Daughters of Moonlight

June 8, 2017
By Etrim BRONZE, East Kingston, New Hampshire
Etrim BRONZE, East Kingston, New Hampshire
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     Farella, Aziza, and Elettra look at the dark figure who just landed in front of them, as he rises from his crouch. He is dressed in all black, but his coat is striped with red. He moves with the grace and elegance of the Fae, yet there is something far older about him. Power radiates from him, in a rather cloying way. As he gets closer the sisters raise their weapons, ready to defend the people around them. But he raises his hands in a placating gesture. They pause, wondering at the odd man -- no not man, for he is not human, male then -- in front of them. At last he stops, and speaks, “Elettra, Aziza, Farella.” He nods at each of them as he says their names. “I am an emissary from your father. He asked me to bring you back home. He wishes to have you at his side once again.” He gestures at their necks, “I am the one who brought you the necklaces you wear around now. I took them from your cottage in the old glen, fifty miles from here. And your parents sent me with some things that may offer proof of my claims.”
     The sisters don’t relax from their fighting stances, if anything they become more predatory in their mannerisms. Elettra speaks to the newcomer first, “Our parents died a few weeks after we were born, in a raid. There is no way the man you ask us to come and see could be our father. But nice try.” Sarcasm leaks from her tone, cruel in its accuracy. As the male steps forward again, the three sisters release snarls. He again raises his hands, and shifts a few feet back, aware of their discomfort.
     He looks at the weapons expertly grasped in their hands, and then looks back at their faces. Looking for any signs of emotion, or anything beyond the cold calculating facade they currently have on. All he is met with is icy hatred, “I know you may think that to be true, but I assure you what I say is not a lie in any form. Your parents did not die in that raid. They needed to fake their deaths so that they could return home. But that meant leaving you behind until the time was right. Believe me they didn’t want to leave, but it was a matter of the three of you living or dying. I have been a friend of theirs for a very long time, and it nearly crushed them to leave you behind.”
     Aziza looks at him then at her sisters, weighing the importance of what she can sense from him. Her sisters look back at her, and then the male shifts his attention to her noticing the other girls have. “If we are to trust you, then tell us your name.”
     He nods. “That is a fair demand. My name is Zacian.”
     Elettra and Farella look to Aziza. “I believe him. What he says is the truth or at least he thinks it is the truth. It would seem he is very confident in what he has told us. That is what I can sense off of him, but not much else.” She gives him an odd look, “I have one more demand. Tell us what you are. You look Fae, but you also do not seem to be Fae. So, what are you?”
     His eyes cloud over, and his features darken in warning, “I am half Fae and half Salichy. An old race that is from before the time of the Fae. Now do you believe me enough to please come back to the Lacedon with me? You parents are very impatient people, and I have already taken too much time in retrieving you.”
     Farella yet again snarls, “Do not talk down to us. We are old enough to know the ways of the world. And do not beg, it is unbecoming. We will come with you.” His face brightens slightly. “But only under a few conditions.”
     At this he does not seem happy, and his face shifts back to a shadowed cruelty, that shows a knowledge of too much time having dealt with their kind. He is used to their veiled words, and shadowed bargains. One wrong understanding of words and he could be swearing away his very life. “I’m listening.” The sisters smile, pleased with the challenge presented to them. 

Chapter One

     Elettra motions for Aziza and Farella to blend into the shadows. With the end of the hunt so near, they must remain diligent in their behavior. No sound or any type of light can come from them, lest they lose their prey. As the sisters close in, it becomes apparent that what they are looking for, is maybe just a little bit smarter than they thought. For as much as they hunt it, it hunts them. Every move they make is known to the prey turned predator in front of them. But that means nothing to them. Not after all these years of training, and so many other hunts. Even if what they hunt gets more cunning each time. But now is not the time to think to the past, all three girls return their full attention to the Moragath but twenty feet from them. Its red eyes glowing in the dim light, only one sign of its monstrosity. The Moragath sniffs the air to discern where they hide. Its eyes first wander to Aziza, then to Elettra. Farella uses this momentary distraction to launch the first part of the attack.
     As she darts in with her broad sword to distract the creature, it turns to engage her. Fully aware of what she plans to do. Aziza is the next one to move. She draws her bow and starts launching arrows at its weak spots. Elettra stands from her crouch and walks into the battle. She digs the butt of her spear into the ground, and launches herself onto the Moragath's back, its scales slippery under her feet. She runs the length of its spine before twining her legs at the base of its skull and hooking her ankles around its throat. Cutting off its air long enough for her sisters to take the killing blows. Its black blood sends out a smell of rot, and death. Aziza conjures fire to burn the Moragath’s body, Elettra pushes the wind to fuel the fire, and Farella summons water to put out the remains of her sister’s destructive magic. The deed is done for tonight, unless they sense anything else before the dawn. As they wipe away all traces of their activities that night, they get ready to return to the establishment that is currently their home. They have to walk twenty miles north to the city, before they can find the right quarter to be it. It will be a long walk.
     The last of the fire is put out, and the wind is sent back into the skies. The night animals renew their howling song, and things go back to normal.
Or so it seems.


