Gladder Souls

May 20, 2017
By arabela99 SILVER, Barnett, Missouri
arabela99 SILVER, Barnett, Missouri
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It was a late resting-period on the ship. My insomnia kept me awake, I had been having the oddest dream as of late. In my dream I find myself on an on a marsh, that is not exactly home, my family surrounds me. They say nothing to me as if I am a stranger. I hate this, so I run to my fourth oldest brother Juan and shake him. Not a hard shake, but a light shake. I look into his eyes and say, “Brother, look at me. Please, I beg you to look at me.” He says nothing, but breaks free of my arms running away. Then I got to my father's second-wife, my mother.
“Mother, what is going on? Why won’t you look at me?” I start to cry the faintest tear. It is like she doesn’t even see me. These people were my whole life, but here the ignore me like a was a mound of dirt. Then everything goes wrong, our marsh is consumed with smoke and my family spreads out. I see a huge, black dragon come into the midst of the smoke. I scream, “run for your lives now, I beg of you!!!” They don’t, not even the children run away. Then the dragon spreads its flames, lighting my family into ashe. Then it draws it’s attention to my mother. I run to her as fast as I can, fighting off the creeping thorns. The thorns grab me by the ankles and hold me back, pulling me into the ground. I have no choice by to watch as the dragon… I ball screaming and crying.
Every night for the past 4 resting periods I have this dream. Every night I wake up screaming, sweating, and jumping out of bed. Huck is the only one who can bring me back from this madness. Tonight, as I refuse to sleep I look at her, on the ceiling. Huck with her long taffy pink hair falling from the ceiling, her creamy-pale skin glistening in the light, her face the utter expression of peace. I wonder what her dreams are like. Does she even dream? I look at the clock and our resting period is almost at an end, so I get out of bed and make my way to the kitchen. I make my normal lizard eggs, and begin to prepare Huck’s breakfast: sweet jello cream encased within honey, and a side of vegetable oil to drink.
It didn’t take very long. By the time I had finished Huck had entered the kitchen. She had already changed into a white tunic with grey leggings. Her hair was braided viciously and it hung down to her ankles. “Did you rest peacefully, my precious fluff-fox?” I say to her.
“Why yes Antonio I did.” she replied almost robotically, but with a sweet smile. “How did you sleep?”
“Why not?”
“It was the nightmare again.”
“You need to start sleeping soon Antonio, or else you could have health problems.”
“I cannot help it my dear. I don’t know if you have them, but some dreams can really dig into you. This one just won’t go away.”
“I do dream. Maybe not in the same way, but I do dream. Perhaps you should try to contact your family.”
“I still want us to go to your home planet Huck. Besides if I went to my family now, they would either disown me or marry me off to my arranged wife. I don’t want that Huck. I just wanna be free and here, with you.”
Her face lite up as if that meant the world to her. “I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to, but I think the anxiety you have regarding your family is starting to hurt you.”
“Everything will be fine Huck. I promise.”
We then set down on the chrome table to eat our morning meal. We talked back and forth about our thoughts and the items that lingered in our imaginations. That’s a big thing about space travel, you must divulge in your imagination, or else your brain might go haywire. Then again, I guess it depends on your species. Me and Huck put our money from our last mission together and we had mined for awhile on our own on the last planet. We found the most beautiful stones and remains. We made quite a small fortune out of it. With that fortune we bought this ship together.
The ship was a limited edition Bolt. It had 3 lodging rooms, a kitchen area, a lounge room, an engine room, the pilot's area, a video library, and a fitness room. The ship also featured top of the line security features and limited weaponry if we should ever need it. It was covered entirely with silver on the outside, but one the inside every room was a different color scheme, which was both beautiful and maddening
Later that day-period, me and Huck had to make landing in an odd town of the planet, Gladder Souls. This community was always at twilight and most of the life-forms there lived in their stone dens, almost afraid to come out out. We went to a store at the edge of town to stock up on supplies. There was a tall figure behind the counter. He had three pairs of arms, but only four fingers on each, with no thumbs.
“Hello,” I say to him nervously. “Me and my companion need several star fuel orbs and she was also wanting some snacks.
“A silver-syrup canister with some local nuts, if you please.” She said to the man, in the most casual way she could manage.
The figure said nothing and gather our supplies. He totalled our amount and charged us 60 galleons, which was basically a robbery, but I didn’t wish to challenge that terrible creature. When we got back to the ship we refueled. Something was wrong with the thrusters. The ship wouldn’t even try to come up off of the ground. Something wasn’t right and I didn’t like it, so I told Huck not to leave the ship and told her to lock everything up when I left. I didn’t want to risk her safety.
