The Opportunity

June 6, 2017
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Time almost seemed to stop when the SA-US06 Opportunity flew across space at faster than light travel. The ship's captain Mark McCarthy was in his sleeping quarters patiently awaiting his next journey. The US-Opportunity was the sixth ship of its model. McCarthy was promoted and was given the responsibility of hand picking a crew and leading them among the most privileged mission.  Exploring space after all is not experienced by the majority of people.
Just then, McCarthy noticed something peculiar out of his cabin window.
“McCarthy to bridge.”
“Yes captain.”, replied Teddy, a new recruit fresh out of the Space Academy.
“There seems to be a thick cloud of smoke and dust near my window, what is it?”
“Well captain if I am not mistaken it's just space debris.”
“Oh, well thank you.”, McCarthy replied, embarrassed for asking the question.
Mark McCarthy has a light complexion, slick black hair that shines in the artificial light aboard the ship and deep blue eyes. He grew up in rural Bozeman Montana on Earth and this was his first time being in space. He had graduated from the Space Academy top in his class however stayed on Earth to help future missions. When he showed exemplary leadership skills on the ground many started to think that it would be useful beyond the depths of space as well. Shortly after Mark got comfortable it was Teddy requesting him on the intercom again.
“Captain we are receiving a distress signal from a nearby star system and it seems very urgent .”, said Teddy anxiously.
“Set in an intercept course ensign.”, replied Mark in an affirmative and aggressive tone.
“Yes captain.”
Teddy was making the adjustments in an intercept course with the nearby star system Alpha Centauri. Simultaneously, Mark was gathering his crew to form an away team to beam down to the planet. The Opportunity came with the newest technological advances including a teleportation device that used Quantum Mechanics and entangled particles to break an individual into their most basic atoms and reassemble them at a different location.
The away team consisted of the lead engineer trained in weapons and technology and a doctor to provide medical attention when deemed .
“Approaching Alpha C now captain.”
“They’re not many habitable worlds out here, we are lucky to have found one this quick.”, replied McCarthy.
As soon as the ship dropped out of warp speed the whole crew saw the vivid and almost unreal planet. The spherical planet was a deep blue with spots of green. The planet radiated hues of colors never seen near Earth. McCarthy put the Opportunity into a low power mode and went into orbit around the planet.
“I will stay on the ship while Lead Engineer Wood and Doctor Ryu go to the planet and help with whatever they are in trouble with.”, said the Captain.
Teddy walked both of them to the EMT, short for Entanglement Machine for Transportation. In an effort to pass the time Teddy started talking to Ryu and Wood and perhaps spark a conversation. 
“Well you see here, Ryu doesn't know very much English. He's a Japan man. Isn't that amazing?”, Wood proclaimed.
“Hmmm, I suppose it is.”, replied Teddy, not really knowing why it was amazing.
They walked in silence the rest of the walk but Teddy still pondered why it was amazing to have someone who does not speak very much English on board. Then he realized it was not the fact he did not know a lot of English. On Earth people had fought several wars with all different countries. When countries realized the bigger picture of space travel and the immense place the universe is and united with each other, the world became different. The diversity of the ship and how well we can get along is what Wood meant when he said it was amazing.
They had finally arrived at the EMT and quickly packed all their gear for transport.
“Get ready .”, Wood said smirking to Ryu.
As Teddy energized the EMT he was mesmerized at how the whole machine worked.
Teddy walked back to the Captain, in anticipation of his next task.
Theodore or Teddy is an African-American 19 year old who spent his whole life on freight ships that cruise across space. Once McCarthy was told to recruit people he went looking for bright individuals who showed promise in the great journey that would come. Soon McCarthy told Teddy he would bring him aboard if he completed the Space Academy and as he would expect he was determined. Teddy walked in to the captain talking on his intercom to the away team down on the surface.
“What do you see?”
“Hold on sir, there seems to be a broken down village in the distance. We will update you when we have more information. Wood out.”
Wood informed Ryu to set his phaser gun to stun since they are not informed on the whole situation and who is a threat or who is friendly. They slowly moved forward, the rocks on the surface crushing under the soles of their shoes. It was a barren atmosphere with dry air and an empty feeling that would send shivers down anyone's back.
“Put your hands up!!”, Wood yelled as a man ran from a corner.
“Don’t shoot please!”, replied the rugged individual, out of breath.
“Are you the one who sent the distress signal?”
“No, but I work with her and we are in trouble.”
“Well what is it then?”
“Raiders came and pillaged our village, stole our goods, and has taken our leader hostage. Please we need your help.”, the man pleaded. 
“Take us to the raiders, but try to keep it quiet.”
With the man leading the way they again started to creep forward. The man had grey stubble with rugged dirty clothes on. He stopped at what looked to be a saloon from the wild west times on Earth.
“Shhh, they are in there.”, said the man in a whispered tone voice.
Wood touched the door with his hand and flung it open to reveal the raiders pillaging all the items in the building.
“Freeze raider scum!!”, said Wood,
As the raider brought his arm out in a shooting position Wood shot a stun laser. The raider instantly fell to the floor. Wood looked to the left and Ryu looked to the right, effectively clearing both sides. Wood approached a back room while Ryu back stepped with Wood just in case a raider tried to sneak up on them.
Wood heard one raider near the other side of the doorway.
“Aghhhhhh!!”, the raider screamed as the door is bashed by Wood with all his weight.
Wood stuns the last raider and notices there are hostages tied up in the corner of the room.
“Are you okay?”, Ryu asked as he untied them.
“Yes, bu- but most of the raiders escaped.”
“That's okay my crew is outstanding and I am certain we will find them.”
“Wood to McCarthy.”
“Go ahead.”
“We stunned two raiders but the rest of them escaped, however all the hostages are here and safe.”
“Okay well tell Ryu to patch them up and i'll beam you two back up. Also I will put security officers down to provide on the clock protection just in case they come back. ”
“Yes captain. Wood out.”
Ryu noticed only minimal bruising and gave the ok to beam back up.
“Thank you so much .” , the women said, who appeared to be the village's leader.
“Always glad to help. We will be sending more of our crew to watch you for the night.”
“Captain we are ready for lift off.”
The EMT energized and the villagers got to see the particles of their body disappear right in front of them. As Wood and Ryu energized to the ship it took a couple minutes for their eyes to adjust to the light. McCarthy stood at the energizer waiting for them.
“I'm glad to see you both are alright.”
“Thanks captain that was one hell of a fire fight.”, said Wood.
“Well go get some rest, I know you you'd want a nap after that. Report back to the bridge at 0800 tomorrow morning.”
McCarthy could only think how exciting this whole situation was and how there would be many more adventures aboard the SA-US06 Opportunity.

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