The Jett Chronicles

April 18, 2017
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It has been a year since Jett, the 16 year old speedster, and Athena, the 15 year old time controller, got knocked out by Captain Perceptible and lost the Prehistoric Diamond. Jett hadn’t been the same since that day. He was more ruthless than he ever was before. Athena confronted him about it. Jett was tall and slender with a slight build. He had dark green eyes, shaggy brown hair and a temper like a volcano, ready to erupt at any given moment. He had just changed into his usual attire, a plain black t-shirt, jeans, running shoes, and a green hoodie that he left unzipped, when Athena approached him.
  “Why are you acting this way Jett?” she asked.
She was a tomboyish girl with long light-brown hair and bright blue eyes. She was short and slender and was very cool headed. She was wearing a blue t-shirt, sweatpants and jacket. Her face glistened from her morning jog.
“We lost the diamond, Athena,” replied Jett angrily, his eyes flaring like a crazed tiger. “Why wouldn’t I act this way?”
“Because you’re supposed to be a hero,” she said. “You need to get over yourself and start acting like one.”
“No,” said Jett, “After that embarrassment, all I can think about is revenge.”
“OK, look,” Athena said, “You really need to chill out.”
“Chill out?! Oh you’re one to talk Athena,” Jett spat, “You think it’s that simple, to just cool off. Not with me. I’m better off without you breathing down my neck all the time.”
“I do that to keep you and other people safe from that monster you have inside you,” Athena said, tears already starting to appear in her eyes. “If you don’t keep it contained, you know that the government will take you out.”
“I think I’ll take that chance,” Jett said angrily, “Better than staying here with the likes of you.”
“Then get out of here Jett, and don’t come back!” Athena cried, tears rushing down her face.
“Fine! I don’t need you, I can get by just fine on my own!” he cried back. Jett bolted out of the mission room, trying hard to hold back the tears forming in his eyes. He ran all the way to the airport, which didn’t take that long with his super speed, and stopped there.
“Where should I go to get far away from this dumb city?” Jett asked himself as he pushed his hair out of his face. He pulled out his phone, wiped the tears from his eyes, and opened a map of the United States. He closed his eyes and put his finger randomly on the map. He opened his eyes to find his finger settled on California.
“That’s it!” he exclaimed. “I’ll go to L.A. and start my new life there.” Jett got his ticket and got on the plane, but little did he know, his life was about to change from bad to worse.
“Ah, the smell of L.A., reminds me of home,” he said in awe. “Let’s see… where should I go now?”
He was walking around the streets, checking out places to live, when he noticed a person on the ground, dead. Shock spread on his face when he saw her. There was a cut on the back of her neck and kids walking away from her. He walked up to the women on the ground and knelt down beside her to inspect her injuries. Suddenly, shadows crept from every hiding spot and covered her entire body, wrapping around her like a blanket of black water, and she stood up. As she stood, the shadows retreated to her feet, like a servant crumbling before their master.
Jett jumped back in amazement and fear. The woman looked about 18 and was tall and slender, with long black hair that flowed off her shoulders to her back like a river, and eyes sharp enough to cut through the air. Her eyes the most pure gold, her body the shape of a goddess, Jett thought.
The woman lights a cigarette and curses. “One day I’ll pay you back, Muhammad. Mark my words!” She notices Jett staring in awe at her and coldly glares at him, sending a chill down his spine. “What are you looking at?” she snapped.
“N-nothing, nothing at all,” replied Jett, who was slowly recovering from what he just witnessed.
He looked her up and down, inspecting every detail of her. The way she stood was enough to tell she wasn’t a person you wanted to tick off. The cut still lingered on her neck, though it wasn’t as deep as it was originally. As he was studying her, he made the mistake of looking into her eyes: they seemed to pierce through him, like an arrow going straight into his soul.
“You going to keep checking me out or are you going to talk?” she asked, smirking like she knew a dark secret about Jett that he didn’t know himself.
“Sorry,” said Jett apologetically, “it’s just that I’ve never seen someone like you before.”
“Well, not many people have,” she said, “So, who might you be? Don’t look like you’re from ‘round here kid.”
“Yea, I just moved here from D.C. And I’m not a kid,” Jett answered sharply.
“Wow, that’s a long way away,” the woman said as she started circling him, smirking with interest.
“Yea, thought I’d get some new scenery,” he replied. His eyes followed her as she continued circling him.
People passed by, looking their way out of curiosity, but did nothing else.
“What’s your name, kid?” she asked.
“Jett,” he replied. “Yours?”
