Jakia -- Chapter 1, Laws of Randorthia

March 6, 2009
By Moviegroovy BRONZE, New York City, New York
Moviegroovy BRONZE, New York City, New York
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The rain fell hard as it has been for days. Jakia felt cold and wet but she was content. The day was grim it didn?t get to her. The porch swing was damp, so was rest of the porch, the town, and the forest. Sometimes it felt the world was being poured upon. Jakia felt smug rapped in her brown woolen cloak. Her hair, brown, was drenched from running in the rain. Her skin was pale and cold like the marble. Through the silence (except for the rain of course) the door to the house had opened. Jakia casually turned her head toward the door. Out came Ms. Rosa in her blue dress and though it looked beautiful on her the expression on her face was the kind she used before scolding. Ms. Rosa sat down beside her, now smiling.
?So? what did you do?? Ms. Rosa asked almost as if it were an everyday question that you ask an old friend over tea.
?How do you know I did something?? Jakia said.
?Well?? Ms. Rosa started ?first of all I have known you since you were too small to remember anything and?? she paused and chuckled to herself ?a Randorthian solider came to my door telling me that you smart mouthed an officer.? At that she burst into hysterical laughter.
?They shouldn?t even be here?? Jakia muttered. Ms. Rosa looked at her anxiously.
?I know you like speaking your mind? but I don?t think they?re going to run from a ten year old. And while were on the subject what on earth did you say?!? Ms. Rosa looked at me lovingly.
?I was minding my own business? and I decided to get some apples to surprise you so I went to the market early to beat the rain. As I was walking some people were surrounding a poster so I went over and looked. When I saw the poster it said:


All hale ye power full
?I got angry and tore it down and started kicking it in the mud. Some people started to do the same, until three soldiers spotted us and asked who started the ruckus. Sadly enough one of the towns folk pointed to me and they laughed in my face. After that they started speaking to me in some other language? Rugin maybe? anyway I told them that it wasn?t fair. They continued laughing and I ?Randorthian?s are dumb headed drunks!? and started running.? Jakia stopped there and giggled. Ms. Rosa smiled,
?Well good job.? She whispered. They both went inside the busy house. The house was an orphanage. It was big full and cozy but Jakia though she was tired was surrounded by the rug rats already. As always the rug rats started asking her all types of questions like Did they hurt you? Or Were they drunk? Ms. Rosa gave Jakia a look that said don?t tell them anything? yet. Jakia smiled and winked at her she bent down
?I?ll tell ya to night.? She whispered.
?I wanna show em whose country their really in!? yelled Marty holding a wooden sword in one hand the other holding his walking stick. He limped into the room leaning on his walking stick. Though he was in good hands, Marty was unfortunate because he was weak in his legs. The doctor had said that he?ll never recover completely, but Jakia didn?t think so. Marty had a grin that she could spot a mile away, and though he had a bit of a temper he was smart enough not to do anything too stupid.

?I?d get a real sword though!? he announced. Though he was different physically, he was just as adventurous as any boy.

The night came quickly, after the children?s chores were done they all gathered around on the floor to hear Jakia?s story. For this occasion even the older boys stood at their floor beds to listen. An oil lamp stood before her and Jakia smiled devilishly.
?I was walking by myself going quickly to beat the rain,? she started ?but I saw some people who were gathered around a something so I invesagated??
?Don?t you mean investigated?? one of the older boys interrupted.
?Shut it!? said one of the rug rats.
?As I was saying? Jakia started up again ?when I got there I saw a poster from the Randorthian government stating that we have to give?em five cents for every piece of food we buy! Instead of just one!? this got the orphan?s attention immediately everyone started talking horrified.
?How will we pay them?? one girl shouted.
?This isn?t fair!? said one of the older boys now standing up. The room went silent everyone staring at him. The boys name was Rugger he hated all Randorthian?s and their laws.
?We can?t keep letting them raise taxes, telling us what to eat, making new dumb a** laws, and taking our land!? he shouted.
?I heard Mr. and Mrs. Finred lost their land and half their cows because the soldiers were bored!? one rug rat said.
?Don?chya wanna know what I did next?!? Jakia yelled. Everyone looked at her.
?I threw it in the mud and stomped it into the ground!? when she said that, it was almost like she had just given them prep talk before a war.
?Songs to sing, Songs to dance, may The Kingdom of Songs sing again!? said Rugger.

That night Jakia woke from a sudden noise immediately she took her wooden sword and followed the noise. She heard rustling in the kitchen, and went near the door. Jakia took a deep breath and jumped in a sword defense position only to find Marty sitting at the table. Jakia lowered the sword,
?Don?t worry am not an Randorthian *yawn? Marty said with a grin.
?Why ya down here?? Jakia asked.
?Dunno for some reason my conscience told me to.? Marty said weakly. He looked tired, his black hair was messy and his usually round face was worn. Jakia sat down with him they spoke quietly until they could barely keep their eyes open. Marty played with his gold coin that was on a thread around his neck. Jakia was still awake unlike Marty who was fast asleep. Marty snored gently and his face was serious. Jakia eyes almost closed when there was a banging at the door. Jakia in her long white night gown went to the door and opened it up. A man stood there drenched he looked at kindly his cloths mismatched. Suddenly Marty was beside her his face stuck with grief. Soon he was walking away with the man. Jakia opened her mouth in protest
Where are you going? She asked him but they didn?t hear her. Jakia?s face had tears on it but then looked at her hand in it was a gold coin with a silver heart on it that belonged to Marty.
?Jakia,? she heard a voice say it was plain ?Jakia? Jakia!? Jakia?s head jumped up. The room was bright a tear was on her face. Marty sat before her with a face of concern. ?Were ya havin a nightmare?? he asked calmly.
?Ya it was an odd?? Jakia was cut of.
?Good mornin!? said a rug rat she placed herself on Jakia?s lap smiling. Everyone was up and about that morning. For the next few weeks everything was normal until Rugger came home one night.
?This is an outrage!? he yelled, everyone froze. He held up a poster everyone gathered around it, it said:

People of Songs

New laws have now been made!
All women must wear dresses and only dresses
All persons who are not supportive of Randorthia will be drafted in the next war
Taxes are now 9cents for all food, clothing ect.
Orphanages will no longer have funding from the government!
Thank you
All hale ye powerful


That night everything and everyone was silent. Rugger had gone to help get jobs for some of the older boys and the girls were busy sewing up any dresses they had.

The new laws were on the people of Kingdom of Songs? last nerve with these preposterous laws. The rich were becoming broke, ill were good as dead, and the children that used to laugh and play couldn?t find even the smallest spark even on a sunny day. Now your thinking this is a lot the American Revolution before the Boston Tea Party, no hope, high taxes, and annoyed peasants that felt like slaves, but like any war that?s just the beginning.

The author's comments:
Please say what you think about chapter one! and any thing you think I should add would be wonderful!

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