The Hunt

November 30, 2017
By gbarrera1029 BRONZE, San Jacinto , California
gbarrera1029 BRONZE, San Jacinto , California
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The Hunt

It all had been a blur, nothing was in his blank mind almost like a void. Nothing. Now strangely he was in what seemed a rural area of a very desert-like plain, this was weird because he doesn’t remember living like this, almost as if the only thing that he could muster was the thought that something wasn’t right. He stood up not noticing the pain in his right calf from a cut but surveyed the area, in his mind, he repeated. Same sky, everything looks, the same sky, everything looks normal... As he hypnotized himself he did notice something very big almost like a human was floating through the sky but it didn’t have eyes just holes almost like caves all around its face. It was pale and also was missing its legs, it was just a torso floating. His mind turned insane he didn’t know what to do all but run. He ran as fast as he could nothing was going to stop him not even that thing. Quickly he realized that this was his dumbest mistake because he just wasted all his energy and had just made a lot of noise, probably enough to alert the creature. He knew it was the end of it and that he would be caught and something would happen to him good or bad he was about to find out. It was just time. He knew it and as his final words escaped from his mouth the shadow of the pale ghosty hand pushed air in to him.

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