     Tahir waits for them at the door of the Fisherman's Guild, four hours later. The pungent odor wafting off of the docks is enough to curdle milk, and causes the sisters to wrinkle their noses. Tahir smirks at their obvious disdain, “Come now girls, it’s not that bad. You get used to it after a little while, and it can't be much worse than the smell of whatever you just killed.”
     Elettra growls as she stalks past him, Aziza making sure to slam her shoulder into his on the way past. Farella is the only one who pauses, “We are not girls to you or anyone else. We are over two-hundred years old, and do not take well to incompetent fools like yourself telling us what to do.”
     He rolls his eyes and huffs a laugh, “You three always find what you think are ways to insult me, but they never do work. You need to find something with a little more bite to it. Then you will have finally succeeded in getting me to cry.” He pauses, and mockingly asks, “That is your purpose in life, is it not? Or am I wrong yet again?”
     Farella walks away, but from the recesses of the building you can hear all three sisters say, “You are quite right, but it is not a compliment. We don't like you, and the insults we direct at you are but simple truths.”
     Tahir walks after them, only to find that they already have a full meal laid out on the table. “One, how do you always get food so quickly? You've been here for about one minute. And two, stop talking in unison. Its creepy.”
     He steals a piece of food off of Aziza’s plate, and shoves it into his mouth before she can take it back. “That is my food, Tahir. And if you want to live through the night, I recommend you get your own. Now go away, I want to spend the rest of my night in peace. And I cannot do that with you here.” She waves her hand at him in a shooing motion, and goes back to eating.
     He continues to shoot her glances as he gathers food for himself. And Elettra glares at him, not amused it the least. He gives her a look to say I don't care, and then sends a vulgar gesture her way. She sticks her tongue out at him and returns a similar sentiment. Then says with her eyes stay away from my sister. He gives her an innocent look in response, before grabbing his food and walking out. Aziza growls after him, and sends a wind to slam the door on his heels. His laughter can be heard down the hall. A low echoing chuckle, that would make anyone else fear for their life.


     Once Tahir leaves, the sisters turn to each other to talk. Keeping their voices very quiet so that any prying ears cannot overhear. Elettra motions her sisters closer, “I think it may be time to take what Teacher Rayel told us into consideration.”
     Farella and Aziza think this over, and after a few minutes Farella leans in even closer, “I don’t think it’s time to begin her plan just yet. We need to be careful what we do. Remember the last time we meddled where we shouldn’t have.”
     Aziza scoffs, “The last time we were still young. Only fifty years into our existence, and not quite ready to do what we did. I think Elettra is right, we should start putting Teacher Rayel’s plan into motion. If it goes south we put a stop to it.” She shrugs, indifferent to the hell she and her sisters may reign on their kingdom, and the kingdoms around them.
     Elettra sighs, and slumps in her seat, running a hand through her long chestnut brown hair. “The situation it getting worse. The creatures we have been fighting are getting stronger each night. They are more cunning and lethal than they ever have been before. We need to do something before even more deaths occur. We don’t have the freedom to wait. We must act now. I stand with you, sister. Putting Teacher Rayel’s plan into motion may be the only way to help our people.”
     Farella sighs, “You’re right, but I want to talk to Teacher Rayel before we start. It’s not worth risking the race of the Fae, just to save them. If they all die, what are we fighting for? We swore to protect these people from harm, we can't do that if they are all dead.” Her electric blue eyes light with the conviction of her words, and her sisters’ eyes mirror her own. The girls’ eyes glow brighter and brighter, as the bond within them senses their shared anger and determination. The room fills with the electric blue glow of their eyes. And the fire flares in response to their magic, which is leaching into the room in large quantities.
     When the glow fades, and the fire returns to normal, the girls rise from their chairs. Pushing them back into the table edge, the girls wordlessly walk from the room. The dim fire light shining upon their chestnut brown locks. Causing it to shine with golden streaks.
     From afar the sisters could be considered identical, but once up close it is clear that they are all very different in appearance. The only similarities they have are the color and waist length of their hair, the color of their eyes, their height and body shape, and the high cheek bones that grace their faces. After that comes the differences. Aziza has a heart shaped face, with alabaster white skin, and bright red lips that starkly accentuate her eyes. Elettra has a square jaw, and pale but tan skin, and one eyebrow that seems to always be arched in distaste. Farella has a oval face, and skin tanned from many hours spent outside. The last thing all of the girls have in common is the tattoo under the corner of their right eye, that they have had since before they can remember. A star that is inked in the color of their magics. A black for Aziza, gold for Elettra, and silver for Farella. Each of them has the grace, elegance, and beauty of the High Fae.
     As they walk to the room they will be sharing for the next week, they continue to debate what to do next. They talk long into the morning, before finally deciding their next move. When they finally fall into a fitful sleep, the shadow of a male flits past their window. Before being lost in the shadows of the night. 