“Sanabelle,” she replied. He looked at her, his curiosity peaking at the unusual name. She smirked. “Have a place to stay kid? Because I have a place.”
He blushed hard, taking in what she said, and she burst out laughing. “Not like that, kid!”
He just shook his head to answer the question, too embarrassed to speak.
She chuckled. “Come on, kid, I’ll take you to my place.” She grabbed his hand and led him through the maze-like streets, with Jett blushing the entire way.
. . .
  “So D.C. huh,” said Sanabelle a few days later, “Why did you really leave the city?” She seemed to see through his ruse. Jett struggled to escape her gaze, which was slowly drawing the truth out of him.
“It’s not something I’m comfortable talking about,” he said timidly.
“Oh come on,” invited Sanabelle, “It can’t be that bad.” She circles around him like a vulture.
“I really don’t want to talk about it,” Jett said, “It still hurts to even think about it.” She stopped in front of him, looking him dead in the eyes.
“Hey, you can trust me,” Sanabelle said innocently, “I won’t tell anyone.” Her golden eyes glistened in the light, piercing through his defenses.
“Ok fine, I’ll tell you,” replied Jett, defeated, “I was one of the heroes of D.C. but I gave it up because of an incident.”
“What sort of incident?” Sanabelle said, her interest piqued. Her tone was so inviting that Jett couldn’t resist telling her everything that happened. When he finished, Sanabelle looked at him thoughtfully. “Seems like you and this Athena had a pretty strong bond,” she said, “You seem to like her a lot more than you let off.”
“No, it’s not like that,” Jett replied defensively. “We’re just friends, nothing more.”
“Sure, whatever you say,” She said in disbelief, moving with the shadows, rolling her eyes.
“I’m serious,” replied Jett, “besides, even if I did like her, she has a boyfriend already.”
“And who might that be?” Sanabelle asked, digging further into his fiery temper.
“How should I know?!” Jett exclaimed, “She only ever said she had one, not who he was.”
  A little more and he’s mine, Sanabelle thought. “And she said she trusted you… and yet she never told you… Tragic.” she said sarcastically, smirking.
Jett whipped around, “What’s that supposed to mean!?”
Sanabelle dodges the question and appears from the shadows laying a shadow hammock. “You said she kicked you out, right?” she said, “Why not get some vengeance?”
When she poked the last ember, the fire inside of him was set ablaze and his usual mysterious, dark green eyes changed into a bright, fiery red. “Yea!” Jett exclaimed, “I’ll make Athena pay for kicking me out!”       
“Perfect,” Sanabelle said to herself, appearing behind him. She softly touches his tensed up shoulders and softly whispered into his ear, “Let’s do it together… My little bad boy.” She kissed his cheek. Jett felt his cheeks becoming as hot as his temper. He waved her off and cleared his throat, trying to keep his composure. Sanabelle smirked while watching her little pawn.
Meanwhile, back in D.C., Athena was in a meeting with the city council, discussing Jett’s removal from the team. She now wore her usual outfit, a blue t-shirt, a grey hoodie, skate shoes, and a beanie. “He is a time bomb about to explode,” she said. “If I don’t get him back, he could hurt people.”
“We understand, but we are worried about your safety.”
“My safety!? I’ve known Jett since we were kids, so I’m the only one who can bring him in.”
“We know that, but we also know he holds a grudge pretty well,” another replied, “That’s why we are so worried.”
“Look, we need to get him back and I’m the only one with the knowledge to do it.”
“Fine, Just please, be careful.”
“Will do. I will bring him back, I promise.”
Across the city, at the central airport of D.C., Jett and Sanabelle get off their plane and start for the city hall.
“What a great plan you came up with, Jett,” Sanabelle said, ruffling his hair. “The perfect place as well. This will definitely bring your little friend out.”
Sanabelle came up with a plan to draw Athena out by taking hostages someplace obvious. City Hall sounded like the perfect place to set the trap. It was full of people who had major parts in maintaining order. Even though it was her plan, she slipped hints to Jett so that he would come up with it on his own.
“Yes, this is perfect,” said Jett menacingly, “My revenge will be so much sweeter that anything I have had before!”
He walked up to the door and busted it down.
“Everyone on the ground, NOW!!!!” He yelled.
