October 10, 2017
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Chapter 1: How it all began

It was a dark and really stormy night with rain pouring down hard. Aside from the thunder and the rain there was no sound to be heard. That was until…
“MOVE”! My friend Alex shouted to my right. And then we started swimming for our lives. We kept swimming as fast as we possibly could. Then we heard a monstrous roar behind us.
I should start from the beginning. My name is Blaze. My life was pretty normal until one day I signed up for the Alterra program.  The Alterra program was designed to have explores different planets and try to colonize space that was funded 20 years ago. I already had great skills when it came to maintenance and repair so I decided to sign up. Plus getting the chance to explore space for 3 years was a way too good of an opportunity to pass up. I was assigned to the explorer ship “Aurora” and things seemed normal for the first few weeks. Until one day while I was performing maintenance on the ship’s engines like I normally do until I hear this weird cracking noise like electricity cracking. At first I thought it was nothing, but then I heard an explosion and the ship started to break apart. The PA kept saying “Danger, hull failure imminent. All personal abandon ship.” I managed to run to the nearest escape pod just in time. I hopped in it and hit the launch button. After it launched me I saw from the top hatch window the ”Aurora” explode. Then one of the power panels in my pod came off and started flying around all over the place until it hit me in the head and knocked me unconcious. I woke up and saw a fire in my pod. “Oh crap” I thought to myself as I kept trying to get out my seat, so I punched the release button and it finally released me. Conventaly there was a fire extinguisher right next to me. So I grabbed it and put the fire out. Once that was done I found my PDA tablet somehow survived the fire and as I rebooted it. The PDA tablet was a tool that helped you keep track of your resources, what you scanned, etc. It told me that I was unconscious for 3 whole hours. I also found my scanner in the lifepod storage. I went up the ladder in my pod and opened the top hatch and I saw nothing but water and the wrecked “Aurora”. It was on fire in some places but it was still intact. Then my PDA started talking, “The “Aurora” suffered catastrophic hull failure. Cause: unknown. Zero human life signs detected in 100 meter range.” “Where am I?” I thought to myself. Then as if it was reading my thought’s my PDA started talking again. “Environment: uncharted, ocean planet, oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere. Water contamination: high.” “I wonder if there’s any survivors aboard the ship.” I thought to myself. However, that hope was lost when the ship suddenly blew up into a million pieces. Luckily I got in my life pod before the shockwave could get to me. “So I guess I’m the only survivor after all.” I thought to myself. I managed to make a small base after constructing a habitat builder in my life pod with my fabricator which can construct tools and cook food. “Thank goodness this planet was full of metal and other recourses”. I thought to myself. After I finally finished my base I decided to explore the planet a little more after constructing a submarine that I called the “Cyclops” with a mobile vehicle bay which is a small machine with drones that can construct vehicles in a few seconds after I spent hours getting the resources for it.. And that’s when I found Alex. Alex was a different story. I was looking around in some caves down below the shallows with my “Cyclops” and avoiding some of the dangerous creatures that were in the cave. They had a long snake-like body with crab-like pincers on its face. I was about to head back until I stumbled upon a old alterra base. This base didn’t look like it had been occupied for a while. There was rust on a lot of the corredores and on some of the hatches. I managed to find one that wasn’t rusted and I looked around and at first I thought this place was abandoned until I found a person in really bad shape. He didn’t look like he would last much longer, so I took him back to my “Cyclops” and laid him down on the floor. I saw the nametag on his suit said “Dagasi base Captain Alex”. I was shocked. The “Dagasi” was an alterra ship that went missing 10 years ago and disappeared without a trace. I took him back to my base. He woke up a few hours later.
“What happened to me?” Alex said feeling groggy.
“I found you unconscious so I brought you to my base. I said.
“Oh, well thank you, but how did you find me?” He asked.
“I was exploring some underwater caves until I stumbled upon your base. I found you and took you back here to my “Cyclops.” I said.
“Well thank you again.” Alex replied.
“Your welcome.” I said.
“What’s your name, by the way?” Alex asked.
“The name’s Blaze. Do you know what happened to you? What’s the last thing you remember?” I asked.
“I remember fighting off a crab snake that got close to my base and then it got me and tried to bite me, but I managed to stab it with my knife and it released me but it threw me into the side of my base. I managed to get in but then I fell unconscious. Then I woke up here.” He explained.
“A crab snake? Is that what those things in those caves are called?” I asked.
