The Future

May 19, 2017
By Anonymous

It was a warm summer day in Lafayette Colorado and Zach and Ian were throwing the football. They  were at Zach’s house. Zach and Ian have been friends for a while and they have gotten close. Zach is a very intelligent scientist, and Ian is an athlete.  He today was feeling happy and he was going to tell Ian about his time machine that he built and finished about 2 months ago. Zach knew that Ian would be very surprised and wanting to go somewhere. So Zach showed Ian and he was breathless, he just looked very surprised, he asked if it worked and Zach said yes.  He wanted to use it super bad. Zach showed Ian and Ian realized how super high tech it was. Ian wanted to travel in the future really bad and see what life is like. Zach was telling Ian about how he has traveled to a ton of sweet history places in the past. Ian got very jealous and wanted to go somewhere. Ian asked if they could go anywhere but Zach said Ian wasn’t ready. Ian later that week wanted to try to go to the future and see what it is like, if there are any flying cars or hoverboards. He snuck into Zach's time machine and set the date to 2037 in SoCal. He set the time and pushed start. The machine started to shake and make noises it got super bright then a big flash happened.
It was smokey outside the machine but when it cleared up, he realized that he was on a beach. He got out of the machine and stepped foot on the beach. He walked over a hill and look at what life looked like. There was a ton of colors around where he was and it was a beautiful day. He saw skyscrapers in the distance so he started to walk over there. Once he got there he knew he was in San Diego. It was very cool in the future, there was flying cars and people with hovering skateboards. People looked a lot happier and everybody had a smile. Ian was looking for himself and gonna try to find where he lived. He went to the beach that was near his house that he used to live in to see if he would be there. But when he went to the beach there was no one there. Zero people were on the beach and you could only hear the waves. He was a little confused but he still really wanted to find himself. He was outside at a park and there was no one doing anything active. He was confused but then noticed that technology has taken over everybody and no one is spending time outside in nature. He was confused on why people were so into technology. He went to a store and everything they sold were electronics or stuff to make your phone's better. But there was a worker named Earl, Ian walked up to him and asked, ¨why there is so many less people outside?¨ Earl answered, ¨There hasn't been many people out since the government has been taking people.¨ ¨What?! Taking people?” “If you're outside long enough they will find and take you and you will never come back again. Hundreds of people go missing every day.” Ian looked  very surprised and wanted to leave. Zach was in the real time and realized Ian took his time machine. Zach was smart enough to have a spare one, if anyone tried to take one like what Ian did. Zach had a camera in the other time machine so he could notice that he is in San Diego, in 2037. Zach was confused why Ian went into the future. He never told Ian about why you should never go into the future in the time machine. Zach has noticed that when you go into the future the Time machine has a time limit on how long it works. He is going into the future to try and tell Ian before he doesn't have enough time to get back alive. Zach set the time and location to San Diego, 2037 and hit go. Zach appeared in San Diego, trying to look for Ian. Ian was still at the Store talking to Earl about how there is no one outside. They were talking about how they saw person in the distance. It was Zach, but Ian and Earl had no clue who it is, Ian went outside the store and yelled, ¨Hey!!¨ Zach look at them and said ¨Ian?¨ he looked at Zach and ran towards each other. Zach told Ian that the time machine has a time limit before it stops working in the future so they need to get back to there own time machines. Ian got super scared and ask Zach if his time machine if it is still working. Zach looked at his camera that's in it and it show that there was only :30 seconds left until it disarms and doesn't work. Ian didn´t wanna die, so he asked Zach if he could go in his and go home with him. Zach let him because he is a nice guy and wanted to help out. Ian and Zach went to his time machine and set the time to the present. They hit the button and they jumped back home. Ian and Zach were okay and Ian never wants to go anywhere else again. Zach was happy that Ian learned his lesson but he was very mad for destroying one of his time machine.

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