World War 3: Last and Final

May 2, 2017
By Suverino SILVER, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Suverino SILVER, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Survivors. No, avengers. Husband and Wife, Jason and Eliza are the last living members of their family after each and everyone their relatives was killed in the ongoing war. The war has been going on for decades, 36 years to be exact. The year is 2065 and the war started in 2029 when the United Nations fell and each nation sought military excellence and power. Skirmishes arose between nations and caught wind like wildfire. Eventually it was all out war and each country was pitted against the ones next to it. To surrender was not to fight another day. To surrender was to be stomped out by the merciless nation you used to call an ally, that you used to call a friend. There was no mercy. There was no peace. The superpowers of the world would campaign across groups of nations, crushing them underfoot like specs of dust on their path, in their way. The systematic fighting they engaged in was reminiscent of the way warlords once danced into battle fighting with techniques you know they had honed and mastered in a way that only they could. Each nation played their strengths, and when a nation no longer had the strength to play they were swiftly and brutally annihilated by their adversaries. This is World War 3: Last and Final.

Eliza from Brazil, was a combat specialist who had trained for 3 years before being put on a fireteam as part of Project: Sextus. Sextus is latin for “six”. Sextus is what Brazil calls fireteams of 6 that are efficient and effective in all areas of combat. Each Sextus includes a medic, reconnaissance specialist, and 4 combat specialists. Eliza is a great leader. Recognized by her comrades she became the leader of her Sextus. Any commands sent from the Brazilian military got to the rest of her Sextus through her. She had their full trust and utmost respect. She and her Sextus fought battle after battle, war after war. Battle tested and battle ready they would begin to come out unscathed. They had almost traveled the world with the missions they were given. They fought in Spain, France, Japan, Russia. Nothing was too big of a task for them. They dozen-handedly left Cuba in ruins. Their fireteam became known as one of the greatest threats around the world. People could be certain that if by harsh fate they were made one of Eliza has adversaries, that nothing could be done for them; they were as good as gone. Eliza has battle proficiency made the aptitude of the group insane. Each member was very skilled on their own, but when brought together the caliber at which they were able to contest others in battle was unlike anything anyone had seen before.

    Jason from Canada was also a great fighter as well. He specialized in battle strategy and was a Commander in the Canadian military. He fought many campaigns across various countries such as Great Britain, Australia, and Peru, and no one could match up to him. No matter what group of soldiers he was leading he always managed to gain their full trust and respect. They would follow him anywhere because of the great leader that he was. He became rather famous among the various nations and was held up as the best Commander in Canada. In one of his battles he was severely outnumbered by 5,000 men to 25,000. But somehow he used his 5,000 soldiers so efficiently and effectively that the 25,000 man army that he was up against did not stand a chance in the first place. Jason was truly a force to be reckoned with. Years and years of experience fighting battles and he never got tired of it. In this war-riddled world many others felt this way as well. No one is expecting it to end and no one is trying to end it.
Eventually Canada and Brazil began to fight each other. By now World War 3 had gotten so out of hand that no one cared about territorial borders and whose land they were fighting on. As a result the war between Brazil and Canada actually began to take place in the Northeastern United States which was already in ruins. This was the year 2060. The two nations went at it like never before. None of them were letting up and the battle’s just continued to get more and more intense as a result of each of the nation’s adversaries putting their all into it. If you did not know any better you would have thought that everyone loved war, that they could not get enough of it. Rather, the countries of the world have just found themselves in a seemingly endless cycle of violence and hate to the point where it seems like this is the way life is supposed to be lived, and it seems as though it has been this way from the very beginning. They do not know life outside of war and it looks as though they never will.

It was not until the year 2063 that Jason and Eliza were actually deployed by Canada and Brazil into the war going between the two. This is because usually the nations would be fighting multiple countries at once, but thanks to the efforts of Jason and Eliza their countries actually beat the other nations up against them with ease. Now every last resource the two nations have is being poured out into this war. That is why Eliza and her legendary Sextus has been put into action, tearing through Canada’s military and making progress Brazil has never seen before. It is also the very same reason that Commander Jason has been deployed as well to take over control of the Canadian military campaign against Brazil. Jason tore through Brazil’s army and eventually made it to the country itself. As if on parallel with Jason, Eliza managed to bring the fight to Canada. Each of them in each other's countries made a few key plays and left it in ruins. It was a dance as if two swordsmen crossed paths and both fatally wounded the other. They both went back to the Northeastern United States to finish the fight. If they were going to lose everything, they were going to finish the mission. But alas they were getting tired of fighting. They were getting tired of war. The single one thing that consumed the most of their time was becoming too much for them to the point where it was unbearable to continue. But they kept fighting.

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