“I just call them that since it fits them perfectly. Though they really did a number on me” Alex said.
“Ok, so that explains why you were in really bad shape when I found you. But I still have one question. How did your ship crash here in the first place?” I asked him.
“I don’t know. My crew and I were just exploring deep space when all of a sudden the ship started to break apart and we crash landed here. There were a few surviving members aside from myself, but in a few weeks they just went insane and killed each other. I was lucky to survive it. I think I’ve been here for about 6 years.” He said.
“How did you survive in your base? It looked really old.” I asked.
“I did that intentaly. It was to help camouflage my base. Although it cut my power supply off really fast.” Alex said.  All of sudden my radio started beeping, signaling that I had a message. I pressed the play button and I couldn’t believe what I heard next. “Aurora, This is Avery Quinn of the trading ship Sunbeam do you read over? *sigh* Still nothing, these alterra ships, they run out of engine grease, they send an SOS, you offer to help, they don’t pick up. Aurora, I’m on the far side of the system it’s going to take more than a week to reach your position do you still need our assistance over? I’ll try them again tomorrow, see what the long range scans pick up in the meantime. Stupid charters going to have us wasting our profit margin running errands for alterra.” Then the radio cut out.
“Well that was eventful. Alex said.
“Talk about rude.” I said.
“Oh well, there is one thing I want to find out before the “Sunbeam” arrives.” Said Alex.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“I want to find out what took down our ships in the first place.” Alex said.

Chapter 2: Shocking discovery
I woke up the next morning, feeling a little groggy but it wore off after a few minutes. I went over to the observatory I had in my base and looked out into the Creep vine forest. Then I heard my stomach growl. “I better catch a few fish before I start starving to death. Besides it might be a little while before Alex wakes up”. I thought to myself. So I went out into the ocean and caught a few peepers and blatter fish while going back up to the surface to get oxygen for my tank every now and again. I was about to head back when I heard a distant roar. At first I thought I was just hearing things until I hear it again, a little louder this time. Curious, I began to swim over the sound, as I swam closer the roar got louder and louder. I finally stopped at the edge of the Creep vine forest. I look around and at first I didn’t see anything, until from the corner of my eye I saw a tail of something very long. I couldn’t see the rest of the body until it showed up a little closer than it was before and I was freaked out by what I saw. It was definitely a leviathan, about 55m long, it had four mandibles on it’s head, two on each side, it had pale skin with red on it’s back. It was swimming right at me. I began to swim as fast as I could, and BARELY managed to avoid the beast as I was right behind me but I duck under it right at the last second. I swam back to the base as fast as I could, panting like crazy.
“Whoa, dude what happened?” Alex asked who was awake as I came through the entrance hatch.
“I just saw something I am never going to be able to get out of my head.”
“What was it?” Alex asked. I told him what I saw while my fabricator was cooking the fish I caught.
“I know what you saw. It was a reaper leviathan.” Alex said.
“What’s a reaper?” I asked.
“The most dangerous creature on the planet that I’ve encountered so far. As far as I know there’s no way of killing it, and they have no predators as far as I know.” Alex explained.
“How many of these things are on this planet?” I asked.
“They can be found almost anywhere. Luckily they don’t seem to like shallow waters.” Alex said.
“Oh boy” I said. Just then my fabricator beeped signaling that the fish were done cooking. We ate in silence. As soon as we were done eating my radio said “Captain a new message has arrived”. I went over to it and pressed the play button and this is what the message said.
“Sunbeam, broadcasting to all survivors of the Aurora. We've covered more than half the distance, so hold on in there. We're scanning the planet for dry land as we speak. You couldn't have picked a less convenient parking spot, but we'll be in touch as soon as we have a landing site for you. We also picked up a massive debris field at your location. I didn’t know how bad your situation really was. Just hang on, we’re gonna bring you home. Sunbeam out." Then the radio cut out.
“Awesome, we’re finally going to get off this planet.” I said.
“But we still don’t know what took our ships down in the first place. We need to find out before the “Sunbeam” gets here.” Alex said.
“We have to wait until tomorrow, my “Cyclops” is still recharging it’s power, we won’t get very far without it.” I said. Just as soon as I said that the radio beeped again.
“Is it the “Sunbeam” again?” Alex asked.
“I don’t know.” I replied. I pressed the play button and this message started playing. “Unknown language attempting translation "????Subject 11783 destroyed. Mode ?????: patrol. New targets unaccounted for: 1."
“What was that about?” Alex asked.
