The Closed Door

August 1, 2017
By SydA_G SILVER, Madison, Georgia
SydA_G SILVER, Madison, Georgia
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       The castle, the one that you have lived in your whole life. You know every inch of every wing, and even of the garden. The numerous hide-and-go-seeks that have been played, to the tours that you have taken your friends on. You live, breathe, and know everywhere. That is except for one room that is absolutely forbidden. You have heard all of the stories, and feared them all. The first one that you heard was about the castle’s designer. He was going for his daily inspection, to see what the crew had accomplished, when he came upon a room that had the door with intricate locks located all around the frame of the door. The designer tried to open the door and eventually succeeded. The stories say that once he went in, he never came out. The next story was about the first King’s wife, The King had just married his Queen many many years ago. The gift that he presented her with was the castle itself. The stories say that the reason that the Queen went in the room was because she actually turned out to be a spy for one of the nearby kingdoms. She found the room and was very suspicious. She tried everything that she could think of to open the door. Once she opened the door to the room, she found an entire room of mirrors. She was inthraughed by the sight, and she felt her duty to take them all to the neighbouring kingdom. She never made it back for her report. The last story that you have heard might just be the scariest and most difficult to think about. This was when you mother went in the room she went in because you opened the door. She ran in to save you and then pushed you out of the room, but the door closed on her and you were left outside. You shudder every time you walk by the door, just knowing that your mother could be somewhere inside. Just why you never go in the room or even think about what that room could hold on the inside.

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