The Ring

March 16, 2009
By B.r.grater PLATINUM, LaPorte, Indiana
B.r.grater PLATINUM, LaPorte, Indiana
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Tanya sat in her room, enjoying her music. Her mom had told her to turn it down at least twice, but she pretended not to liten. She knew her mom wouldn't do anything about it, anyway. She leaned over on her bed and turned it up. When she got it to the desired volume she started singing along:
"We caught you plotting murder..."


Her mom sat in the kitchen looking over the mail. Almost immediately, she spotted a small box with her aunt Lucy's handwriting on it. Wow! she thought. I haven't heard from Aunt Lucy in years!!! She quickly tore open the package, not even looking at who it was for. There was a ring inside, glittering an inticing yellow. She quickly disreguarded the letter; the ring was just to pretty to wase a moment not looking at it.
Suddenly, once again breaking her reverie, her daughter Tanya's music went up again, this time with Tanya singing with it. Her mom got mad.
"I wish she would just SHUT UP!" she muttered.
And then she heard a crash...


Tanya leaned over to once again turn up her music, but instead, as if some unseen force had pushed her, fell from the top bunk of her bed. As she neared the floor, she grabbed at her stereo in an effort to slow her falll. It didn't work. Instead, in the moment before the hit, she knew she had pulled it down, too. Then she hit the floor and blacked out.
When she woke up, she was in an ambulance. Her father was sitting next to her, his face white with worry. Also, she had a MAJOR headache.
"We're nearly there, sweetie," her father kept repeating and repeating, over and over, until she started to glare at him. He then noticed and said, "I'm sorry. I've never been in an ambulance before. You've never needed one." She wanted to glare at him and tell him that it was fine, she'd been to the hospital before, but she couldn't get a word out. Then the paramedic started to shift her bed out of the vehicle, and she had no time to try to speak.
She was rushed to the emergency room, where her injuries were inspected.
"You must have hit your head pretty hard, I'd imagine," the doctor said to her. "Your brain has been bruised and jumbled about in your head."
Her parents rushed in at that point, so he had no time to say anything else.
"My baby!" her mom cried, running towards her daughter. But the doctor's words stopped her short.
"Be careful with her. You know she has extensive head and neck injuries. She should have had a broken neck with a fall such as this one. Just remember to be careful."
By now her dad carefully maneuvered around the two and was stroking her hand awkwardly. "I love you, honey," he kept whispering.
"It's a miracle she can even hear you," said the pessisimistic doctor as he stalked out the door.
Her mom had finally edged up next to them and started talking, tears running down her face.
She said, "A ring came in the mail yesterday. From your great Auny Lucy. I wanted to keep it so badly...but, it's yours. It arrived today, while you were turning up your stereo again, which I specifically asked you to turn down. I was trying it on when you started singing with the music..." Her voice breaks, but she keeps on going. "I slipped on the ring...and for the millionth time I wished you'd shut up. I didn't expect it to really happen, but it did. I'm so sorry."

The author's comments:
I actually wrote the ending in fourth grade, incidentally. I found it the other day, and my reading teacher told me about teen ink and said I should submit something. I came home and rewrote it, then submitted it here.

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