March 22, 2017
I sit in the back of my stepmother's car with my head phones in. I don't talk, because I am afraid of breaking down. I am being brought to my aunt. As previously stated, I have a stepmom. Thus, my biological dad remarried. People get the impression that stepmoms are evil, but mine isn't. Caren, my stepmom, was a way better parent than my dad ever was. My dad is college professor, and gets home really late every night. After my real mom die of cancer, my dad found Caren. Caren is always there for me, we go shopping, talk about boys, the normal mother daughter stuff. But she isn't my mom.

I was pulled back to reality when Caren said, "so Abs, you still upset over going to live with auntie Trish?". My name is Abby, "auntie Trish" is my great aunt, I hate it when Caren says "auntie", and she knows I am not looking forward to spending my junior year in Missoula, Montana. Thus, I respond by saying "no". Caren gets it impression that I don't want to talk, and I don't, so we spend the rest of the trip in silence.

When we get to my aunts house, we are met by Trish, and her husband, Jim. I go straight up to my room without saying a word. I know where my room is because I spent the summer after my mom die here. I think about the day to come, and how I am starting my third year of high school not tomorrow, but the next day.

In the morning, I go downstairs. I see the note from my aunt and uncle, saying they will be back at about 11pm, and not to wait up . One of the best things about being up here is, that my house mates don't hover, they treat me like an adult.

I grab my wallet, and head out, wanting to do some "before school shopping ". I go outside, and grab my old crappy bike. I don't have a car even though I have my license.

I pedal the mile to the shopping center. You see, all the stores in this town are on the same block. I walk towards the art store, wanting some nice pencils for tomorrow. But before I reach the store, my attention is grabbed by a gang of kids. When I say gang, I don't mean street thugs, I mean just a group of people. But these weren't just people, they are more. There are four boys and two girls, all stunningly beautiful. I would not consider myself to be beautiful, but I am not ugly. I have long fawn hair and green eyes. When someone say "green eyes" people typically imagine bright, vibrant green, but mine are kinda murky green. I am also tall and slim, but not nice looking slim, I am gangly.

The kids can't be much older than me. Suddenly, my attention was pulled away from the group when another boy, not one that was in the group, comes up to me, and says "it's rude to stare, you know?". This boy was also attractive. The boy is about my height and came off a little shy. Before I can respond, I realize the rest of the group has come over. I am a little overwhelmed, and stammer, "I-I am sorry".

One girl steps up and smiles, not a mean smile, but a sincere smile. She introduces herself as Ambet, and also tells me the boy that talked to me is Conner. She also tells me the other girl in the group is Charrlett, one boy is Owen, another Joter, and the final Henery. Henery catches my eye. He has hair the color of sunshine and eyes the bluest I've ever seen. He is tall and really fit, and I consider him to be the most handsome in the group. His body radiates intensity. Ambet tells me they are on their way to "mama's" the diner, and asks if I wanted to tag along. I say, "I can't, and should be heading back home soon". Henery snaps to attention and says that I have to come. I say that I can't and don't like being told what to do, as I clime back on my bike.

Henery says he, at least, has to drive me home. I say, "thank you for the offer, but as previously stated, I am perfectly capable", with a hint of ice in my words. Henery's jaw clenches, but says nothing. Ambet takes a step closer, grabs the handle of the bike, that I am not holding, and starts to wheel my bike to the diner. She says, "don't mind my brother, he is just a protector". I don't know what she means by "protector", but I assume when she said "brother", she was saying that her and Henery are related.

I still don't want to go to the diner, but her grip on my bike is really strong l, and I can't seem to get her hand from my bike. Once we walk in the building, Ambet and I head over to the counter, and the other group go over to a corner booth. I order a small fries, Ambet just gets a Coke. This is the first time I really look at her. She has a mix between blond and platinum hair, but just by the look of it, I can tell that it is natural. She is rather small, and overall petite. She has the same blue eyes as her brother, and I realized, all the people in the group have the same electric blue eyes.

I zone back into the conversation Ambet is making, and also realize she just ask me a question. I say "huh", and she responds with a wind chime giggle that lights the whole room. She says she was just asking my name, if I would be starting school tomorrow, and if so, what grade I was in.

Just then, my fries come. I answer Ambet's question with the least words as possible. I say "Abby, yes, 11th". I quickly finished my fries, and reach in my wallet to get ready to pay. Just then, Ambet grabs my arm, and says "I got it", and flashes me a brilliantly white smile. Her hand is ice cold. She says she's also done, even though there is not as much as a sip from her drink.

After Ambet pays, we head outside, and the rest of the group follows, but remains a polite distance away. I thank Ambet for inviting me, but for the hundredth time, say I have to head home. Just then, Henery joins the conversation by swooping me up with one hand, and grabbing my bike with the other. I make a a little cry and struggle for him to release me. However, before I knew it, I was in a four door Jeep, with my bike in the roof, and all the people, including Ambet, in the car with me.

Within five minutes, we are back at my temporary home. I wonder how they knew where I live, but I am to eager to leave. So, I jump out, with a polite "thank you". I grap my bike and run full speed to the house.

Before I know it, it is my first day of 11th grade. I go downstairs, grab the house keys, and leave, not wanting to be late.

But before I can mount my bike, I see the same red Jeep, I road in yesterday. I advert my gaze attempting to play the "I didn't see you there" card. But luck isn't in my favor today, and Henery is there, grabbing my backpack from me, and twining out arms together. I don't object to the backpack thing, but I unentangle our arms. He looks over and gives me a lopsided grin, that sets my heart and stomachin a frenzy.

