The Meadow of Eternity

March 30, 2017
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    It is a musky day in the 2020 new york battlefield and Major Johnson’s deployment was taking heavy fire. All of Deployment M228 had been pushed back or killed. Major Johnson and his brother Colonel Johnson were the last two holding the front line. Major Johnson saw the flash of a sniper scope on the roof one of the few standing buildings left in the area. Major Johnson ran as fast as he could towards his brother, heart racing, diving in front of Colonel Johnson and pulling him down, he could hear the shot from far away the bullet whizzing through the air and finally, penetrating his skin.

    As he was falling to the ground everything seemed to be in slow motion he noticed the destroyed city that was once lush and beloved, the hundreds of fallen troops around him. Not just the US soldiers even the korean’s, so much loss of life and for what? He realised soon he was just going to be another person on that cold hard ground, forgotten. He immediately attempted to tell his brother to get away  saying “get...” gasping between words. Everything started to fade away, his brother was shot in the head from the sniper. With his brother’s lifeless body collapsing on top of him putting pressure onto his wound. Major Johnson's last words before the dark was “at least” coughing up blood between phrases “at least I will, be with him.”

    Major Johnson woke up dazed and confused, in a meadow with a cabin that was his house as child. he stumbled through the door, walking around in amazement. Major Johnson questioning if this was real felt the cold metal picture frames and the rough unsanded wood. He could smell the dust as if it was unaccessed for years. He can clearly remember the house going down in flames yet here it was. Major Johnson stuttering  finally figured out what was happening to him, “Is this my life flashing before my eyes?” “I have heard stories but… I never could have imagined it like this.Major Johnson stopped as pieces of the crows ,trees and picture frames begin turning into almost a dust of color.

    He decides to run outside and leave the meadow. he can see the dirt road fading through the trees, he can hear his heartbeat slowing down. Then everything freezes the colorful mist suspended in animation almost glitching like a computer with a virus. He attempts to walk to the road but he only sees white. “What is happening?” he asks forgetting there is nobody to answer. As he walks through the mist he can see the silhouette of the other side. As it comes into focus he realises it he is on the other side of the meadow of where he left. As he is entering the cabin in shock the ground shakes with what sounds like an explosion of bass then stops and repeats.

    When he listens close he realises it is his heartbeat and can hear what sounds like muttering coming from everything around him. Then again the ground shook beneath him and his eardrums feel like they are about to explode. He can almost make out
    “You think he will make it?”
Between the explosions of sound and rumbling he had to get his head around how he would eat. “I have to get to that crow in that birch tree.” he climbed up the tree barely gripping through the next blast. He then dove and gripped the crow falling to the ground. He heard a crack as he fell onto a rock he felt a sharp pain. He guessed his rib snapped as he felt a sharp pain in his side. He looked at the crow apparently frozen in time. He noticed the more he moved it the more it would vaporize into a floating dust. As he looks in amazement saying, “This is the most incredible thing I have-” only to be interrupted by another boom

    After what felt like months in this mental hell the Major had been thinking a lot. For example why here and why me. He had gotten used to the booms of his heartbeat and had pieced together some of what he had heard. “Will he make it?” “I'm so sorry” “We should pull the plug.” From what he has understood these are people talking to him but he doesn't know who.
    Recently he has been experiencing more booms of his heart and some of the animals have begun moving again. But this is not a positive occurrence most of the moving animals have vaporised leaving him starving. Only 4 animals have survived re animation so far only a North American grizzly bear outside the rim of the meadow and 3 crows one night while Major Johnson was going sleep He had a dream of his wife and daughter remembering telling them “I only have to go for a month honey I’ll be back.”
“I don't want you to go our daughter needs her father.”
“I will come back.” and telling his daughter “I have to go for a few weeks.”
“Daddy I don't want you to go!”

“Dont worry I will be back before you know it.” A tear rolling down his face with these memories. He hears a boom thinking it was his heart beating didn't care but when he opened his eyes there was a big hole if his cabin roof from a lightning strike. Major Johnson runs outside and hears “It’s time I'm sorry Ms Johnson but we have to pull the plug” echo throughout his own universe. He begins to almost feel glad that this hell would be over. He hears a paw press in the ground from behind him.

He turned around and got tackled by the grizzly bear. The bear slashed his face with its claws and then burrowed its snout into his chest. He didn't fight he just layed in acceptance that this was where his story ends. As the last remaining drops of blood left his body the meadow and everything in it vaporised around the body on the verge of death even the bear faded away.

He was in a world of dark, no sight no sound. when he tried to speak nothing came out. His memories faded he soon couldn't remember his wife or daughter. He saw the world in front of him, almost in a mist but nothing felt real. he could almost feel his family. But he couldn't feel anything couldn't even feel himself. He is everywhere, he is nowhere.

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