Avus the Being

January 10, 2018
By ShadowBone SILVER, Calera, Alabama
ShadowBone SILVER, Calera, Alabama
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There once lived a collection of islands who revered a single, but almighty and fearsome, god that kept the shape of a dragon with pearly white, almost iridescent, scales and metallic gold, quite shiny, horns. This god, named Avus, fashioned three children, to be shaped like him and who would help rule over the three domains Avus owned, named Disciples.
Each Disciple had certain attributes that distinguished them from the other. The first Disciple was the Disciple of the Land, Terru, was said to have a large shell on his back, instead of wings, that held the entire world and horns that were made of the many crystals and gems that the royals incorporated on their robes. Avus ordered Terru to walk on the Plane of Time forever at his own pace, as long as Terru does not walk backward. The Disciple of Life, Solunu, was said to have golden top body, and pale-blue wing top, that shined so brightly that you could not look directly at him, and his underbelly was pearly white, except the underside of his wings had black leather with little white scales that speckled across the surface of his wings. Avus first ordered Solunu to create life as he wished and to overlook procreation, as long as Avus could keep tabs of the living. Once Solunu had finished his first wave of creation, he began to constantly tease Terru by darting back and forth over Terru’s back, while still creating a monster here and there and overseeing procreation. The last Disciple was the Disciple of the Dead, Quietu, who was merely a skeleton who would adorn the jewels of the dead, and had white glowing orbs of light as eyes. Avus had gave her the command to store the dead, as long as Avus does not hear their cries, and Quietu had the idea to live in the belly of Terru, in which she did.

The author's comments:

I made a Greek/Roman-esque religion based on dragons.

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