“I’m not sure. I get the feeling we’re going to find out soon.” I said. After that we went out to try to get more resources and we ended up finding some old wrecks. Before we did i decided to put a fabricator in the “Cyclops” just in case. We scoured them for a while finding a few voice logs intact. After we went back to our base we took a look at the voice logs we recovered. At first we didn’t find anything interesting, until we read the last log. It said something about a large leviathan called the “Ghost Leviathan” and something about the “Lost River”.
“What’s the Lost River suppose to be?” I asked.
“It must be another biome here on the planet. But the log says it’s over 700m below sea level.”
“My ‘’Cyclops’’ can handle that depth. But I don’t think it can handle a leviathan.” I said a little nervous. It was starting to really get dark so we decided to go to sleep and find out what to do in the morning.

Chapter 3: All hope lost
The next morning I woke up to my radio beeping. I went over to the radio and saw Alex waiting.
“So the radio woke you up too huh?” I said.
“Yeah, but this message must be the “Sunbeam” again.” Alex said. I pressed the play button and this is what it said. "Aurora, it's Sunbeam. We've made orbit, and scans have found a landing site on the planet that's only rated hazardous. It's our best shot. We've sent you the coordinates. We'll be there in 24 hours. Cross your fingers the weather holds, and don't leave us waiting. Sunbeam out." Just then my PDA started beeping and I saw the coordinates the “Sunbeam” gave us. It was a small island that would take us a few hours to get to. We went over to my “Cyclops” to see if it was done recharging, and it was. We did one final check of everything before we headed out. By the time we were done I checked to see how much time we had left before the “Sunbeam” got here. We had 18 hours left. I got behind the wheel of the “Cyclops” and we headed out. As we exited the creep vine forest I heard the Reaper again, which was bad. If it attacked us the “Cyclops” if would be severely damaged. We didn’t have any weapons aside from survival knifes, and that wasn’t going to be enough. Luckily it didn’t show up. We arrived at the island with 6 hours left. However I had to keep the “Cyclops” underwater since it couldn’t be on land. We got out, but when we swam onto the shore, we had a nasty surprise. In front of us was a large machine that looked like a huge gun.
“Well, now we know what shot down our ships in the first place”. I said. We went closer and found a entrance blocked off by some sort of energy field. I was about to go closer when my foot tapped something metal. I dug in the sand and picked up some weird artifact with a purple symbol in the middle.
“What is that thing?” Alex asked.
“I don’t know.” I replied.
“Here’s another one.” Alex said. Just then a terminal right next to the entrance opened and had the same colored symbol as the artifact in my hand. I decided to put it in the terminal and as soon as I did that, the energy field at the entrance disappeared.
“Come on, let’s see if we can disable this thing before the “Sunbeam” gets here.” I said and we went in. I got my scanner out and started scanning some of the interior of the place and it said that this kind of text was invented by an alien race known as the precursors. Just then as we got to the next floor, my PDA started speaking. “A background message is being broadcast throughout this facility. Partial translation available. Message reads: WARNING: unidentified craft in orbit of this planet will be destroyed ?? prevent the ????????? ??????? ??????????..”. “What on earth is going on” I thought to myself. I check the time and we only had 3 hours left. We managed to get to the top floor and it had a barrier and a terminal like the one at the entrance. Alex took the artifact he had on him and put it in the terminal. The barrier disappeared like the one at the entrance. We went in and found a control panel at the end of the room. There was a large energy core behind it and had a button on the middle of it. “It can’t be that easy” I thought to myself. I put my hand up to the control panel and pressed the button, but when I did my hand got stuck in a small energy field. I tried to pull it out but it was completely stuck. Then a mechanical needle came out and it seemed to look at me for a second and then stuck me in the wrist.
“OW!”  I yelled. It retracted itself from my wrist and the control panel closed and started making noises, then my PDA started talking again. “The control panel is broadcasting a message. Translation reads: Warning, infected individuals may not disable the weapon. This planet is under quarantine.” Alex and I were shocked.
“Infected? Infected with what?” He asked.
“I don’t know.” I said. Just then my PDA started talking again. “Scans indicate of a second facility elsewhere on the planet. Evidence suggests it is 800 kilometers below sea level, and approximately 1 kilometer southwest of this installation.”
“That’s where the lost river is.” Alex said. Just then we both realized that the “Sunbeam” was going to be here any minute.