I back to the town and searched for a mechanic. I ended up having to go back to the man at the store. “ Excuse me, but does this town have a mechanic and where can I find them?” That’s when the man finally said something:
“ You there, meat creature, we use to have a sort of mechanic for ships such as yours from unwanted visitors. He hasn’t been seen for awhile, I figure one of the abominables got him. Good riddance!”
“What’s an abominable?” Despite the man's rude and unhelpful nature. I was intrigued by what the creatures he spoke of were.
“An abominable is a long thin creature that can either stand on it’s hind legs or all four of it’s legs. It’s coat is made up of slimy black feathers. It’s very fast and very smart. It loves the flesh eating raw flesh of meatlings like you and other people in this town. They won’t came after mists like me. We have no me. I urge you meatbags to get out of here if you don’t want to end up like the people in this town out of their houses in the dark season.”
I didn’t like what he had to tell me. I was afraid for Huck back at the ship and for myself. “Is there anything I can do to fend them away?”
“They are afraid of nothing and will stop at nothing to get what they want. You need to kill them if they are after you, or escape from them permanently. To kill an abominable you must slice into it with whatever you have. The cut must be clean or else it will regenerate.”
“What do you have that can kill it?” They man went to the back and came out with a long sword.
“Here use this.” He just gave it to me.
“How much do I owe you?”
“Nothing, it isn’t really mine. It belonged to the last sorry visitor who came here. Not a very lucky one I might add. It would be against my believes to sell it.”
“Thank you very much.”
“One thing I want to add stranger, keep watch of that ugly Pixie Maid that came with you. The abominables love tender flesh especially.”
I was angered and felt threatened, but instead I said nothing and hurried back to the ship. Again something felt very wrong. I opened the doors only to find that all of the power was off. I grabbed a hold of my light ray and began looking around the ship calling for Huck. “Huck June? My June, please come out. Baby where are you?!” I said in a panic. After searching all around I descended to the engine room.
It was a big, spacious room. Small blue lights were on. I made my way to the main power switch, when suddenly, something lunged at me. It smelt like death and rotting leaves. I fell back in pain. I looked up to find a terrible figure with a disfigured face and long, pointed beak. It let out a terrible noise and tried to hop on to of me. I rolled away in the nick of time. I shot at it with my pistol, but this only seemed to infuriate the beast further. I ran up the stairs and into the bedroom, locking it as fast as I could. It ran up to the closed door, throwing it’s entire body weight against the door. It made enormous indentations in the door and surrounding wall. Finally, it broke the door. I drew the sword and slashed it across the approaching monsters middle as fast as possible.
I was breathing very fast and thought for a moment that I might have died, but no. I opened my eyes and looked beside me. There it was, the abominable slice into two halve lying dead on the floor. Blood oozed from its mouth and wounds. I dropped to the floor to catch my breathe as the abominable decomposed extremely fast into almost nothing, but not without leaving a huge explosive mess behind.
I went back to the engine room and took a look at the main panel. It was off and completely unharmed, almost as if the creature had delicately switched it off by some means. All of the lights came back on. I went to the kitchen and grabbed some enlightening tea off of the shelf and brewed it. It stung and my lips upon drinking it, but it tasted of pure water inspired by serene leaves. After I had calmed my nerves I booted up the main computer in the pilot's area.
The computer greeted me in the most unthreatening voice imaginable, “Dear Master Antonio, how may I be of service to you today?”
“Computer, I need you to see if there is anyway you can located Huck June for me please.”
The computer loaded possible scenarios of where she might be. The most likely result was on the center screen. “She is underground by several kilometers, in some sort of open facility,” The computer offered. “Thank you,” I replied, “You are dismissed.” The computer then switched back to manual mode.
I haven’t had much experience with the ships drill system, but I was about to find out. There’s always time to learn new things on the go right? First I flew to the ship to the closest area the computer had suggested to me earlier. There I landed and entered the combination mode into the computer that activated the drill system. The ship shook as it transformed into a new shape, adopting a large drill in the front and several other drills on the sides. I sure don’t regret buying this baby.
I maneuvered the ship to dig closer and closer to the target destination, but in the middle of doing this, something very large bumped into the ship. It was a ginormous, albino lizard. The lizard was about half the size of the ship. It took one glance at the ship and began to skitter away. Phew, I mopped all of the sweat off of my forehead. After that fiasco, I continued digging until I hit an already open tunnel near my destination.
I didn’t wish to take the ship any further for fear of damaging it, or even worse getting it stuck down here. I suited up for the mission. I clad myself in a flexible suit made of a sort of elastic steel. The color of said suit was red, a bright-fire red. I had also armed myself with a custom shovel, my trusty pistol, and the sword I had oh so recently received from the cold shopkeeper. After wandering down aimlessly into the tunnel I came upon a trail filled with bones and exoskeletons. These remains seemed to be from several different types of life forms the one that felt the oddest being there was that of a Striped Ginggoat. He was dressed sharply in a silver spacesuit. The odd thing about him was that Striped Ginggoats are normally found at least four star systems from here.
