The Tournament

March 6, 2009
By adrianne pursley BRONZE, Enders, Nebraska
adrianne pursley BRONZE, Enders, Nebraska
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Once upon a time there was a kingdom ruled by a kind king. He ruled his land fairly and everyone loved him but he was getting very old. The old king loved his kingdom and wanted to be sure that it would be ruled properly when he past away, so before he died he set out to look for a suitable heir. Although the king did have two sons of his own, he didn?t trust them to run a country yet by themselves. They were only 14 and 17 and much to naﶥ. Only the best would do to replace him. He wanted someone who was wise and sophisticated. The king decided to invite the men from the village to the castle for a tournament that tested strength, bravery, character and wisdom and the winner would be declared the new king. Men from all around came and the tournament lasted from sun rise to sun set. In the end one man stuck out from all he rest. He was superior in every area that the king had tested. During the awards ceremony the champion stepped forward to meet the king for the first time and to receive his blessing. The old king was astonished when he discovered that the intrepid victor was one of his own sons. He was so overjoyed that he through a banquet in his honor and he was declared the new king the very next day. Over the years the kingdom continued to grow and prosper and they all lived happily ever after.

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