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3 Queens

One day 100 years ago, there was a castle on the southwest part of England where the castle was surrounded by the woods called Misty forest and Mount Tike behind the castle. This  castle was big and surrounded by a wall. The castle on the inside of the wall was surrounded by cottages and markets owned by the villagers. 
  Who lived in that castle was King James and Queen Mary. The pair had ruled a kingdom that was kind and generous and full of power. The kingdom was filled with villagers who could produce magic, even the King and Queen could produce power. The powers were different within families. Elementals, naturalists, skies, mind controllers, and more. The King and Queen’s power was unique since they were royal, they had mind control. You could only have this power if you were born from royal blood.

Eventually, they planned to have a baby who could take over one day. They tried to have one for years, but they had no fortune. So, one day three witches appeared at the kingdom door step and said they had a gift for the King and Queen.  They witches had blessed them with a child, a daughter. The King was thanking them when the witches interrupted and said that this was no gift that is free. They needed to make a sacrifice in return of their gift. Their daughter was to be born with no power at all until she awake the power inside of her. The sacrifice of a their daughter becoming Queen with no powers. The villagers would be so happy.

In the end the Queen had given birth to the three babies. Their first born Hazel, their second born Faye and their third born Amber were identical with light brown hair, blue-green eyes, freckles that covered their faces, and a small body frame, they were hard to tell apart. But as time went on and they turned five years old, they started to look different. Hazel now had blonde hair and was the tallest out of the three. Faye still had light brown hair but her eyes turned a light blue and still having a small body frame. Amber’s hair was now a reddish brown color with dark brown eyes and had a moderate size body frame. They all still had freckles that covered their faces just like their mother.

King James and Queen Mary were sad always showing their kids how they used their powers and they told them that they couldn't have powers like them until their powers awakened and they could learn to use them. One day the King and Queen thought they could get their powers to wake by putting them through multiples tests of strength, knowledge, speed, etc. They thought that the pressure and difficulty would arise the powers, but no power came to the sisters. Years after they had finally given up with the test and were fine with having powerless children but that didn't change how much they still loved them. 

On the night of the triplets 6th birthday, the castle was broken into by three witches. The same three witches that had given them their children. They appeared in the sister's room and each witch had take one child and left to different kingdoms close by. because the King and Queen were supposed to be miserable living with kids that don't have any power, they didn't have any use being heirs to the throne. The witches erased the memories the daughters had of each other and their memories of their parents so they would not recognize each other until the daughters turned sixteen. The witches left the children with specialty kingdoms, kingdoms that only have one power. The witches intended the sisters to have different powers from one another, so they thought if they raised their powers it would be the power their kingdom had.

The next day the King and Queen had found their children gone. They were searching the rooms in the castle, then the grounds outside, and even the kingdom was on the lookout but no one could find them. They sent groups of people into Misty Forest and Mount Tike to look for them, but no one came back alive from the search. After weeks the King and Queen called in the three witches to see if they could cast a spell to find their daughters. The witches refused to tell them where they were or to help them look for them. The witches believed that they were away for a reason and it should have to stay that way. The witches gave the King and Queen a prophecy that would give them ideas of what would happen in the future the witches said,

One by nature,
One by the sky,
One by an element,
Shall meet again,
At the age of sixteen,
A test between all,
One prevails and two fall,
Flowers slumber the empire,
And three leave.

The King and Queen were confused on what this could possibly have to do with their daughters and where they were, but the witches weren't answering any questions and just vanished. Angrily the King ordered the guards to pursue their daughters location but no trace of them was left to lead on.

Years and years had gone by and still no sign of their daughters, but they had never given up the hope they would see them again. Eventually, he King and Queen  weren't able to describe their daughters anymore and they called off the guards and mourned their children for the next ten years.

On the 16th birthday of the triplets, Hazel, Faye, and Amber being the heirs to their own thrones were now to be Queen. An enthroning was to be held in order for them to be Queen. The King and Queen thought it was suspicious that 3 girls would become Queens all in the same week so they had the enthronements at their own castle and invited the soon to be Queens and their kingdoms for one big enthronement. The sisters still having no memory of each other or their parents, walked to the front of the room and in front of thousand of people and swore the oath of duties of being Queen. The Queens were exiting the promising room to the celebration outside when all of the sudden they collapsed and didn't move after that. The villagers started screaming, and the King and Queen ran up to them through the crowd of people, but as they got closer all of a sudden the Queens vanished right in front of everyone.

The public went crazy screaming and trying to escape the room, but three witches appeared. They told everyone that it was fine and the Queen's powers were dormant all along. They were arising their powers right as they spoke. Everyone cheered even the King and Queen screamed realizing that these Queens were their daughters after all. The witches told them to go to the arena and just wait. They went with no questions on why their powers were dormant or why their powers were emerging today. So they quickly emptied the ball room and went to the arena where they waited. The King and Queen were eager to get an official welcome back greeting, but they wondered why their daughters didn't even show one hint of hesitation or suspicion about the King and Queen and their sister.

  When the Queens woke again all three of them were in the same room with no windows and no door- a steel box. In the middle of the room was a table with a note on it. Now get out, was written on the note. The three sisters were confused on how to get out of the box when there was no escape route. They tried and tried to get out. They tried breaking down one of the walls with a table and threw themselves against the wall, but they were trapped. Hours of trying to get out was exhausting them, but they couldn't give up when they were just going to start a new life. But nothing was working.

Time went by which seemed like days to them but it was only hours until all of the sudden when the Queens were just sitting against a wall, a section turned into water and sucked hazel in the water. The other two Queens thought they were hallucinating until two sections of the wall, one looked like a cloud and the other looked like bushes appeared before them, they tried to get to the other side of the box but they couldn't get that far. Amber was sucked into the cloud and Faye was absorbed into the bushes.

