The Story Untold

May 31, 2017
By , Matthews, NC

Cinderella sat devastated on the staircase as her ugly step sister hugged the Prince and they walked out the door. The prince looked uneasy and unsure of himself. Cinderella looked at him and he looked at her and he walked out feeling incomplete. Cinderella’s sister chatted the whole way to the castle and told the Prince of how in love they were at the night at the ball. She went on and on about how she knew she was the one and that they would end up together. She kept calling it destiny.
Meanwhile, Cinderella cried in her room in the attic. As she wept, her Fairy Godmother appeared, just like she did before in the garden when Cinderella cried from her sisters ripping the dress that she had made for the ball. Cinderella looked up in shock and dreaded her turn of events. The Fairy Godmother wiped her tears and said, “Chin up! Don’t you remember that you have magic on your side?” She turned Cinderella to the window of her room and with a wave of her wand, and a “bippity, boppity, boo!”, the window turned into a portal. “Now,” the Fairy Godmother began, “I will give you a second chance to make things right and get you the Prince.”
The Fairy Godmother explained that all Cinderella needed to do was walk through the portal and she would instantly reappear in the ballroom where she had first walked in and the Prince noticed her. Without hesitating, Cinderella leaped into the portal, but she was just too quick and the Fairy Godmother didn’t get the chance to warn Cinderella that if the clock strikes twelve, not only does her magic go away, but herself and her life with the Prince will be erased from existence. Cinderella leaped through the portal and she was instantly transformed back into the beautiful ballgown that her Fairy Godmother had made her. She was even wearing the glass slippers. This time, she was determined to make the Prince know her and who she was. She was going to make him sure of her love.
The night went just as it was before. They danced, they flirted, and fell in love, only this time, Cinderella talked more. She spoke of things she loved and what she liked to do. She wanted to make sure the Prince wouldn’t forget what she was like. Back in the current time, the Fairy Godmother paced the floor, debating of whether or not to go in the portal and warn Cinderella, but risk being seen by the Prince or the people at the ball. Suddenly, the Prince came barging in the room asking, “where is she? That girl that saw me as I left. Where is she?” The Fairy Godmother stared at him with her mouth wide open.
The Fairy Godmother explained everything, the portal, the magic, the truth. The Prince was heart broken. He demanded that she open the portal so he may bring back Cinderella, but it was too late. The Fairy Godmother explained that Cinderella was already with the “past” prince trying to make things right and that he should just let things play out from there, totally erasing their conversation from existence. He got down on his knees and pleaded the Fairy Godmother to give him his second chance, to tell Cinderella that he knows she’s the one and that she doesn’t have to prove anything to him. The Fairy Godmother’s heart sank and she turned to the portal and opened it back up. “Be careful” she warned, and the Prince stepped in.
He instantly appeared at the top of the stairs where Cinderella entered. He quickly hid as to not be seen by anybody at the ball. Cinderella and his past self was nowhere to be found. Finally, he realized that it is 10 minutes to midnight and that they were in his garden when she left. He quickly snuck away to his secret garden and hid in the bushes to wait for them to arrive. A few moments later, he heard them talking in the distance. There she was. Beautiful as ever, but he could here her talking his past self’s ear off. The Prince didn’t realize she was such a talker, but he didn’t care. He loved her more than anything and was determined to get her back. “Here we go” he said to himself. The Prince noticed they were about to kiss and it was one minute to midnight! He had to think of something quick. The Prince leaped forward and stopped them from kissing and they both jumped up out of shock. “What are you doing here?” Cinderella asked in amazement. She knew very well that this was the current Prince. The Past Prince froze in shock. “We need to go back now before the clock strikes twelve! He grabbed her hand and ran to the staircase where the portal was and right at the last second, they leaped through.
In the Current time, The Fairy Godmother was only waiting about a minute and Cinderella and the Prince came bursting through the portal. “Well that was quick,” the Fairy Godmother said laughing. The Prince helped up Cinderella and they shared in true love’s kiss. They were married the next morning and lived happily ever after. 

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