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May 27, 2017
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joined this hippy church about a year ago, this woman kept asking me if I could move to her spectrum. I didn't know what the hell she was on about. I was just there for the free incense and the layed back attitude about the law. I'm not exactly sure what a spectrum is but I ended up saying 'I'm already there bro'. She left me alone after that. I don't actually think I've seen her. She could have been kidnapped but I'm not sure if I should care because it seems to happen all the time.

Now that I think about it a lot of the church has gone missing. It is only me and this guy called Derek left at the church, that does explain why I get a bigger proportion of incense than I used to. Anyway, I am 40% sure it isn't me taking people, and 30% sure it isn't Derek. And, I'm 30% sure it isn't the ghost. Based on who I have known longer I would say it is most likely the ghost did it.

Of course it would be the ghost! I barely know it at all. Although I feel like I do. Even though I have never seen it in the flesh, Derek can vividly describe it and he says he is 60 % sure the ghost is taking people. The main thing I have learned from the hippy cult... church, is simple math, specifically percentages and how the ratio of people to incense decreases and increases based on the time of year.

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