October 5, 2017
By Kidinc BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
Kidinc BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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This is the year 2200, Humans have learned the ways of how to harness the power of dark matter. The humans have been able to make wormholes themselves to be able to make space travel thousand times better. Dark matter has advanced the human race by decades and has made the Earth a better place for a while. Suddenly as soon as we learned how to utilize dark matter all the leaders of different countries wanted to tame the matter. Soon all hell broke loose. All the countries were at a stalemate.

Then there was a secret committee that was made to try and stop all of the countries and try to bring peace. Omar is a male, browned skin, six foot two and straight short hair. Omar was the person to bring people together which became this committee. Laura was his helper. Omar came up with a brilliant plan to try and put an end with this war, which was to try and fake an attack on the real world which would bring the world together to defeat this new enemy as the saying goes, The enemy of my enemy is my friends. We will fake an attack on all counties to get this to work.

The problem was how.  They were brainstorming all day. Then out of nowhere they found a solution of how to do this plan. Omar gathered all the equipment and Laura got the other people of the committee in position. Omar arrived with the equipment and they were about to pull off the plan. Then spaceships arrived from the sky and started to bombard the countries.

The committee didn’t plan this so it turned out that extraterrestrials were actually attacking the planet. The countries actually came together to take out the aliens. It took them three days for the world to attack the spaceships. The war ended in three months. Many people and aliens died. Since the world was basically destroyed, the world sought out a plan.

The world worked together to be able to make spaceships that can travel at the speed of light. They used this to go to other planets to live on. The spaceships were able to make wormholes to make travel efficient. Omar and the committee were relieved that they didn’t go through with the plan because there was a high chance it wouldn’t work. In the end everything turned out alright. Except the intergalactic war that was about to start.

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