Chapter Two

     Elettra is the first to wake in the morning. The sun is streaming through the window in disjointed rays, the grime coating it distorting the watery morning light. As she comes to, she listens to the sounds of the house, and the sounds from outside. Judging from that sheer amount of noise, she would guess it is close to eight am. Her eyes wander around the room, landing on her sisters. When she looks at the window, her heart stops for a minute and she bolts upright. Startling her sisters awake by accident. She slowly pushes the covers back, and sets her feet on the cold wooden floor. Drawing some of her power to herself, she walk over to the window and peers out. She opens it cautiously, not wanting to risk the fact that she may knock the oddly wrapped bundle off of the sill, and down three stories.
     Aziza and Farella walk over to their sister, scenting the package as they get closer. Aziza is the one who picks it up. Her long slender fingers lightly clutching the bundle, before she lifts it and carries it to the small desk against the wall. When she sets it down, Farella brushes away her hands, and unties the twine. As the three of them work together to slowly and carefully remove the brown paper from the package, their fingers tremble. The scent of the package is familiar. It smells of the glade they call home, over one hundred miles to the west of their current position. It smells of their house, and the worst part is it smells of them. A stronger scent also stick to the paper. The smell of a man, who has spent too much time on the road.
     When the paper finally falls away, it is to reveal the necklaces that they were found with as babies. Bone owl pendants, with red jade crescent moons. They hiss at the necklaces, drawing away. Elettra snarls, “These have been hidden in the stones of our house for almost one hundred and fifty years. How is it that they come to rest here now? And whose is the smell all over the package?”
     Aziza sniffs at the package again, “The new scent is not familiar to the two of you? It smells like an old dream, brought to life. It smells faintly of Lacedon. Or am I imagining things?”
     Farella raises her eyes to her sisters’, “I agree that it smells familiar. But that cannot be a good thing, since I cannot think up a face. It’s like a fog over those particular memories.”
     Elettra nods her agreement. She picks up the necklace that has her name carved into the back, “I think what we need to be most concerned about is the fact, that someone knows of the place we call home. And has been there. And also the fact that they were able to find and retrieve these. With all of the walls, and wards put over these necklaces it should have been an impossible feat.” The necklaces pulse in response to the closeness of their owners. They seek out Aziza, Elettra, and Farella’s power. “I knew there was a reason we hid these. They are creepy little, power sucking leeches.”        
     Aziza picks up her necklace and puts it on, “The only way we are going to keep they safe and secure is if we keep them on our person at all times. We can deal with a few weeks of wearing them, until we can return them home.”
     Farella motions to the window, “As interesting as this conversation is, we have an appointment to up hold. Teacher Rayel is expecting us in about an hour. We need to get ready. The ride is close to half an hour, and we can ask her about this development with her. It’s time for us to do something.” Farella and Elettra also move to put on their necklaces.
     As Elettra moves to discard the paper wrapping a note falls out. Aziza picks it up and reads aloud, “Please keep these on your person. I know you know what they are, and of the power they hold. They will help you in the coming days. A Friend, Zacian.”
     “I don’t like this,” Elettra says, moving to get dressed. “I feel like this is going to end badly. I have a sinking suspicion that today may be long.”
     Farella nods, “Indeed, sister. Indeed.”


