Lost and alone

January 9, 2018
By kason1212 BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
kason1212 BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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He reached out into the void feeling nothing on his skin but everything in his heart. Everyone wishes to have powers when they are young but, do they really understand the possibilities? He did…. He understood full out the unsurpassable amount of instability in what power you may get. His is change. Who ever knew such a simple word would allow for such insurmountable amounts of power. He could change everything he wants, any place, any object, he could even control feelings of people he’s never even met. Any time he wants, and any time he doesn’t want. Just thinking it would make it happen. Just even allowing it to enter his subconscious mind would set it off. The only thing he could not change was the very thing he wanted most, Himself.
The loneliness eats away at him this is to say his mind hasn’t created a world to entertain him for the day. The situations run wild, school classrooms, adventurer in a fantasy world, you name it. But none of it was to fun for if he made one slip in his mind he would have to manually think it back to where he needed it.
Today he is trying the school setting again,  he has set up a couple of friends and is talking amongst them. He tells them of his predicament as a hypothetical  and allows them to freely think. Their answer is astonishing to him! How could he not think of something so simple before!?!? “Create someone that stops your power when it's near.” He found himself almost baffled to the point of idiocy. It was almost immediately that he swiped away that world and got down to creation. Another point they had said was to make it someone he would enjoy being around, So he got started, Molding and chipping away at the personality and figure, he also stems to think about the new power he is creating, and refine it to fit his needs, He could still use his power but only so far away from this person.
The Time had come and at last he finished his creation, which in reality he could have done instantly, but he thought it’d be more endearing this way. She came to life with his last stroke and burst into a coughing fit he tried to make it go away but. He couldn’t,  He couldn’t change her at all! She finally stopped and stood up straight. “I’m Eloise, But I'm sure you already know that.” She reaches out her hand. And he is able to feel it. The warmth of the skin and the brilliance of the texture sent chills down his spine. Even though he created her he still felt as if she was new to him. Maybe he made it so without knowing. He retorts “I do, I’ve I’ve created this world for us.” Its setting was of the school before, he thought it would be fitting as it led to her. “Don’t worry I didn’t control all their thoughts I made sure they were random and completely dependent on them and their lives.” She gently smiles “I know, let's enjoy ourselves in your creation why don’t we.” As he thought she is perfect. Just as he wanted.
It’s been years since he made her, but thanks to the brilliance of his subconscious she hasn’t dulled at all. He had thought originally that they may drift apart, or she would be so perfect it would annoy him how agreeable she was. But She wasn’t, she challenged him, she gave him thoughts he’s never had, she's changed the very fabric that was instilled in his mind. And he could not change her. Unless he did it the same way. Talking and bonding that is. In a way even though he was the one with the strongest superpower ever possible, He had found himself in the presence of a real superhero one that saved his day every day. His griefs took any shape or form, but she was there for most of them, But not all. Which to some might seem weird but to him, the greatest thing he had ever created, beyond worlds, beyond universes. She was his superhero!
NonFiction # 2
To be honest if you read this you might think I harbor deep rancor for black people, But reality is that my two best friends who visit me in cm everyday are both black. By this funny twist you can tell I am speaking purely analytical on things that I hear a from certain mentalities.
What is privilege? As we know it’s something that is the very difference of a security guard to a customer.  So why is it that when people like me have things that are just plain normal to have it's called privilege? Like oh he had a father that's privilege. I don’t but people who do aren’t privileged.
I don’t have a dad. Mother an alcoholic for years. Beaten for things I didn’t even have to do with. Poor as can be struggling off of everyone. Many “fathers”, one longer than 2 years. He been doing the same job since 14 to make ends meet, we fine now. Wrongfully jailed even.. Still privileged.
I mean I would Understand “white privilege” if we got into college easier or had more money, but I grew up poor, and Ill be glad if I make it through college money wise. So where in then does this privilege lye? I don’t F***ing know!
I mean its well known anyone with good grades and isn’t white will get more from colleges. Even workplaces are hiring nonwhites first just to look “diverse” It’s disgusting, taking away from the majority just to suit the minority? That's like six people want to move but 1 doesn’t and they stay to please him.
Most of these are just ill sentiment from people saying I have an unfair advantage while they sit there and don’t take advantage of the things they have. I don’t care if someone thinks I have it easy because I am white. But when they take away opportunities like job placement. That gets me mad.
I know people had it bad in the past because they couldn’t keep up technologically with european settlers and their children. But you were never a slave, you were never treated like that. You have the same rights as me and everyone else now. SO use them instead of whining.
They started a Black Student Union.. There idiocy knows no bounds. Honestly this is the downright stupidest school I have ever seen. YOU LIVE IN CAMBRIDGE. You’ve every opportunity. EVERY kid in america has the same basic opportunities but here, There are a lot more. AND you waste them to say you don’t have them.

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