Actions and consequences

March 21, 2017

It was a cold winter day, there were two kids named John and Bob, they were very curious kids, they liked to explore everything and anything that seemed interesting.

Then, they see a castle and want to search it, so the next day John walks to Bob’s house and they decide they want to explore it. So the next day they go inside and they walk threw all the hallways till, they get to this giant room at the end of the hallway and then they find a dragon! It was sleeping though,John says to Bob “ Let’s try to sneak by it” so they try to creep by, but John (The clumsy one) trips on the dragon’s tail and wakes it up.
As they wake it up, they start running, they see a opening but only one can fit at a time so Bob decides he wants to go thru first, so he tries to jump over John but lands on his leg and breaks it, and John can't move but Bob goes on without him and John is left with the dragon.
John is knows he is left with the dragon so he tries to crawl to hide but he can’t move. He can hear the dragon stomping towards him.

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