     As the sisters are walking through the crowded city streets, they keep the hoods of their cloaks pulled down low, making sure their faces are in complete shadow. They take a right turn then a left, then another left, and three rights. They have a feeling of being watched, and tracked. So they walk random streets to hopefully throw off their tail. The people around them continue with their daily lives, with no thoughts as to what bad things may happen that day. Before they start to walk the true route to Teacher Rayel’s home, a dark figure jumps down from the building in front of them. He straightens up, and gives them a lazy smirk. His black clothes are dirty, but still presentable. His coat is striped with red. His cloying power oozes from him, as he walks closer. They draw their weapons and prepare for the worst.


     Zacian walks with them the rest of the way to Teacher Rayel’s. They do not speak to him, but keep strong grips on their weapons. When they arrive, the door is thrown open from within, seemingly by no one. The sisters stalking into the study at the end of the hall, and nod to Teacher Rayel sitting behind the desk. “You are late by four minutes and thirty-nine seconds.” She snaps.
     Elettra lowers her head in a half bow, “We apologize Teacher Rayel, but we were met by an unexpected stranger on the way.” She glances are her sisters, and they drag Zacian into the room. “This odd male is Zacian. He is supposedly an emissary from our father.”
     Rayel sighs, “Girls, I think it may be time for us to have a talk.” The sisters look at each other perplexed.  “As Zacian has most likely said, your parents are alive.” They let out outraged cries and start to protest, “Enough! Let me finish! I was appointed by them to keep you safe, and to train you to the best of my ability. I knew this day would come but I didn’t know it would be so soon.”
     Aziza has murder in her eyes when she speaks, “Do you know this Zacian figure?” Rayel nods. “Why did you keep this from us so long?”
     Rayel leans forward in her chair, putting her elbows on the desk, “I kept it from you because I had to swear a number of oaths before I left your parents’ residence with you. One of them was that I was not allowed to tell you anything about your true past until someone showed up and gave the okay.”
     Zacian steps forward, and the sisters snarl at him, “Now may be the time for me to cut in. Your parents have asked me to come and return you home, because their is a darkness coming this way. They do not want you here when it arrives, so they told me to bring you home by any means necessary.”
     Farella gives him a look of supreme boredom, “We will bargain with you, but do not expect us to be removed by force. Not only do we outnumber you, but our power is great. You may be able to fight us one on one, but together we are a force to be reckoned with.”
     Zacian chuckles, and skims a hand over the lower part of his face, “I am quite aware of that fact, and with your necklaces you are even more powerful than you were earlier this morning.” At their puzzled look he pauses, “Do you not know the power that your necklaces posses? They are conduits to your power, they amplify it and they help you to hone it. I would be happy to show you how they work,” he pauses, “on the way to Lacedon.”
     “I’ll take it’s time to bargain? Let us bargain, Mr. Emissary. But know that if there is something coming this way that may harm these people, we will not be leaving. We made an oath to protect them, and will not break it.” Farella is almost nose to nose with him, and she has a hand gripping the front of his shirt, in a menacing fashion.
     Rayel swears under her breath, “I thought you would say that.” She calls for a tray of tea, and breakfast. And the five of them settle in for a long day of debate.


     “No. We will not be coming to Lacedon if it means we have to leave all of these defenseless people here. We will fight for them, and that is final!” The sisters say this in unison, their eyes emitting an electric blue glow.
     Zacian sucks in a surprised breath, “You three are bound.”
     Elettra snorts, “That is quite obvious. We have been bound since we were young girls.”
     Zacian continues with a fevered look in his eyes, “That is not a good thing. You were not supposed to be bound yet, it normally takes hundreds of years for that to happen. This could be a danger in your future so it may be good to keep it hidden.”
     Farella c***s her head, “Why would it be dangerous? It gives us a means by which to communicate, and it helps with our powers. It is a solid rope that binds us to each other, and it's not exactly something we chose to happen. It just did.”
     He sighs again, “Alright, alright. We’ll come back to that later.”


