January 17, 2018
By Anonymous

It was the year 2090 and there were robots everywhere, but inside the robots were humans. Every robot looked the same. they same shape, the same height, and the same brain so that people won't take advantage over their knowledge. Everyone knew the same thing as everybody else. So that people won't argue over who was correct.
  This started when a guy named hjfkh was always correcting people. He was the smartest man alive. everyone started to get annoyed and so people started to argue to the president. By that time there was a president for the whole world, his name was hjfkh, it was a popular name in that year. They argued to the president that everyone should be equal so the president thought about it for a long time and finally said said “from now on everyone is going to be the same no one is going to be smarter than somebody or better than somebody, everyone is going to be equal.”

He was his brother. he kept on telling him to stop correcting people but still kept on doing it. he stopped when they argued to the president, but by then he was in jail. One day i was watching TV there was breaking news “someone escaped from jail his name is hjfkh, “if you see this guy do not try to interact with him.” they flashed a picture of a robot so that was not really helpful. “This is how he looks without the robot suit.” they flashed a picture of him without the robot suit. he was drinking coffee. when they flashed the picture of his brother i spit out my coffee. he would have never imagined him being on TV on this occasion.

The author's comments:

our teacher read a book by kurt vonnegut and that inspired me to write this

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Panthera GOLD said...
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Favorite Quote:
"Keep your friends close but your enemies closer"

I looked at the begining and thought, “man, this sounds similar to Harrison Bergeron” Then I saw your quote thing and thought “I bet that’s why”. Good story and awesome names!

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