Second Chances

May 30, 2017
By kenziee18 BRONZE, Indian Trail, North Carolina
kenziee18 BRONZE, Indian Trail, North Carolina
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My eyes fluttered open and I see a camera close to my face. Behind that there are people in lab coats and has their notebooks out. They are all staring at me. I’m not really sure why. I mean what’s so fascinating watching a girl sleep? come I’m not in my room? I tried to speak but no words could come out.
“Welcome back Mrs. Gray, how are you feeling? Blink twice if you’re okay and once if you’re not.” I looked to my left to see that it was a young women that was talking to me. She was in pink scrubs and had her blonde hair up in a bun. She looked at me with her emerald green caring eyes. I took a double take at her outfit. She was in scrubs. That means I’m in the hospital! I must've looked scared because she said,
“It’s okay! Relax Makayla! You’re going to be alright. Hello, I’m your nurse, Leah. You need your rest right now and as soon as you can get your strength up, we can talk about everything. I’m sure you got a lot of questions and I will be happy to answer all of them once you wake up from your nap and you eat. I’ll go get your food. Blink twice if you understand.” I blinked twice. She smiled and walked away out the door of my room. The camera men and everybody else stayed behind. I saw people taking notes and the camera men were trying to find a good angle.
Leah comes back shortly with my food and she helps me sit up and spoon feed me some soup and bread. I could hardly chew. I finished up and Leah layed me back down. The whole time everyone was still in this room and it made me feel uncomfortable but I still couldn’t speak well to say anything.
“Okay Makayla, you need your rest now. Everybody out!” And just like that everybody left the room and I was all by myself. I was pretty sleepy and not long after that, I fell asleep.
I woke up hours later with my parents by my side. They were both in tears and once they saw me awake they came closer. They both looked terrible. Mom is in sweats which is so unlike her. She always has to be presentable. Her long brown hair is usually down but is now pulled back into a ponytail. She holds tissues in her hand. My dad had grew a beard which didn’t suit him at all and his hair wasn’t even fixed. Both of my parents had bloodshot eyes. They looked pretty miserable. My mom says,
“Hey sweetie, remember us?” She puts a smile on her face.
“Huh” I managed to spit out.
“We missed you so much.” My dad said. I looked at him. He was on one side of the bed and my mom was on the other.
“” I tried to speak but my dad interrupts me.
“The doctor doesn’t want you to speak that much. I know you have questions but you're going to have to hold on to them. Unless you can write them down?” He looks at my mom not sure.
“I guess that can be alright.” She answers. My mom walks out the room and comes back with paper and a pencil. My dad helps me sit up and my mom gives me the paper and pencil. I tired to write but it came out in scribbles. The doctor and Leah walks in as I tried writing my questions.
“Hello Makayla, I’m Doctor Wren. Nice to see you awake and sitting up.” He notices the paper.
“It might be too soon to start writing again.” He says.
“She just wants some answers that’s all.” My dad says.
“Ah well that’s why I am here now.” Doctor Wren replied. He takes a seat in front of my bed and says,
“It all started sixty seven days ago. You died in a terrible car accident after just getting your license. It wasn’t your fault. Some drunk driver hit you but you had to pay the cost. Anyway right before the accident, you checked off that box where you are willing to donate your body to science and now here you are. We wanted to bring back people from the dead and you, Makayla is the first person to come back. Those camera men and people were here to see your revival. The whole world saw your revival. Now we're one step closer to stop people from dying so that we can be with our loved ones forever.” I shifted around in my bed. Is this guy crazy? The world is already over populated. We can’t have even more people on this planet!
“Makayla honey, we told you no talking.” My mom cuts in. This was too much for me. My heart rate increased or at least that’s what the machines were saying. I start to shake. Leah runs out into the hallway and yells,
“Code 245! I repeat code 245!”
“I’m sorry Mr. and Mrs. Gray but you need to leave.” Doctor Wren rushes them out. He turns to me and says,
“Calm down, just breathe. It will all be okay.”
My eyes grew heavy and then there was just darkness. 

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