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September 19, 2017
By Anonymous

Yoda, the enigmatic green little Jedi Master, who would advance and develop the Jedi Order as he inclined his way as Grand Master of the Force.  Every existent living element holds energie that Jedi masters such as Yoda harness and utilize, this is known as the force.  Master Yoda had a very vigorous relation with the force despite his mature age and his puny body.  Yoda was marvelous at occupying the force by evacuating his mind and converging his mind on his task at hand.  You could gaze at his eyes as he shuts them to target using the force to his ability.  The enemy always is dismayed as they sense the energy of life being seized by Master Yoda for his abilities.  Master Yoda from the movie series Star Wars is a very interesting fictional character due to him being wise, his teaching abilities and him being underestimated.
Master Yoda was a very interesting creature who was known for being wise and his wisdom.  The Jedi Master’s home was swamp infested planet that was very tenacious of the force.  You could hear the many intimidating animals on this planet that would scare many visitors away.  The atrocious smell of the swamps would infiltrate your nose as soon as you entered the planet’s atmosphere.  The wise Yoda lived in a wooden hut on the swampy planet where he could escape from Imperial forces.  He had peace and solitude isolated on this planet away from civilization but, still had his one true calling.  Master Yoda was very wise due to the fact that he knew the force was very strong and enriched on the swampy planet.  Being isolated from civilization as well as technology, allows the force to be even stronger with himself and the living creatures around him that support the force.  At  this home, Yoda mastered handling with the deeper comic force that contributed to achieving the restoration of Jedi Order and peace.  Another reason Yoda was known for being wise and his wisdom was for his ability of his mind with the force.  During the Quinlan Vos trial, Yoda unleashed his ability of being able to read a Force-user by simply just touching them.  This unlocked Yoda to be able to read the souls and ultimately find out the truth.  Yoda also regularly had force visions, which allowed him to see the prosperous or extravagant events of the future.  However, in his wise mind he didn’t always believe these visions, and thought the future could always change from acts in the present.  These visions also led him to see his own death around age 903.  Lastly, a final reason why Master Yoda was a very interesting creature who was known for being wise and his wisdom was his way with words and speaking to others.  Yoda’s most famous quote occurs when he was teaching young Luke Skywalker.  He tries to teach luke on believing he can accomplish the task, instead of thinking about it so much.  “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” This is what Yoda had said to young Luke in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back.  Yoda is describing to Luke that he has to have determination in himself and believe his can accomplish the task.  And not to think that I might fail or it can’t be done.  Aswell he is meaning that no matter how the outcome is going to be, he has to put in his hard work to achieve it.  That is why Master Yoda is a very interesting creature who was known for being wise and for his wisdom.
Master Yoda is a very interesting creature due to his teaching abilities.  One of Master Yoda’s known teachings is with Luke Skywalker.  Luke was under the the training from Obi-Wan Kenobi who was Yoda’s apprentice.  Yoda tested Luke by not explaining to Luke who he actually was and told him he would lead him to Master Yoda.  Luke was very doubtful towards Yoda and he became displeased and resentful at many times.  Master yoda eventually relieved himself to Luke who was very shocked and enraged at first, later realized what Master Yoda had done for him.  Master Yoda had ended up training Luke to be one of the best Jedi’s in the galaxy.  Yoda and Luke became very fond of each other and Luke was present holding Yoda when he died.  That is why Master Yoda is a very interesting creature due to his teaching abilities.
Master Yoda is a very interested creature due to him being always underestimated.  Yoda was always underestimated due to the fact of his size and old age.  However, Master Yoda was very vigorous and forceful.  He fought against many powerful characters on the Dark side and they always doubted him.  Master Yoda proved them wrong by his quickness and vigorous strength killing or injuring his opponents.  Yoda was so powerful and substantially strong that he was able to deflect the Force of lighting, which no one has ever done before.  Yoda loved proving his doubters wrong and for his size and age he was always underestimated.  That is why Master Yoda is a very interesting creature due to him always being underestimated.
The Force is a very powerful being that if mastered right can lead to greatness.  Master Yoda has influenced many Jedi and affected the lives of many.  He had trained over 20,000 Jedi’s in his life span and fought against evil to keep the peace and tranquility of the galaxy in action.  Master Yoda is a very interesting fictional character due to the traits of him being wise and underestimated, and as well as his teaching abilities.

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