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A New Home

January 23, 2018
By Anonymous

He looked up in amazement, the ship was finished and ready to go to Mars on a   a moment’s notice in case of any nuclear threats. An alarm sounded and panic began to engulf him, “Captain, we need to go, this is no drill, get ready.” said a horrified man walking past him.

He ran to the top of a staircase where the entrance to the pilot’s cabin was located. He put on his suit fitted for in space flight and ran to the cockpit. “Is everyone in the ship?” he asked though his comms set.

“Everything is clear.” Answered a man. “Prepare for takeoff in three, two, one, Captain you are clear for takeoff.” He pressed the throttle forward causing immense pressure in his whole body.

Everything shook; the ship, the cockpit, himself, yet he focused on getting everyone off the planet. After a few minutes of shaking violently, he felt the ship stop shaking and he felt no more pressure on his chest.
He breathed a sigh of relief, and floated over to the window to look at the planet he may never see again. He saw a small flash, then two, then three, he was witnessing the worlds end, a nuclear war. He was speechless, “How could this happen?” he thought. Passengers began to scream and panic at the sight. 

Then everything went black, the simulation capsule opened and he stepped out of it. His legs were wobbly and his breathing was rapid.

“Congratulations, your score will be entered to see if you can become a pilot, you seemed to do very well under such extreme pressure.” Said a man wearing a fancy suit. “Thank you.” he replied gasping for air. 
“If you feel sick, it’s because of the simulation, just sit down and you will be fine.” said the man. The man walked away, and the possible pilot started walking to the waiting area. He sat there for about an hour, more people entering and bragging about how they would win. But then the time came, an announcer spoke clearly to the room through a speaker, “The pilot to bring the first colony Mars will be-.”

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