October 13, 2017
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"Where troubles melt like lemon drops, high above the chimney tops, that's where you'll find me" ~Dorothy Gale

Way up on the millionth floor there was a little girl. Alone, Yale clutched her pink teddy bear to her chest. Peering down at the endless space below, Yale's heart beat like a hummingbird's. Her pale pink eyes once filled with laughter were now filled with fear.
Just a few days ago her father had dyed her blonde hair pink to match her eyes.Now, Yale cried as she peered down again to watch his body fall. Snuffling, Yale closed her eyes and bit by bit, vanished into a million pink particles.

"Portia, Yalesong," The whisperer said quietly as he grabbed her essence from the air. He cradled the pink like a baby before shuffling it into a jar with Yale's name. Shaking his head, the whisperer sealed the clear jar. "Poor thing, barely five years old." The whisperer's eyes hardened and with a sudden anger the whisperer turned on his watcher, Galorn. "Why did you do this to her?" He asked,outraged. Yale had reminded him of his own five year old daughter, Jayfeather. " She was just a child!"
Galorn eyed him steadily. "Her father was a criminal, he stole, whisperer, is that not a crime?" He responded with a steely voice. The whisperer's eyes bend in determination, fire like a cool ice in his steady eyes. "She committed no crime," The whisperer said softly.

Galorn scoffed "She participated in it! What do you think Fioricet Portia stole huh? I highly doubt that pink hair dye is something he would want for himself! So you see, it was best I eliminate them both." The whisperer turned to face Galorn. "So you just left that man's wife to deal with the loss of her husband and daughter alone?" Galorn rolled his eyes,almost amused with the whisperer's sediment. "She had the boy, a young babe to serve her into old age." The whisperer shook his head in disgust and as his final act of kindness, smashed Yale's jar on the ground, releasing her, he watched in wonder as the pink swirled around in the air to form a figure, a little girl, just like Jayfeather. "Run" he whispered to her as Galorn ended his life. The girl with the pink eyes ran alright, but before she left, she looked back at him. The whisperer smiled, just like my Jayfeather, he thought.
Yale's blur of pink hair was the last thing he saw as his eyes faded and the world enveloped him in soft darkness.

-Eleven Years later-
Jayfeather Radiance was worried. Her mother had been gone a long time.  Ever since her father had disobeyed the watcher eleven years ago, the law had been watching their family. She hated him for that. He could have lived. He could have lived for his wife and daughter. Jay hated the Portia’s,who secretly sent them chocolates for her father’s sacrifice for Yalesong, who was now Melody because she was a criminal. Chocolates. As if that would would replace her father. She scoffed. Yalesong. The name was bitter on her tongue, and if the watcher discovered Jay’s mom knew where she was…..She remembered five-year-old Yale telling her mother that it was “Just some pink hair dye..” But to the watcher, it was still a crime, as punishable as if he and her dead father had murdered someone. But what really made Jay mad, was that Yalesong had a brother. Jay’s father had died before Jay could have a sibling yet the person who caused his death had the one thing she didn’t. Jay glanced out the window again. Where was her mom? Had Yale taken that from her too?

Yalesong had pink hair and pink eyes. She refused to alter them after the death of her father and amazingly, the hair dye did not fade. Yale had been born with pink eyes, but her mother had bought colored lenses to make her eyes a pale blue purplish color. Yale never wore them. Looking at her reflection in the mirror, Yalesong felt empty. Her father had been everything to her,everything. When he died, a bit of her died too. Though she’d been very young, she and her father had a bond even Yale’s own mother couldn’t understand. Yale’s mother. She was calling “Melody!” from downstairs, Yale winced. She hated the name so much. Her mother called her that as if it was what she was born with. “Yalesong’s such an old name, I don’t know why your father picked it,” she had said once. Yale loved it though. Her father had called her “Yaley,” and “Songer,” and every other variation of it and she had loved it. He always thought of new ones. Yale felt so sad that her father had barely even met her younger brother, Fio. Fio. She smiled. Her father would have loved him His bright scarlet eyes were always so lit up. So many times, Yale had begged her mother to let him dye his blonde hair with streaks of red. But Yale’s mother refused. Understandably,she hated hair dye. “Melody!!” Yale’s mother called with more urgency. Yale relented and traveled downstairs. High School was reality now. With a air of distaste, she trudged down the stairs with a scowl. Yale’s father hated school. He would have never made her go.

Mrs. Radiance was not only keeping Yale’s secret safe. Many other lives depended on her. Children her husband had saved now depended on her to keep their secret safe. Not many escaped the watcher. Fewer still, lived longer than five. Glancing behind her, Linnsought entered the temporary home of fugitives, Runewrote and Jadestrike. Just barely the young age of her daughter,Jayfeather, the twin's parents had been apprehended when they were just three years old. Since then, they had become like  Linnsought’s own kin. Granted, they did have similar qualities to her with their thick hair and darker eyes. Jade and Rune looked up at her arrival, their twin pairs of black eyes following her as she crossed the room to sit next to them. Jade flicked her green hair from her face, to lean in towards Linn “How is it?” she asked, fighting to keep the terror from her voice. In response, Linn slid over a fresh paper bearing the twins small faces. WANTED ran across the top. Jade blinked, and subconsciously leaned closer to her brother. Rune’s eyes were steely and strong, his left eye peering from behind the trio of scars left from the night the watcher scraped his claws across his three year old face promising to destroy them as he did their parents. The silence in the room stirred nothing except for of tuff of Rune’s short, combed back, grey hair, which he shuffled back into place. The watcher hadn’t rested. He was determined to find the two three year old’s that escaped him years ago despite the fact that they were so young. The watcher never forgets.

Yalesong went to school everyday as a completely different person. With hologram generated brown hair and eyes that made her blend seamlessly into the mess of teenagers being monitored by the watchers cameras that spied on every hallway and corner. After eleven years, the watcher still searched for Yale, one of the five people who had ever escaped him throughout history. Only three of the five still lived, but it wouldn’t be long. The watcher always wins. She shrugged her backpack onto her shoulders and headed to Fae history where students learned about their ancient relatives who shared nothing with them but a few drops of their blood that merely caused some weird eye and hair colors, or in some cases, blue skin, but not an ounce of magic. Slowly the race died out, leaving only the watcher, an immortal fae to watch over all the halffae/human race in the old fae lands. To be honest, Yale found the subject quite boring except for the parts about immortal fae. And how to kill them.

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