A Wild Ride

May 2, 2017
By Anonymous

Once opon a time...


There was a girl who had been a princess all her life. Her name was lele. But lele doesnt wanna be one any more. One morning lele left the castle in a disguise as a merchant so no one reconized her.Lele walked throught the market in awe with the sight  lele  wasnt paying attention so lele bumped into a young man "pardon me sir I wasnt paying attention to where I was going" she exclimed while dusting off her knees. The man standed up and replyed with " thats quite alright dear I understand are you alright?" lele inspected her self the nodded he smiled at her. Lele was just going to walk away when her stomach growled. The man must've heard becuase he asked"Would you like one of my apples?" lele shook her head and walked away. Lele was enjoying this alot. Little did lele know she was in alot of trouble.As she turned the corner lele began regretting not taking the apple from the merchant. But then a smell caught her attention. Lele couldnt figure out if it was sweet or savory so she followed the smell and found a bakery her mouth waterd with excitement. Lele reached into her pocet and pulled out nothing but lint she sighed regreting her adventure out, lele sat on the curb thinking maybe she should go back to the castle. Lele got up and headed twards home taking her costume off amd put her crown on she walked up to the gate and the gaurds straighend up the moment hey saw her "Princess lele what are you doing out here?" she ignored the question and simply said "let me in please" the gaurds looked at each other and opend the gate and the walked in her father stood in the distance shaking his head in dissapointment. She was proud of her actions. Once she reached her father he asked in his smooth and calm voice "where have you been lele dear"?. Lele was skepitcal about answering but she did any way "I was outside the castle father" she saw the anger bubble up inside her father and he yelled "WHAT!!!! WHY EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS IN THIS CASTLE" she huffed and looked at him and said "father I want friends and I dont have them here" Lele took a deep breath. Her father was very upset then he said " you not allowed out this castle anymore".

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