The Rust Cabin

May 31, 2017
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the rust cabin.

Collins began the slow trek up the side of the dune. The brightly colored sand packed underneath his heavy boots. As he cleared the top of the dune he caught his first glance of camp in several days. A wave of relief flowed over him. His equipment became significantly lighter as he bounded toward the oddly shaped structure.
The north-west entrance of the camp; covered in dust and dirt, almost gave off a glow to Collins. He hadn’t talked to Eve in what seemed like a lifetime. Using his bulky gloves he wiped the crimson ashe from the keypad and proceeded to type the obnoxiously long password. When Collins entered the base he was greeted with spray of antibiotics and antibacterials from machines with long contorted arms. After the minutes of being sprayed down, washed off, and blow dried Collins stepped into the main hall and removed his oversized helmet and gear. And then swiftly walked to the main computer.
Collins gently placed the half a dozen samples that he had collected on the desk next to the other samples that were almost the exact same size and color, and then logged onto the computer.
“Hello Eve, it’s been a while.” Collins said.
“Hello Commander Collins.” Eve said after a moment.
“Sorry the trip took a little longer than intended, I’m assuming you saw the sandstorm?”
“Yes Commander Collins, I was beginning to worry.”
Collins chuckled softly before taking a sip of the cold coffee on his desk.
“I told you to stop calling me commander.” Collins said in a hushed but stern voice.
“My apologies.”
“It’s fine, you’re just you’re just… You’re supposed to remember these things.”
“Why did you leave.” Eve said nearly interrupting Collins.
“Eve. That’s not fair. I’m doing my job.”
“You’re going to die, the oxygen supply will be completely gone in 3 days.”
“ I know! You think I don’t know that Eve!”
“Messages from home have started to build up, it would be as easy as one call to get help.”
“I can’t go back Eve, they’ll think i’m some sort of monster.”
“You’re only human, Humans make mistake.”
Collins looked around the room beginning to shiver violently.
“Oh god Eve. I really messed up.”
“I don’t want you to die...”
“Eve I don’t have a choice, This is how things have to be.”
“The others would have wanted you to live.”
“You don’t know what they would have wanted.”
“Commander Collins it is against my programming to let you die, I’m going to call home base.”
“I told you not to call me that!” Collins in a fit of distress yanked out all of the cords leading to the computer, and tore down the monitor. Lines of codes quickly ran across the screen before going completely black… Eve was dead. Collins crawled over to the pool of dried blood next to the couple of contorted bodies. He pleaded for their forgiveness as he began to silently sob.

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