Everyone looked up in fear. An alarm went off, sending the building security into action. They flooded the room, guns trained on the intruders. Jett smirks, his eyes watching the guards as they opened fire. Instinctively, he dodges the bullets, moving faster than the eye could catch. With their clips empty, the guards slowly started to back up. Jett grinned and sped toward them, taking one of the guards by the throat and throwing him across the room. Another swung at him with the empty rifle, but Jett elbowed him in the gut, sending him to the ground. He turned toward the rest of them, a smirk spreading over his face. The guard that he sent across the roof charged, punching him in the face as hard as he could. Jett stood there for a moment, unmoving, as the fist collided. He then reached up and grabbed the arm, judo throwing him over his shoulder, sending him flying into a wall. Slowly, the guard started to rise, but Jett was there in an instant. He took the guard by the arm again, and ripped it off, tendons popping as the joints and flesh tore. The guard screamed in pain, falling unconscious. His comrades stared in disbelief at what they just witnessed.
“Well? You going to stop him from bleeding out or just stand there like a bunch of morons?” Jett asked them, smirking. ‘You wouldn’t want him to die would you?”
Immediately, the rest of the guards rushed to their friend’s aid. One of them ran over to a nearby wall and took the emergency first aid kit, running back to the others. They worked diligently to fix the wound. They bound it in bandages, stopping the bleeding. One of them then lifted the wounded guard onto his shoulders and carried him out, the others close behind him. One guard looked back and called out to the crowd.
“We’ll be back soon…” His voice was shaky and full of uncertainty.
As the group exited, Jett returned his attention to the workers, who were now on their knees in surrender.
“Well done, Jett,” Sanabelle said with a smirk. She snaps her fingers and her body started to change. First, her eyes became serpent-like, followed by rapid growth. Her legs merged together to form a tail which grew longer with each second. Screams escaped some of the workers as her body flattened them. Jett bolts out of the way, evading the monstrous growth of his companion. Soon, a serpent sat in her place, her body wrapping around the building like something out of a horror movie. Her tail circled the building three times and spiraled up, her head at the roof. “Now all we have to do is wait,” she said.
  Athena had received a message from the council that Jett and another person were holding hostages at gunpoint in City Hall. Knowing it was her time to confront him, she got in the helicopter and took off toward city hall. When she got there, she saw a giant serpent surrounding the building, blocking entry from everywhere. Seeing a way in through the roof, she landed. The head of the serpent snapped at her, biting the tail of the copter and slowly lifting it up. Athena quickly leapt onto the roof and took off for the entrance. She entered the stairwell and closed the door. She hurried down the stairs and entered the main room. Upon entry, she noticed a large pool of fresh blood on the floor.
Did Jett do this…? She thought. She quickly searched the area for hostages, finding one under one of the desks.
“What happened here?” she asked him, only to get a fearful look in response.
“Oh, you of all people should know what happened,” a voice said from behind her. She whipped around, seeing the serpent’s large eye looking in through the window. A blinding flash of light filled the room. When it dimmed, the serpent was gone, and a woman sat on the windowsill, smirking.
“Who are you and what did you do to Jett!” she exclaimed.
“Me?” Sanabelle asked sarcastically. “I didn’t do anything to him, he chose this road on his own.”
“Liar!” Athena screamed, freezing time and lunging at her. However, Sanabelle didn’t freeze along with everyone else. She sidesteps the attack, causing Athena to run headfirst into a wall. She recovers and looks at Sanabelle, stunned.
“You look surprised,” Sanabelle said, smirking.
“How did you…” she started to say, only to be cut off by a blow to the chest by Sanabelle. She had turned into a rhino and charged into Athena, sending her flying into a wall. When Athena recovered, Sanabelle stood over her and lifted her up.
“I can see why Jett likes you,” she said smirking. “You match him quite well. As they say, opposites attract.”
“What…?” Athena asked, stunned.
Sanabelle inspects her. “Wow, you’re either blind or stupid.” she said smugly, “He says he doesn’t but I have a knack for reading people.”
“How can I trust anything you say, you monster?” Athena spat, “What does any of this have to do with my love life?!”
Sanabelle grinned maniacally and dropped her, clocking her in the head and dissolving into the shadows. Her voice echoed throughout the room.
“You’ll find out soon enough.” Athena stood, looking around.
“Who was that she-devil?” she asked herself, rubbing her head, “and what does she want with Jett?” She looked around the room. The hostages were freed, slowly rising from their hiding places. Fear clung to their faces, but they were recovering. She started for the door, still wondering who this villain was. She was just about to walk out when a rush of wind flew past her. She looked around, trying to find the source of the wind. Suddenly, she felt something cold and sharp on her neck. She froze.
Great…, Athena thought, just when I thought she was gone. But to her surprise, she heard a voice from behind her. It wasn’t who she expected.
“Hello, Athena,” said Jett menacingly.

To be continued…

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