Princess Kyra of Shea

June 28, 2017
By NightWriterAuthor BRONZE, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
NightWriterAuthor BRONZE, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
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     "Legend has it, that the town of Black Hollow was overrun by bandits. The horrid men burnt buildings, homes, and anyone who stood in their way. They began cutting down trees to expand their new home." The Traveler glanced over the gathering growd. The traveler wore a black robe that covers every inch of her. Including a hood that covers her face.

     "Weren't the bandits called 'Fire Bringers'?" A small girl with golden braid on each side of her head says.

     "Indeed," The Traveler nodded, "but little did the Fire Bringers know, the town was secretly protected by a Rebel Shea. Sheas are animals that stand, talk, and move like humans. Only, stronger and faster." The Traveler has everyone intrigued.

     "The Rebel Shea's name was Kyra. She was a tiger with white fur. She was con sidered an outcast to the rest of the Sheas, even to her father, the King of Sheas. King Abner exiled Kyra for wanting to help the humans. But, Kyra wouldn't give up. She traveled up the Moutain of Xavier to retrive the sword of the dead king Xavier. His sword was said to break through the strongest of metal." The Traveler said.

     "She came to the town and fought off the Fire Bringers!" The golden haired girl giggles.

     "Yes, she did. She saved the humans!" The Traveler purrs.

     "How do you know?" A drunken man shouts. "Its a legend!"

     Everyone murmured their agreement. 

     "Shes dead, or unreal!" Someone yells.

     "Your wrong." The Travelers voice silenced everyone.

     The Traveler riped her cloak off.

     There stood the Rebel Princess Kyra of Shea.

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