The Dangerous Depths

May 5, 2017
By JeffBro101 BRONZE, Owingsville, Kentucky
JeffBro101 BRONZE, Owingsville, Kentucky
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It was as dark as night and everything was quiet except for the loud creaking of the old wooden stairs that they were descending. After their previous encounters with “Them”, they decided that this was probably their best bet. After what seemed like hours of climbing down the stairs, Michael asked “When are we going to actually get somewhere?” “I don’t know,” replied Earl. But as they were descending, they heard a faint noise, it sounded like the sounds of Hell echoing through the stairwell. As the noise grew the fright crawling within grew more and more terrifying every step.

But the lower they descended, the louder the noises, no, the voices grew. And once they reached the bottom of the stairs that served as their burden in life. The moment that they stepped onto the bottom floor of the large spiral of stairs, Earl went first and nearly fell face-first into a dead body, it’s face just inches away from Earl’s. Fear still frozen on both faces, Earl jumped back while his heart was pounding. “First the apocalypse, now murders?!” said Earl.

“So that happened,” Michael said, gasping.

“Why is this such a horrible tunnel?!” said Juan.

“At least we may not be the only ones down here,” said Earl.

But then, as the night stole the day, the voices reappeared, they hadn’t left but they could still be heard, but now it’s more apparent. As soon as the group stepped off the spiral they could see a door, a beautiful golden door speckled with gems. While approaching the door they felt as though something wasn’t right, all of them felt this. And with a slow creak, Michael pushed open the golden door. But what waited inside was less pleasant than the door, it was an eight-foot tall corpse with a horribly disfigured face and torn clothes.

It lunged at Juan with inhuman speed and knocked him to the ground instantly, with the rifle lying on the ground Michael swooped it up and slammed the 6-inch bayonet into the corpse. With a shriek of pain the corpse fell over, mortally wounded, it started trying to crawl away. But while trying to do so, Michael started to rapidly stab the figure with great force, and within a few seconds, it collapsed completely and died. But after this fast and horrible experience they decided to start snooping around quietly to avoid any more attention than they already have. But little do they know, the pain is only about to begin.

The author's comments:

Even though this one is a tad bit shorter I still worked really hard on it, and I really appreciate having your guy's support!

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