     They debate back and forth for the next few hours, by the time they come to a conclusion, the sun it just beginning its descent. “Our bargain is this, Mr. Emissary. We will return with you to our parents, and on the way their you will help to continue our training in regards to the necklaces. But before then we will stay and fight the storm that is coming this way, you will help us to fight it and protect these people. And finally during our journey if we come across anyone who needs our help, we stop and help them.” Farella leans back in her chair, crossing her arms, with a self satisfied smirk.
     Zacian thinks this over for a few minutes, “I am in agreement. Your parents may not be thrilled, but a few extra weeks won’t hurt them.” He nods, “But I would also like to make a few changes to what you just said. If we are to fight this on coming battle, then you will need all the help you can get. I have a group of men stationed nearby, that will join us. And in return for me lending them to you, we will be making a stop at your cottage in the glade. I have a few more things to pick up, if I am going to be training you in the ways of your necklaces. Do we have a deal?”
     The sisters deliberate silently for a few minutes, before nodding. They all shake hands with Zacian, and a wave of power flows between them. Sealing the bargain. “Go and collect your men, Zacian. We have a battle to prepare for.” Rayel says laying a hand on his shoulder.   


     Elettra, Aziza, and Farella walk back to the Fisherman's Guild to collect their things. As they walk in the door Tahir snares. “You smell of a foreign male. Where were you?” 
     Aziza shoves him out of the way and stalks into the building, “We needed to go and see Teacher Rayel, but met a male along the way. He is supposedly an emissary from our parents and he is here to take us back to them. Teacher Rayel confirmed what he said, and we made a bargain to go with him.” Elettra and Farella walk upstairs and give the two a minute to talk.
     A low growl makes its way out of his throat, “How do you know you can trust him?” Aziza keeps walking into the house, and he grabs her arm, yanking her to a stop and spinning her to face him. She tries to rip her arm back, but his grip is too tight. “Wait for a minute! So Teacher Rayel knew of this and never told you?”
     She rolls her eyes and gently pulls on her arm, “Yes that is what I am saying. Didn’t you just hear me?”
     Tahir sighs, and lets go of her arm. “I don’t like this, Aziza. It sounds like a trap to me.”
     “I sensed no falsities from either of them, and they also both seem to be trying to protect us. It may not seem like the best idea, but it's what we have. Elettra, Farella, and I have been searching for years for just something from our past, and now we may have found that. Please don’t ruin that for us.”
     He huffs, and smirks at her leaning closer, “If that’s the case, I’m coming with you.”
     He snorts, “Yes, I am. And you won't be stopping me.”
     Aziza starts to walk away, “You are insufferable. Get packed. We leave in twenty minutes, and pack all of your weapons. We have a battle to fight.”


     Twenty minutes later, they are walking down the street. It’s quiet, as most people are in for the night. Tahir keeps complaining that they smell like “a pig washed in a swamp”. Teacher Rayel and Zacian are waiting for us on the front stoop of a nearby building. Zacian is talking to a group of others, that smell very close to how he does. They seem to have that same type of power radiating from them, but he acts like their leader. The moment Tahir and Zacian lay eyes on each other, they square off, arms crossed. “Boys, we have a darkness to fight. So save the territorial crap for later. If you still want to beat each other into a pulp then, you may. But not yet.” Elettra snaps, shoving between the two. She steps onto the stoop, and addresses everyone, “So here is how things are going to work. You look to the three of us for direction. When this thing hits, we do everything in our power to keep the the people of this city safe. If you hurt any one of them, you are dead. Understood?” They all nod. “Good. Gear up, and get ready. We have a long night in front of us.”
       Elettra joins her sisters, and wordlessly they connect their powers, seeking out the source of the darkness headed their way. Zacian moves forward to stop them, but Tahir stop him with a quick, “I wouldn't do that if I were you.”
     When the sisters finally part, it is with the knowledge of where their enemy resides. They look at each other and come to a conclusion. Their bond doing the work in their communication. They turn to the people around them, and in unison say, “They come from the east.”
     Aziza walks over to Tahir, and Elettra goes over to Teacher Rayel. They strike up conversations, regarding the night to come. Farella seeing this goes over to Zacian. She gives him a half smile, “So let our journey begin.” He gives her a grin in return, and holds out his hand. She shakes it and glances to everyone around her.
     If only they could all sense that this is the end of any semblance of a normal life they will live, but then again you never know. That normalcy may crumble, but Elettra, Aziza, and Farella may yet flourish. Only time will tell.

The author's comments:

This piece started as a dream. But after some time thinking about it I decided it would be fun to continue. These are the first three sections of a much larger story, which I cannot wait to continue. I hope readers enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it. 

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Etrim BRONZE said...
on Jun. 14 2017 at 10:24 pm
Etrim BRONZE, East Kingston, New Hampshire
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Thanks Em! I can't wait to see more of yours either!

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erunn BRONZE, Stratham, New Hampshire
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Oh my gods! Sooooooo good! I can't wait to find out what happens next!


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