All three Queens ended in a room with the three witches. The witches had told them everything. About their mom not being able to have a child and giving their mom triplets, and how the powerless sisters were supposed to make King James and Queen Mary's lives miserable, but they loved it and they loved their daughters, powers or no powers. So they took the sisters and put them in different kingdoms and taking their memories so they would recognize their parents or their sisters. They had given them all of their memories back. The sisters were shocked they couldn't  believe these witches were telling the truth and all the memories flooding back are with the two other Queens who they only met today. They started asking questions when the witches held up their hands and the sisters fell asleep.

  The Queens woke in an arena with people over filling the stands. They were cheering and drinking, but at the head of the arena was a box with their dad and mom just sitting and watching. They seemed to be terrified. The sisters were confused on why they looked so concerned and how they had even gotten here. They realized that their clothes had been switched into fighting gear and their hair was pulled back. A voice boomed into the arena, ”You have to fight for the crown! There only can be one Queen. Your powers are no longer dormant so use them. Hazel of the elements, Faye of nature, and Amber of the sky, sisters once joined are now enemies,”
The sisters didn't move, they shared a look that was the same as their parent’s, terrified. They all walked together to the center of the arena and exchanged a few words before the fight, in respect, the King and Queen thought. They walked to opposites sides of the arena and stood there waiting for the signal.

They stood facing each other and a horn sounded from the box. They all ran toward each other but something happened. They all started to glow. The crowd couldn't see anything the light was so blinding.Then everything just stopped. Everyone started to cheer again, they wanted more. The Queens were holding a ball of their power in their hands. They were confused on why this was happening but they continued anyways. Hazel summoned the and fire within her hands, Faye summoned the rocks and plants from the ground, and Amber summoned the lightning from the sky. They all started throwing it at each other. They hit and missed each other but eventually Hazel hit Amber with a heat wave and caused her to fall. The crowd cheered louder as Faye was creeping behind Hazel who was checking Amber's body. Faye summoned a  big rock and left it fall right on Hazel. She removed the rock when she stopped seeing Hazel struggle. Amber and Hazel were dead.
They crowd applauded Faye and her success in winning the crown. The three witches appeared In the middle of the arena and congratulated Faye and had announced her the new Queen, “Welcome back Faye. You earned your spot on the crown and to be Queen. You have fulfilled your own future and you can now make your new life your own. A celebration is in need for your new life and for your success!”

Faye said nothing she didn't want to celebrate the death of her sisters. It wasn't right but she had to go with it. So, she got down on one knee and the King and Queen carried a crown down to where Faye was. Faye could tell that their eyes were bloodshot and tired from crying. The King doing what he had to do placed the crown on Fayes head. The King and Queen announced Faye their new Queen of their kingdom. The King and Queen were shocked that these people were cheering on the death of two innocent girls. They were mortified, they sat there in shock as everyone celebrated.

Later that night a celebration was held in the arena in honor of Faye becoming Queen. She still wanted a moment alone with Hazel and Amber just to say she was sorry. But when no one was watching Faye slipped two pills between Hazel and Faye’s lips. The bodies still didn't move, she had thought that those pills would work, a gift from her kingdom. Faye sat there crying, her only sisters were now dead forever and she had just gotten them back. She couldn't let people see her like this so she cleaned herself up and joined to party leaving Hazel and Amber behind for good.

The celebration went on for hours and hours. Until at the stroke of midnight the lights shut off completely. The torches all around the arena shot up in flames.Everyone was running around trying the doors to get out but they were trapped inside and couldn't get out. EVeryone started to panic and tried forcing the doors open. Two dark figures all of the sudden appeared above all of them. Faye tried to stop them with sending rocks at them but they bounce off of them a few feet in front of them, like a shield was protecting them. They didn't move or talk they just stood there. Faye couldn't handle all of the screaming and panic so she summoned flowers that covered the arena floor. The kind of flowers that make you fall asleep. In minutes the whole kingdom was asleep except for three people.

The figures stopped and walked into the light. Hazel and Amber ran to give Faye a hug. They had to get away before all of the people wake up and see that they weren't really dead. They fled the kingdom and were making way through Misty Forest when the three witches were waiting for them at a tree stump. They told them that they were waiting here because they knew what they were going to do even before they did it. They can tell the future. The witches were disappointed on why all of the sisters were alive. They waited for an explanation by the sisters but the Queens had no explanation for what they did. They needed to survive together and that's what they had to do. This was a test to make people believe that they were dead.

The sister explained thankful they were for the witches for giving them their memories helping them save their own fate and making them see what everyone wanted to see. The witches were mad but understood that they had to get away but it came at a price. The price was to take the place of the king and Queen and rule as 3 Queens with equal power. The sisters said they couldn't go back to the castle because people would recognize them, but the witches said,

“No, your real mother. You three were transferred into your now mother's body but the mother that created you is still alive and you need to take over for them.”

“Wait,” said Hazel “what do you mean ‘them’?”

The witches all of the sudden transformed into 3 beautiful woman and said that the mothers that created each of you were now standing in front of them.

“No that's impossible, then why didn't we have powers to begin with if we had witch powers and royal powers?” said Faye.

The Beautiful woman explained that they made the Queens that way to disappoint their parents but their parents never ended up mad about it they just learned to live with it. The sisters didn't know what to say, they couldnt and wouldnt believe that they were descendants of witches and royal blood that contains powers.
Then a fire caught on the beautiful women's dresses and they burned. Hazel, Faye, and Amber tried to stop it but it kept reigniting.

“Well that was anti-climatic” said a dark raspy voice from behind them.

The Queens turned around and saw the King and Queen.

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