, her foot perfectly dove into the puddle as if a swimmer in a pool. She didn’t feel the water because of the jumps her feet were completely numb. Next to jump was Mandy, when she landed Kalon grabbed Mandy to her so Racer could go. His big land shook the roof only a little but just enough for Mandy and Kalons weight to break through the soft roof. Screams came roaring out of the hole, that it felt like you could see the sound traveling out. Racer came crawling over to the hole to see the two girls laying down looking like a cartoon character when they just ran through a wall. Each being separated by a bucket which lucky enough none of them hit and even more lucky the room they fell into had low ceilings. Mandy opened her eyes first her vision blurry at first then clear up after a few seconds. She expect to see the Rops all round but instead she saw Racer’s head hanging over the edge of the hole. She slide over as much as she could so he could jump down. Once Racer jumped he went immediately to Kalon she got knocked out from the hard hit but it was nothing serious. Racer then looked Mandy to make sure she was good. As he turned away he heard coughing coming from behind him he whipped his head so fast his neck hurt. After he kneeled down to see if she was okay, and she was, just a bit bruised up like Mandy was.

The three were all caught up in the fall and helping each other that they didn’t even know there was a boy standing in the corner until he said “No way! You guys are the people on the news!” Then the three slowly turned their head to the boy in the corner. He had on some PJs and slippers along with a video game headset and a controller in his hand that he snagged right before the break in the roof.

“The news?” Mandy questions playing with her hair in the nervous way she always does.

“Yeah all over,” The boy paused. “They said you guys ranway when they tried to arrest you for robbery, of,” The boy paused again trying to think of the named. “Dry Water, that its. Yeah apparently you guys robbed Dry Water the Amusement park in Shirlington. But I don’t really see how they would be, I mean what would you steal, a floaty?” he snorted at his own joke.

“I told you guys, that it couldn’t have been good. Why else would they have covered up the story?” Kalon pointed out with now more energy because of her statement. She had always had a chiller personality but when she was right it was like she got bolts of energy.

“And I knew it was a coverup that’s what I told everybody but no you just overthink too much Manny. That’s what my parent told me” he stated kind of quietly “But guess what mom? I’m right.” He said very angrily.
“Hey. Kid. How do we get out of here.” Mandy said with some mad attitude.

“There’s a door down near the kitchen that will take you out and you will have coverage.” Manny said kind of dispoinintly.

“Thank you.” Kalon said as they all started booking it down the stairs and out the door. The boy was right, it was a perfect hid away. They strolled around tracking back to Kalon’s house, they thought if they were to go back to their house they wouldn’t expect them to be there. Kalon and Racer houses are surrounded by fields and woods so they could hid out there and wait if they need to.
After hours of continuous running they finally made it to the edge of the woods which leads to a field and then to Kalon’s house. You can see her house from the woods. There were no Rops in site, so they make a run for it to the house. Once they got in they notice no one was there which is odd considering her parents should have been waiting for her. Wild thoughts raced through her head. Did the Rops get them, are they rice too, didn’t they have to flee because of her? Kalon then started breathing heavily but Racer was there for her telling her that it was okay and her parents are probably at her grandmas house. Her breathing slowed down and lucky enough she didn’t go out into a full out panic attack.

Mandy was over in the fridge finding food to eat while Racer and Kalon were planning out a plan of what next to do. They all knew the Rops weren’t going to back down. Deep down all of them wanted to try to stop the Rops in making them into more rice, but they didn’t know the leader of the establishment. They had a few thoughts but they didn’t know forsure. Mandy thought it was was some other country the hacked into the boss of all technology (B.O.A.T) which was hidden somewhere in the U.S they not many Americans know where. Racer thought they just turned and just really liked rice. And Kalon thought it was the President. But no one knew so there was no way of taking them down hiddong was really there only option which would be hard to do for a long time. It’s not like they could just leave the country for skip town they had to hide close.

“We need a hiding place just incase they find us here.” Mandy pointed out.

“My attic could work it’s small and matches with the ceiling.” Kalon said walking up the stair to where it was. She opened up the little cubby for the string then pulled on the string to open up to the attic. It was a relatively small area but enough for the three of them with some room left over.

“We should sleep up here if we’re stay Incase they come here at night.” Racer gave them a idea which happened to be liked by the girl. “We should get blanket and pillows and stuff. Maybe even food water Incase they do come and we have to stay up there.” Both girls nodded then went to grab supplies. Once they stuffed the room full they all got in and fix it up nice. It was nearly night so they decided it was time to hit the hay. Each grabbed a flashlight and stepped up the squeaky stairs. Kalon made sure the string was in the cabinet just in case they came. It didn’t take long for the three to fall asleep because all that running tucked them out.
Around 12 o’clock they all woke up and got ready which really only was eating and using the bathroom. They stayed low the entire day to make sure nothing would happen. Their plan was going to start on Friday, they really just wanted to take a break from running. It was very tiring and stressful.

Red and blue flashing lights came zooming into Kalons driveway and they just kept coming there was about 80 of them surrounding the house. Lucky enough the three were upstairs hanging in Kalons room. So they all quickly but quietly made it to the attic. They all hugged each other tight and prayed they wouldn’t get caught.
The Rops scope the whole area and the inside, they even went upstairs and it wasn’t until a human cop came in and looked around that they notice the attic string hanging down. The cops hand grabbed the string and gave it a hard pull like it was one of those piñatas, out came the stairs. The cop looked up and saw three scared face looking down at the man.

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