When we get to the car, I notice it is empty, and ask where everyone was. He gives me another smile, and says "they had prior obligations". I note the way he speaks, how it is kind of old fashion in the way he talks. I note out loud that he is being much more social today. With that, his jaw clenches and he says, "would you prefer me to be distant and detached?". I say " no".

When we get to the only high school in town, Henery drops me off at the front office, but before he leaves, he gives me a chaste kiss on my hand. I blush, but go into the office anyway. When I enter the office, I walk up to the only table, with the only person in the room at that table. I give her my name, and she gives me a paper with my schedule. There are only four classes this sumester, English, trigonometry, biology, and US history.

I go to English, and see that all the people in Henery's group are there. I tell the teacher I am new, and thankfully mrs. Bertrand doesn't make my introduce myself and say one of my hobbies. I go over, and sit next to Ambet who gives me a genuine smile.

The rest of the day goes by. I have all the same classes as Henery and the gang, which is actually ok. All the group starts to open up to me, except Joter. However, I don't think Joter hates me, or anything, he is just quite. The day is seemingly uneventful, and afterwards, I am invited over to Henery's house. I learn every day after school the gang goes over to Henery and Ambet's home.

Henery also drives me to his house, while his, and my, friends drive the car they must've driven to school. As we pull into his drive, I look out the window. As I do do, I could swear I saw something dark, big, and furry fly through the trees. I was about to ask Henery about it but Henery puts the Jerome in park and, in a flash, opens up my door for me. We head into the garage because it starts to rain, and we want to wait for the others.

Henery tells me to wait for them, and he will go tell his parents that a "new person", (referring to me) is here. Once he leaves, a young girl, probably four, comes rushing in. She is panting and asks me where Henery went. Before I can answer, lightning strikes, and the room flashes. When I can see again, I watch, as the little girl goes from a kid to a wolf. Right then, Henery comes out. The tiny wolf starts to shake. I lean down, reach out my hand, and try to calm down the pup. Henery starts to yell, the wolf bounds over, and leaps in my arms. Within a few second the wolf is again a little girl. I am shocked, but I don't want to freak out and scare the girl back into a wolf.

Henery calms down when he sees I am ok, and then he ushers Lili, the little girl, out of the garage. Henery then takes me into the house. I ask what just happened, and he says, "you might want to sit down".

Long story short, Henery tells me that there are over forty people on the property, all of which are supernaturals. Henery and his sister are both werewolves, Joter and Charrlet, along with Lily are also werewolves, and Owen and Conner are fairies. On the land there are also other creatures like, Jinns, succubi, vampires, and a creature called a harpy.

I ask, "why are you telling me this?". He thinks for a second and then says, "you really don't know?". I gave him an incredulous look and say, "apparently not". He snorts and asks me when I turn 17. I say, "In two days, why?". He says, "Your smell is different from the typically human, I have only ever smelled one other with a scent similar to yours". I look up shocked "I am a supernatural?". He smiles and says "yes, you smell like a Valkyrie". He continues by saying "we will know for sure on my 17th birthday".

The next day flies by, and the night before my new freinds insist on me staying at their house. They all live on the property owned by Henery's family. Apparently Henery and his family run the place where the supernaturals seek refuge.

When I get to Henery's place, I knock on the door, and go in without waiting for a response. Conner bounds down the stairs, and with a chuckle says, "subtly isn't one of your outstanding qualities". I laugh, and say "so you are the welcome committee?". He laughs and says, "nah, the party's downstairs".

Before I know it, it is 11:59p.m. and Ambet is practically bouncing up and down with anticipation. The clock strikes 12, and I get a sudden rush of, what feels like sunshine. I am glowing, when the light finally dies down, I say, "well I think you were right" to Henery. But when I look up, and meet Henery's eyes, I get another intense feeling. This feeling is crazy. When I come back to the present, I realize my lips are on his. Henery doesn't object, but finally we break apart. I look down and see that there is a beam of light.

Latter, find out we are what one calls destined. Which means we are destined to be together. Now it is hard for me to be apart from Henery.

As time progresses, I get more involved in the supernatural world, and start to connect with my powers. I can now look into people's soles, and Henery tells me, "that if I ever am involved in a war, I can chose who live and die".

This is all overwhelming, but I really enjoy going over to Henery's. His parents are not ever home when I am there, but Henery is really close with his mother. I have also been coming close Lily, and all the younger members of the community. After my birthday, people have been drawn to me, so to say.

Every day after school, I go over to Henery's, and we talk. We look up information on "my kind", because Valkyrie are very uncommon.

As usual, we head over to the sanctuary, and grab a book off of Henery's dad's shelf. Every day we grab a book from the shelves, and spend a few hours grueling over the text, trying to find some information about my kind. Thus far, we have determined that my biological mother must've been a Valkyrie. We have also been working on figuring out the depth of my powers.

Back to the present, I grab a book off the shelf and go to the kitchen table. Henery pulls up the seat next to mine. And flips to a random page. Just then we see a picture of me. We look up and stare at each other, and then look back at the book. Next to my picture there is an excerpt next to it. The excerpt is more than just words connecting me with Valkyrie, it is a prophecy. It states that there will be a war between the sanctuary and the Wedigo. Apparently the Wedigo are evil spirts, that are able to take a anthropomorphic form. The spirts are mainly native the the Great Lakes, but can travel far distances. They typically feed off the soles of humans.

The prophecy states that I will be the one who brings the sanctuary to true peace. However, I am barely able to see into soles, let alone insert my essence and chose who will die in a war.

I stumble out the door, and puke behind tree. Henery is patting my back, and telling me "we'll figure this out". My world goes black, and I fade out of conciseness.

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