“We need to move now.” I said and we started to run for the entrance. We got out just in time to see the gun start to turn and aim upwards. “Oh no.” I thought to myself. Just then my PDA started talking again. “Patching in a local broadcast from the Sunbeam." Just then Avery’s voice came through.  “I don't believe it, there's survivors down there! Aurora survivors, we have your PDA signatures! I don't know how you walked away from that wreck, let alone survived since then, but we'll be happy to bring you onboard and hightail back to federation space.” Just then the gun started to crackle with energy. “Stand back, we're approaching the landing site now. Breaking atmosphere in 5... 4... 3...- What is that? No the RED spike. From the planet?!" Then the gun fired, destroying the “Sunbeam” into a million pieces.
“Oh no”

Chapter: 4 The truth of the infection
After the “Sunbeam” event we need answers fast, and the only place that could provide us with any was the lost river. We were about to head back to the “Cyclops” when I noticed something glowing green. I went over to is and saw it was some kind of cube. Looking around I saw a whole bunch of them. Before touching one I scanned it to try and find out what it was. I looked at my scanner and it said “This green mineral substance has no entry on the periodic table, and an unprecedented ability to store huge amounts of ionic energy within it.” “Huh” I thought to myself.
“Hey Blaze, where are you?” Alex yelled.
“I’m over here.” I yelled back. I showed the cubes to Alex and we agreed to take a few with us in case we needed them and to just call them Ion cubes. After loading some of the cubes in the “Cyclops” storage, we headed out to where the second facility was, the lost river. After 30 minutes of diving down we finally got to the entrance to the lost river. But when we got there we heard a very loud scream.
“What was that scream?” I asked, feeling nervous.
“I don’t know, but keep an eye out.” Alex replied. We decided to leave the “Cyclops” at the entrance of the biome so it would be out of harm's way. We got our diving suits on and we headed out. We began looking around and found bones everywhere. It looked like a graveyard. There were a few live creatures but we avoided them. But just then we found out what was making the screaming sound earlier. It was very long, had a translucent skin so you could see its insides which grossed us out. It didn’t appear to have any teeth, but it did make the load scream we were hearing.
“That must be the ghost leviathan the data bank we recovered a few days ago was talking about.” Alex said. 
“Probably” I said. We swam away from it and found out that our oxygen tanks were low, so we swam faster until something caught my eye. I swam over to it, Alex right behind me. I stopped when I saw a massive metal structure. We managed to find an entrance, so we went in and took off our helmets breathing heavily. I was beginning to feel sick. I look over at Alex and he wasn’t looking much better. “Looks like the infection is getting worse”. I thought to myself. As soon as I finished that thought my hands started to feel weird. I looked at them and was horrified. Green spot were all over them with huge bumps on my hands. I looked at Alex and the same thing was happening to him. After the experience we just had, we continued to go deeper into the facility. On the way, we found a few data terminals that still worked. I downloaded the data and we found out that this place was built by an alien race called the “Precursors”. While on our way to the bottom I wondered something.
“Hey Alex?” I asked.
“What is it?” Alex replied.
“If you’ve been here for 6 years, how come the infection didn’t show itself to you until now?” I asked.
“I’m not sure. That is strange now that I think about it.” Alex said.  Once we got to the bottom, I looked to my left and I saw something that horrified me. It was a skeleton of some sort of leviathan, but this one look like it was being tampered with. I found another data terminal and read that the Precursors were doing experiments with other creatures DNA to try to find a cure for the infection. I also found another one that was titled “Carar study”. “That must be what the infection is called.” I thought to myself as I downloaded the data. It said the Carar was a virus that the Precursors discovered and were trying to find a cure for it. It also said that the Carar has killed 130 billion individuals. However it also had coordinates to another facility that was even deeper on the planet. If we were to ever hope of finding answers, it was here.

Chapter 5: The cure
Once we started to head out I was beginning to feel sick again. I couldn’t keep going on for much longer.
“Hey Alex, could you pilot the “Cyclops”? I need to lay down.” I asked.
“Sure thing.” He replied. I went over to the back and laid down and fell asleep. After what felt like a few minutes I got woken up by Alex.
“Hey we’re here”. He said. I went over to the window and saw heat vents everywhere. Alex told me that he thought he saw another type of leviathan, but he wasn’t sure. I kept that in mind as I piloted deeper. Then I saw something that caught my eye. I went closer and I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was a reaper leviathan skeleton. Then I looked up and I saw the leviathan Alex was talking about. It had reptile-like skin and had long tentacles in the back, which it seemed to use to move around along with its forearms. But then it did something that I thought was never possible. It shot a fireball underwater.
