The 14th dimension

May 15, 2017
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The 14th dimension is one of the best places to go if you are a miner but there is a big price to pay. The price is that you have to work for the King and the he is the most cruel ruler. This is because there is no one who is so stupid to even think about challenging the King. In the normal world there is one person that even knows how to get to the 14th dimension and that warlock is not so nice to non miners for some reason. In the normal realm they got word that the King in the 14th dimension was killing people because he just wanted to. So the lord of the normal realm sent their best fighter the knight Raven was an officer in the royal army. Raven was the best fighter in the army and that plus the fact he was smart beyond most minds comprehen. Once Raven got his orders he set out to find the one warlock that could send him to the 14th dimension. The forest was the first place Raven looked  but there would be more that just a warlock to fight in the forest. Raven ran into someone that he never knew about and he thought that he had all the info that he need for this mission. Raven met Farn a nice and friendly forest gnome. There was only one problem and that was that Farn wanted to tag along. Raven did not want or need the help but Farn knew where to find the warlock. As they were on there way to the warlock Farn was going on about all things that he had done around the forest. Raven was just tired of hearing all the stories and told Farn to be quit or they will have to split up and go alone once again. Farn was shocked that Raven was not impressed but then Raven told Farn who he way. Then Farn understood and they went through the forest with ease do to Fran knowing the forest  the back of his hand. It took weeks in the forest to find the warlock but when they did there was a factor that they never saw coming. The warlock was dead and the cause of death was being crushed by a giant’s club. They looked around for any  other way into the 14th dimension but there was no other way that they could find. They decided to go to someone that only a few people know about. This warlock makes the people pay the price and that price is different for each person. They had to take the road that the most bandits were on and this was not a challenge because they were both great fighters and wiped them out with no problem. They got to the warlocks place in one day. The price they had to pay was never coming back and they did not care so they accepted the deal. With in a flash they were in the 14th dimension. Once they were there they went right up to the King and demanded him to let his forced workers go home but it was not that simple. The King could not just let them go because they had to work the mine or the King would not be the King any more. Raven then declared war on the King and then Farn went to the mine to work. Raven could not understand why he just went to the mine to work. Later after Raven had a plan to kill the King. Farn showed up with info that Raven could use to his advantage.Farn found out where the King spends his time and where he would be at any time of day. Two weeks passed before they had enough people willing to fight. With Farn working to get the workers rallied and ready  to fight meanwhile Raven came up with a plan of attack. Thy waited for some time before they fought back because the King put all of the workers under close watch. Now Raven would have to act to make a huge diversion and this was forced.Raven could not set foot in the kingdom but he would have to if the gomes were going to be able to get out and help in the fight. Raven went in under the cover of night and went right into the court and killed all of the members. He did not want to kill these innocent people but it was just another casualty of war. This took the focus off of the gomes and let them get back into position for the fight. Two nights later when the King was on his night walk they ambushed him and because the guards hand no idea what happened they killed the King with no trouble. Now the problem was how to get back home but there was no way back. Raven and Farn spent years in the 14th dimension until the warlock that sent them there need their help and called them back to home and gave them an offer they could not pass up.

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