The Dream

January 17, 2018
By TheUnkownAuthor BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
TheUnkownAuthor BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
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Just read, this is more of a oneshot story (for those of you who have read fanfictions) I promise you that this is an okay one, but I've been thinking alot lately and I just had to write/type this.

Chapter 1: The Dream

Once upon a time, in a land to which no one knows the name of to which everyone's names will be eventually forgotten, there was a Dream. This Dream was a tiny dream. They were small and fragile; just learning what it could from just hours of its existence. It wasn't capapble of living on its own, but that's why the older Dreams were there to help. Some of them, however, doubted the tiny Dream. Thinking that it was nothing more than a mere obstacle just waiting to be thrown away like all the others. "It is nothing more than just a mere cripple," one Dream complained. "What's the use of having a fragile thing?!" But some of the Dreams seemed to have disagreed with the others. "This Dream," one of them craddled it in their arms. She lowered her head ever so slightly and whispered into its ear, as not to damage its hearing. "Will shine the brightest than us altogether." She kissed its forehead. "Because this Dream wil become a Reality."

Over the years, the she-Dream watched as the little one began to grow. She watched from afar as the Dream began to walk, talk and, what caused her to smile the most, it wanted to learn. The she-Dream taught the little Dream everything she knew: the Creation of Man, the stars and his Constellations and Mother Earth and all her children. The little Dream's eyes began to brighten as they were told all forms of knowledge, but it wasn't enough. It wanted to learn even more.

Eventually, the little Dream grew into a much older, beautiful, and wonderful Dream. The she-Dream rocked back and forth in her chair as she waited every afternoon for the Dream to come home from work. "I'm home, Mother," the Dream would greet everyday. The she-Dream smiled as she felt their cool lips touch her warm, wrinkled forehead. "My child," she whispered. "How have you grown." The Dream smiled widely as they puffed out their chest in pride. "It's all thanks to you, Mother," the Dream praised. The she-Dream gave a wary smile, but it quickly disappeared as the Dream walked away. "Why must the Gods be so cruel to me," she mumbled underneath her breath. "I'm not ready to leave yet...he still has so much to learn." She stared down on her old dusty hand. It slowly began to be translucent before disappearing into nothing. The sleeve of her robe flopped onto the arm of her chair, no longer supported by her arm.

Even more years have passed, and the she-Dream could not keep her secret no longer. The Dream eventually found out when they came home from work, only to find her not in her rocking chair, but sprawled amongst the floor; where her legs once were, now, is nothing but an empty space underneath her skirt. "Mother," the Dream whispered into her ear that night. "Why didn't you tell me?" The she-Dream wept and wept as she held the Dream's hand firmly. "My child," she whispered back. "My beautiful,sweet and delicate are still too young for me to leave you." The Dream felt her hand cup thier face like that of a newborn baby. "I loved you too much that I can't let go," she choked back a sob. The Dream felt thier cheeks get wet. They raised a calloused hand looking at it: they were crying. "What are you saying, Mother?" the Dream asked. The she-Dream smiled weakly as she uttered the very words they did not want to hear. "I'm becoming a Reality." The Dream begged and plead as more of the she-Dream began to disappear. "Don't leave me Mother," it cried. "Don't leave without me!" It wept and sobbed as the she-Dream shook her head. "There's nothing I can do, my young one," a stray tear ran down her cheek. "Only your Dreamer can decide whether or not you're allowed to become a Reality." Before the Dream knew, she vanished. Thier screams echoed throughout the house, yearning to be with its mother.

From then on, the Dream worked hard day and night to become a Reality. It worked hours on end and everything its willpower to become a Reality. But, something seems to be missing from his work. The extra push it needs in order to become a Reality. They would disappear every now and then, but would reappear seconds later. "I need something to help me become a Reality," the Dream mumbled as he paced back and forth in his room. "Something that is willing to inspire people, to give promise of a brand new world, one whose capable of accomplishing feats like no other person," the Dream stared at thier screen as he gave his gentle smile. They lifted their hand and offered it to you. "I need you to make me a Reality," they said. "My Dreamer."

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