“We are so dead.” Alex said while shaking in fear.
“How many different types of leviathans are on this planet?” I said.  We tried to avoid that thing and luckily it seemed to worked. But then right as we approached the bottom we saw the last facility. I parked the “Cyclops” right next to the facility. We got out of the “Cyclops” and were met with a blast of intense heat. We swam over to the entrance as fast as we could. We made panting heavily. After we recovered a little bit, we began looking around the place. We found some weird-looking artifacts, but we found one room that interested us. It has pipes with peepers flowing through it. There was a data terminal in front of it, so I downloaded the data and it said the the peepers seemed to have bits of something called “Enzyme 42” and they were spreading it on the planet.
“This must be why life on this planet is still alive even with the Carar spreading.” I said.
“But what’s ‘‘Enzyme 42” supposed to be?” Alex asked.
“Let me see, it says here that it cures the Carar in other organisms. These thing seemed to be produced by a creature called the “Sea Emperor”. I said. We went back and saw that there was a barrier covering a entrance to a room, but the terminal next to it was different than the other ones we saw at the gun. It looked like you had to insert a cube-shaped item. Then I realized something.
“We need those cubes we got on the island with the gun.” I said. So we went back to the “Cyclops” and got the cubes we found in waterproof bags that I had. But as we were about to enter the facility again, one of the fire-breathing leviathans came out of nowhere and grabbed the “Cyclops” and threw it against a lava rock nearby and shot a fireball at it, destroying it instantly. We made it into the facility just in time.
“Well there goes our ride.” Alex said.
“We’ll just have to find another way out.” I said. We went over to the terminal and I put one of the cubes in it and the field dissipated like the other times this happened. As we entered the room there was a huge pool of water. Then my PDA started talking. “Translating local alien broadcast... WARNING: Vaccine development program terminated. Emperor egg hatching project terminated. Live specimens terminated. Evacuate immediately.”
“So does that mean the Emperor’s dead?” Alex asked.
“Only one way to find out.”  I said as we jumped in the water. At first we didn’t see anything, it was just a platform. But then to our right a massive creature came up. We freaked out, but I heard a female voice in my head.
“Do not be alarmed. I won’t hurt you.” It said.
“Alex did you hear that?” I asked him, hoping I wasn’t going crazy.
“I heard it too.” Alex said.
“So you can talk?” I asked the creature.
“I am communicating through telepathy.” The creature replied.
“Who are you?” I asked.
“I am what the other’s called the sea emperor.” It said.
“The other’s? You mean the Precursors?” Alex asked.
“Yes, they took me and my eggs to this prison. We have been here so long.” She said.
“Where are the eggs?” I asked.
“Follow me.” The emperor said as it began to dive deeper. We were about to follow her when our oxygen readings were low so we swam up to the surface and got some air and then we began our descent. Once we got past the platform we saw a huge aquarium beneath it. The emperor was in a “sitting” position. In front of her was an incubator with eggs on it. I guessed those were hers. We got to the bottom and the emperor started speaking again.
“The other’s have ways of giving passage to the outside. I asked them for this, but they could not hear. If you can help I will tell what the others wanted so badly to know.” She said. That’s when I noticed a cube terminal in front of something. It wasn’t a door. I put another cube in it and it roared to life. Then I realized it was a teleporter. Then the emperor spoke again.
“You gave me what I asked for. I give you what you seek. My young cannot be forced from their shells. They must be coaxed. This is what the others could not see.” She said.
“So how do we hatch the eggs?” Alex asked.
“I have what you need. I hid this because I was afraid the others would abuse my young for their own needs. I cannot use this due to my size. But you can.” She said as she went over to a large batch of sand and blew it away, revealing a small yellow key-shaped object.
“So we just put this in the incubator and the eggs will hatch?” I asked.
“Yes” The emperor replied. Alex and I went over to the incubator and inserted the object. At first nothing happened. But then the eggs started to move and then they hatched. The babies swam around for a little bit and I saw a few of them cough up this weird substance in a ball shape. “That must be the enzyme.” I thought to myself as the babies began to swim towards the teleporter. Then the emperor began to look drupy. Then she spoke.
