How to get $9,850 in a bar

October 6, 2017
By Anonymous

{It was 9:45 when 3 odd looking people came through the door of a bar. At 11:30 a man went to the bartender and ask}

[person] “hey bartender my name is trey and i was wondering how often you take a bet”
[bartender] ”i like to make a little wager there and there,why do you ask, you got one for me”
[trey] “well lets see how many”
[bartender] “hit me”
[trey]”ok,i bet 50 dollars that i can make my tlounge touch my eye”
[bartender]”i know you can’t do that,but i’ll take that bet]

Trey takes out his eye and lekes it(glass eye)

[bartender]”oh come on know”
[trey]”ha,but i will give you a chance to earn your money back]
[trey]”double or nothing says that i can make no muscles in my leg move and lift my leg above my head”

Trey lifts up his pants leg, hits a button on his leg and raises it above his head, then puts it back on(bionike leg)
The bartender is really mad now as trey laughs his head off(<--not really)

[trey]”ok,ok, this is my last wager now”
[bartender]”what is it because i’m losing money”
[trey]”i bet triple or nothing that i can pee over your head and have 60% or more in tht mug behind you in 5 seconds”
[bartender]”now i absolutely know you can’t do that”and slams down $150 onto the conter
[trey]”you're gonna laugh at this’’

Trey gets out his thing and pees write in the bartenders face
The bartender gets out a towel and wipes his face and then laughs hard

[bartender]”ha,i get a whopping 150 bucks and you lose $150”
[trey]”may be,but i am  about to get $9,850 back because i have a couple friends over there named jake and ashley and they bet me 10,000 dollars to pee on your face and make you laugh so thank you very much”
[bartender]”your very welcome trey”

And they both walked away

The end

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