I continued on my way until I found a cell made out of stone and bone. I pried open the cell with my shovel hoping to find Huck, or at least someone who could take me to her. Instead I found a short, old, three-armed dying man. I couldn’t seem to awaken this man. No matter what I did he would not stir. He must have been too far on. I decided to grant him some of my water. I poured it into his mouth. Then I bid my goodbye and walked out of the cell. As I did this the old man whispered to me, “They sacrifice to the Dimoni. Don’t let them catch you.”
Stirred by this. I carried on. I eventually found a huge room decorated in purple tapestry  with dark-black floors. I heard voice coming my way. From that point I powered on my cloaking device. It was two, four armed monsters like the ones on the surface.
“I think we have prepared a bountiful feast for our Dimoni.”
“Yes. I would quite agree. Several of our own unwanted, and a few visitors including the girl. You know as well as I do that the Dimoni likes maiden flesh best.”
“Hopefully this time the Dimoni will grant us powers untold along with amazing crops.”
Then a a threatening, ominous roar came from the bottom of the room. It was coming. The Dimoni was coming. I followed these unrighteous characters to the top of the facility. They turned to the right, but I looked to my left and went down that hallway to find something horrible. Several lifeforms were trapped within cells. Begging for water, begging for freedom. I saw pieces of pink hair in the last cell. I was very afraid to go forward to it. I was afraid of what was beyond the door.
Regardless, I opened the door to find Huck strewn out on a straw sort of bed. She was barely breathing. It looked as though they had taken some of her blood. A patch of skin on her left arm was missing, her jelly like blood dried around it. I gave her some water and tried to wake her up. She could live, I said to myself, but I have to get her out of here.
I closed her door and ran to the left side of the corridor where the others were. The monsters were on the top floor conversing with themselves talking more about the dreaded Dimoni. I was about to create a huge distraction until men from the lower levels came up to talk to them. “Sirs, we are ready to begin the main sacrifices.” One of them said. Then they all followed to the bottom of the stairs where they were leading out a massive behemoth drenched in darkness that smelled of pain and rotting souls, It had twelve black eyes that stared in different directions across the room. It’s big red body was covered in scales. It aligned its back and then opened its hideous mouth. It had thousands of layered, sharp teeth. It then spoke, “Surface monsters, for years I have watched over these lands and have kept you safe from the abominables above and the acid rains. In addition to this I have made you fat and wealth with the crops I have given you. Throughout all of this I only ask for one thing in return, the flesh and souls of beings like you. It isn’t such a bad price is it? Now has come the time for my feasting, BRING OUT your tribute. They had then lined the prisoners up one by one from the cells and began to march them down the stairs. My poor Huck June first in line. “What is this you have brought me? A pure Pixie Maid? You shall be rewarded handsomely,” Spoke the Dimoni.
“Nooo!” I screamed from my deep inner bowels. I ran forward and threw my sword at the Dimoni. It landed in his biggest centered eye. He swiveled around in pain and confusion. I grabbed Huck with all of my strength and ran with her. She fell when I was almost outside of the facility with her. The four-armed creatures chased for me at a remarkably slow speed. I took Huck June in my arms and ran with her tired body. The Dimoni screamed in anger and agony calling the monsters insignificant and foolish. He than began to slam into the sides of the facility tearing it down. The only survivors were me, Huck, and who ever was fast enough to get out alive, which turned out to be one of the prisoners.
She was five-feet tall and was basically a like a ladybug that stood on its back legs. She told us to climb on her wide back so we did the best we could. She zipped through the tunnels as fast as a meteor chucked by a mad giant. The tunnels behind us capsized in. I got us onto the ship as fast as possible and piloted it above ground. We hardly escaped in one piece.
Once above the town we saw all of its crops instantly start to wilt and the entire ground grew white. Those monsters still living above ground gathered in the center. Some cried while others rejoiced. I wasn’t staying around to find more. Me and the lady bug creature laid Huck down in the recently battered bedroom. We patched up he wounds and gave her lots of fluids, as well as something to fight the pain. Luckily for me, our new arrival was a natural healer. She said softly to me, “I believe your friend will be alright in a couple of hour than she will come around to full consciousness.”
“How can I ever repay you? Without your help we would have died down there.”
“Please take me home to my planet of Kever Riumte. I have sons there. By the was my name is Trollina” When she said this I was reminded of my own mother and sighed
“I can do that at ease Trollina. Please make yourself comfortable. We should be there in a several day periods.”
I took a deep breath and looked up into the sparkling void of space and made my way for a large pink and red nebulae. I whispered to myself, “Bless the almighty void for returning to me what I love most.”

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