“My young are swimming for the shallows. I thank you. Their freedom is my end. My time has finally come. Farewell friends.” She said as she gave her final roar and collapsed. Alex and I were a little sad. Then one of the enzymes floated near me and I put my hand in it. It felt weird. But when I took my hand out, some of the enzyme stuck to it. I freaked and rubbed it with my other hand to get if off but it just stuck to my other hand too. Then it seeped into my skin. I watched in awe as my hands lost the green bumps and went back to normal. I looked at Alex and the same thing happened to him.
“We’re cured.” I thought to myself.

Chapter 6: Escape
After we found out that we were cured by scanning ourselves we decided to go through the teleporter. When we got to the other side we felt woozy.
“Okay, let’s not do that again” Alex said. We looked around to find out where we were and realized we were at the island with the gun.
“Hey now that we’re cured maybe we can disable it now.” I said.
“It’s worth a try.” Alex said as we swam up to it. We got to the shore and went in the same entrance as before and we made up to the control panel again. I put my hand up to it, but I completely forgot about the needle that stabbed me the first time. It tried to stab me again, but I kept moving my arm out of the way the best I could. The needle went up almost as if it was angry at me and managed to get me, and the machine let me free. I was mad so I punched it which it hurt my fist. Then the panel closed and everything went dark and we heard a loud noise. We went to check out what it was. We got outside and saw the gun was lowered and was facing the ocean.
“We did it. It’s finally deactivated.” I said.
“But we still don’t have a way off the planet.” Alex said.
“We’ll worry about that later. Let’s get back to our base, assuming it’s still there.” I said. It took us hours to reach our base occasionally getting oxygen from the surface, but it was right where we left it, untouched. We went in and then my stomach growled. Then I realised that we haven't had anything to eat for a while so I checked in my life pod and found a few nutrient blocks that I forgot to take with me. Luckily they were still good. I went back to my base and we ate the blocks, which tasted like chocolate for some reason, and then we went to sleep. The next morning I woke up refreshed, so I stretched a little bit. Then I heard my radio go off. I went over to it, Alex already there. I pressed the play button and this was the message. “ This is Alterra HQ. This may be our only communications window. We can't send a rescue ship all the way out there, so Aurora, you're just gonna have to meet us halfway. We've uploaded blueprints to the ship's computer. Black Box data shows the high security terminal in the Captain's quarters is still functional. The code should be 7953. When you- *Static*. Then the radio cut out.
“We’ll have to go over there.” Alex said.
“Are you forgetting there is a reaper by the “Aurora”? I was lucky to escape it last time.” I asked.
“We don’t really have a choice. This might be our only chance to escape.” Alex said.
“*Sign*, ok” I said. I managed to construct some sea glides to help get to the “Aurora” faster. As we got out of our base we saw something above the surface. We went up to take a look, and we saw storm clouds hovering above.
“I don’t think rain’s ever been here.” I said as we began our journey. We got to the front of the “Aurora” and no reapers showed up, which was good. But as we made our way in, rain started to fall and thunder started to crack.
“We better hurry this up, before this gets any worse.” I said. I led us through the ship since I worked here I knew where to find the captain’s quarters. I typed in the passcode that the message sent and the door opened. We checked the security terminal and found blueprints to a rocketship.
“Well, we got what we needed. Let’s go” I said. But then the place started to creak. Then the walls seemed to be collapsing in on themselves.
“We need to move, NOW!” I yelled. We ran to find an exit but we reached a dead end leaning over the water. We jumped in the water, but then we heard a roar. We looked around until we saw a reaper right behind us!
“MOVE!” Alex yelled. And then we started swimming for our lives as we kept swimming as fast as we possibly could. But before the reaper could get us, a part of the “Aurora” fell apart and landed on the reaper, killing it instantly. We got back to our base and decided to work on the rocket tomorrow. So we went to sleep. The next day I woke up and found Alex by the exit hatch.
“I uploaded the blueprints to the mobile vehicle bay. We need to build two main parts: the launch platform, and the rocket itself”. Alex said as he showed me all the resources we needed. Luckily I had all those things stored in my base already. We got the resources and the mobile vehicle bay went to work. It made the platform with ease. And then it started on the rocket. It took a few minutes, but it was finally completed. We climbed up the ladder to the entrance to the rocket with the few ion cubes we had leftover and used them as a power source for the rocket. We also took all the leftover resources we had from our base after I deconstructed it. We went into the c***pit and started the launch sequence. After the countdown was completed we took off. It was intense. I thought we were going to go through our seats. But at last we made to space and we met up at the coordinates Alterra had set up for us. We saw another ship coming toward us in the distance, and this time nothing blew up. We did it. We were finally free.

The End



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