The Gift

May 12, 2017
By QueenofDisaster BRONZE, Hamilton, Ohio
QueenofDisaster BRONZE, Hamilton, Ohio
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A Gift
Two Girls. Two separate lives. Two different sides of the same coin. In a dark and cloudy world ravaged by nuclear warfare, a new society rose in what remains of Afro-Eurasia. A capital city, known as “Diamond”, is established with 125 independently-run sectors fanning out from downtown. It was named Diamond because when you flyover the city it looks like a diamond . Central Diamond District is where all the rich, famous, or important people live. Diamond was built with real diamonds. Bridges, towers, and restaurants would always be glistening in the light. This city was practically heaven for materialistic girls.Everyone wore gold around their neck. Unfortunately not everyone had the opportunity to live here. In the Thirteenth Sector, two fifteen-year-old girls carry on with their drastically different lives, unaware that soon everything--would change. Kylie Kordei always thought she was an ordinary girl. Like everyone else her age, she was occupied with preparing for The Examination, the test administered to fifteen-year-olds. This test is vital because it determines the student's future.Fast-Forward to two weeks later when Kylie and her parents sat waiting patiently to be called in to review Kylie’s test results. Minutes were going by and suddenly Kylie started to feel nervous. “Something just isn't right” she thought to herself. To distract herself from becoming more anxious she went on her phone and started playing Dots. Suddenly, she heard a door creak wide open and heard a man say “Mr. and Mrs. Kordei you may now come in. First of all why was I not able to go inside? Were my scores really that bad? I kept asking myself these questions as I furiously began swiping the dots faster. On top of that I couldn't hear anything from inside the room; the door was made of Marble. In the beginning, the voices were too quit to make out, but they gradually swelled louder,jumbling together, agitated and upset. My heart felt like it was beating out of my chest! At that time she heard what was unmistakably her mother's voice, hysterically rising above others. “Of course I know she won't! She's my daughter! What could the Testers possibly have told her?  Did the Testers find that my gift was one of the useless ones? I prayed they didn't! Learning the nature of my Gift was my dream ever since i learned what a gift was. Everyone had a Gift--It was just a matter of how “great” it was, although people with cool Gifts always seemed to have more fun. As i was drowning in these mortifying thoughts suddenly I heard a ding!ding!ding! Crystal elevators opened and two men in white suits came to me to inform me that the Testers were ready to see me. I trudged towards the door and there i saw my parents. My mother's eyes were red-rimmed. I asked “what is going on” my mother glanced at my dad--then back at me. “You don't have a Gift”. I couldn't believe my ears. My legs started quivering and tears started running down my eyes. I was hopeless. My parents hugged me as i cried a million tears, but it was no use. They were going to send me to Sector 6--The Hive. The Hive is a sector that kills people that have no Gift. They developed a robotic machine that extracts the useful body parts from people and dispose the rest. Never in my life did i think that this could ever happen to me. I never thought i'd be the one losing my chance live. 7 days. 7 days is all they gave me to leave my friends and family. The testers made all the decisions. They lived in Central Diamond District and were very harsh about students lives. All rules and regulations were reported by people from Central Diamond District. Powerful, rich, and heartless. These were the qualities of all the Testers. The next day, I went to school hoping to find Zara, my best friend. Zara wasn't as pretty as me; however, she was very smart. As a result of her intellectual abilities we always fought about who was better. I had to tell her though. I wanted to spend every moment with my best friend--we were practically family.

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