The Faith of The Restless

January 21, 2018
By MackC. BRONZE, Sherwood, Oregon
MackC. BRONZE, Sherwood, Oregon
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Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination- William Longgood

It was the dream I was used to having, a singular dark cloud loomed over me like a never-ending loop. I couldn’t walk, speak, or die. No matter how many times I was zapped by its speedy lightning. I couldn’t tell which direction I was heading, I just knew I was being taken against my will. Inside my head, I was screaming, yet not a sound left my mouth. A light figure arose from the ground, a new part of this mystery.

“Child, you must fight against yourself, the end I have not seen. But I know your soul is stronger than it appears.” It left the same way it came, and just like that, I could breathe again. I had no sense of time, but it was a while before I could breathe. My fingers warmed up, my body tingled. The dream collapsed on itself, it was as if a wave was trying to swallow me whole, and was stopped. I was choking when a light flickered above me. Finally, I vomited over the blanket wrapped around me in a lazy fashion. I grabbed the bedside table to keep myself steady as I stood up, my nightgown resting at my ankles. My nails somehow had grown significantly and were painted a silver gray color. Words circled my head as I walked closer to the door with a hole carved through the door frame. Out of the hall, all different patients were breaking windows, stealing food, and panicking. I looked for my nana, she was in the window bed last I saw her, before going to sleep to the dream again. I looked at the door and found my name on a paper. Gabby Yere, woke up on 7-9-16, has been asleep since then, today’s date 9-2-16. I was no idiot, I knew as soon as I saw the date that I was in a coma. That would explain the dreams. But what happened to everyone? I opened the door and followed the old and young into the parking lot. A large shadow blocked our view from the sun, something that felt different the last time it was on my shoulders. I blew my hair out of my mouth and noticed it being gray. How old am I, hasn’t it only been a couple months? I felt someone jump in front of me and pulling me around the building in a matter of seconds.

“Nahita anao tao amin’ny nofiko, mpamonjy aho!” She hissed. I didn’t recognize the language so I told her slowly.

“I. can’t. Understand. You.” She hit her hand against a crumbled pile of rock and turned back to me.
“I said. I saw you in my dream, savior!” She hugged me. I pushed her off, which may have angered her.
“What dream?” I asked.

“The one where the light showed me you, she warned me you were their main target, me and everyone else in the dream are true to their word about protecting you. And if they didn’t the light would make sure they would never wake up.” I sat down on a slightly charred stool and comprehended what to do next.

“I have to find my nana.” I got up and turned to leave. Light bounced off my forehead as I danced like I had to go to the bathroom and plopped down hard on the stool.

“We have to defeat you to do that.” I pulled her hands from me and stared her down.

“No, not you, your twin, sort of, it’s hard to explain.” I stopped her with my hand, inside my finger a bluish white light transferred from finger to finger. She shot to the ground as the land around her last spot crumbled like sand in someone’s hand. I stared at myself in fear as the light faded away.

“I’m so sorry.” I pleaded. 

“Don’t be. I am who should be sorry. I hadn’t meant for you to use your power.” I sucked in a breath.
And breathed out. “Listen, I’m sure you’re really nice and I would gladly like to be your friend but, I need to assess the situation at hand.” I turned around.

“And that would be me.” Two teens maybe older than me by a year stood shoulder to shoulder holding bats.
Light bounced off the brick wall as the girl next to me glared at the two of them. One smirked, after enclosing himself in a casing of a dark presence, now it was their turn. I waited patiently for something to happen. A large boom sounded, but only pieces of matter hit our faces and legs. Kneeling in front of me was a lone boy, gripping the ground. A long and wide crack closed the distance between us. I backed up as the two boys gripped the open Earth.

“You’ll pay!” one yelled. The boy stared at me and turned around, clearly at ease as he slumped.

“Excuse me,” I said aloud. He turned. “Thank you.”

“It’s nothing. I’d go to sleep if I had let you die.” The girl next to me ran in front of me as a dark energy hit her. The color drained from her eyes as she slumped onto me. I gagged at her cold body, the boy threw her off me as I broke down.

“Listen lightning girl we can’t stay here.”

“But she-”

“She’s dead!” He yelled as he pulled me through the rubble of the wall. He closed the blinds as he slumped slowly down the wall, panting. I hit his chest.

“Why’d you leave her! We could have-” He hugged me close to his chest as I breathed in his scent. It smelt of pine and cinnamon, not what I suspected from a patient at the hospital.

“You smell really good,” I commented. He froze and I feared the worst. I looked at his face concerned and he smirked.

“Sorry, I’m just not used to human contact.” He explained.

“I’m not sure I am human.” I thought aloud as I released from his grasp.

The author's comments:

This story plot came to me in a dream and I knew it was too good to not tell. I hope to add on to the story later but I found I have no time.

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